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1st Hour


Matthias Stubo – Let Time Pass (BBE)

Belleruche – 16 Minutes (Tru Thoughts)

Madvillain – No Brain (Stone’s Throw)

Tall Black Guy Vs Al Green – Talk Together (Bstrd Boots)

DeRobert & The Half Truths – I Swear I’m Not A Fool (Ged Soul)

The Gene Dudley Group – When The Gorilla Grip (Unreleased)

Ave Blast & Lopez – Yesterday’s Games (Keep Up!)

Wild Honey – Gold Leaf (Gummy Soul Remix) (Lovemonk)

Johnny Mathis & Chic – I Love My Lady (Ashley Beedle’s Black Bahia Remix) (Modern Artifacts)

Le Rail Band et Mori Kante – Mariba Yassa (Afriques Independantes)

K. Frimpong & Super Complex Sounds – Ahyewa (Hide & Smile Edit) (Soundway)

Romare – The Blues (It Began In Africa) (Black Acre)

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – Holonon (Strut)

Quartette Tres Bien – Accidentally On Percy (Decca)

Dizzy Gillespie – Matrix (Perception/Today)

2nd Hour


Funkshone in the studio and live in session

Funkshone – Darling Dear (Skyline)

Funkshone – Persuasion  (Skyline)

Funkshone – Dirty Money (Live in the studio)

Funkshone – After The Storm (Skyline)

Funkshone – Stop, Think, Work it out (Skyline)

Funkshone – Getting’ It Together (Skyline)

Funkshone – Take Down (Live in the studio)

Funkshone – Bushwhacker (Dub Remix) (Unreleased)

Funkshone – Something Becomes The Other (Skyline)

Funkshone – Heaven Shine (Remix)

Funkshone – Heaven Shine (Live in the Studio)

Funkshone – Chase The Dream (Skyline)

Funkshone – Chase The Dream (Remix) (Unreleased)

Funkshone – It Aint Never Gonna Work (Live in the studio)

Funkshone – Getting It Together (Skyline)

3rd Hour


Roy Brooks & The Artistic Truth – Black Survival (Peter Franks Edit) (Unreleased)

Heat Wave – 20 Years / Black Winds / Shadows (Cauldron)

The Al Scott Trio – It’s A Start (AST)

Bev Lee Harling – I’m Not That Girl (Wah Wah 45s)

Asthmatic Astronaut – Something To Work On (Netlabel)

Leroy Horns – Hornsman Everyday (Foundation Sound)

Blundetto – Warm My Soul (12” Version) (Heavenly Sweetness)

Commodo – So Clear (Deep Medi)

Phil Cohran & Legacy – White Nile (Peter Franks Edit)

Grey Reverend – Regen (Ninja Tune)

The May Birds – Inside Out (Aviary Records)