Well, eight hours goes pretty quickly. Hope you all enjoyed the downloads. If you were coming here just to try your luck and see if we forgot to take them down – I am sincerely sorry. However, there are other freebies in amongst our catalogue.

Here for example (yes, we have a “free” section in the shop)

And then there are such delights as the monthly radio show, which you should be completely subscribed to – are you?

You can root through our whole shop here and listen to all the albums and singles in full. Please do share our website and music wherever you can AND if you’re that interested, maybe you should join our mailing list?


(Originally published at 8pm on August 18th for 8 hours only. The links still work, please do explore, but the songs are no longer free to download.)

Thanks for getting us to 8000 people on Facebook. Here are your freebies…