Since releasing their debut LP Meanwhile.. with Wah Wah 45s in 2008, Ross Wakefield and Toby Vane have given up their day jobs and immersed themselves in the world of music. Shop assistant and sandwich boy no longer, the pair toured their first album, and the remix project that followed, extensively, most notably in Japan where the Heroes have garnered a hefty underground following.

As remix requests came flooding in from the likes of Tru Thoughts, Compost Records, The Jazz Invaders and MJ Cole, and the boys found themselves in demand for television and film soundtrack work, the making of the second album got a bit of a nudge on to the back burner. So much so, that it wasn’t until nearly four years later that we had the pleasure of presenting you their second long-player, Lightfalls.

Perhaps a more considered album than its predecessor, Lightfalls is a deeply soulful experience that flits between electronica and more classic song-writing without ever losing its way. The LP heavily features the vocals of the UK’s very own Sarah Scott, as well as a spine-tingling string section that help give it a somewhat epic feel. Light and dark combine and contrast throughout the album, but it is perhaps light and optimism that wins through in the end as Colonel Red pops up with the life-affirming Day to bring the album, and the story of the Part-Time Heroes, to its close.

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