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About Unity

Following on from Never Come Down, which received some serious love from BBC 6Music mainstays Huey Morgan and Cerys Matthews, Colours is a true highlight of the band’s forthcoming third LP, and is probably their most socially conscious release to date.

Having held back on their own political colours on record at least, the recent rise of populism, as well as growing divisions and prejudice in society have caused the Milk to nail theirs to the mast somewhat with a single that’s ultimately about unity.

“All colours will agree in the dark” is a sentiment that touched on shared feelings of disquiet the band had been experiencing outside the studio walls. Having shaped and polished this premise into the lyrics and melody of the track, this attitude was carried into the production and recording process, where the track demanded the right atmosphere to catch the perfect performance.

Four life-long friends, Ricky Nunn (vocals), Mitch Ayling (drums) Luke Ayling (bass) and Dan Le Gresley (guitar) formed their first band when they were still at school in Essex, playing countless working men’s clubs, and finally became The Milk.













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