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Adam Scrimshire started making music on an Amiga 500 with a Yamaha Tone Generator and an 8-Bit Sampler at the age of 14. Surrounded by his family’s shared love for vinyl and dancing he was perhaps surprisingly the only one to decide he wanted to make  the stuff.

Signed by Wah Wah 45s in 2006, Scrimshire’s sound is steeped in jazz, soul and funk, but with a nod to contemporary sounds, and with strong popular song writing sensibilities.

Old But New

Scrimshire has now delivered three albums on Wah Wah 45s, Along Came the Devil One Night…, The Hollow and Bight as well as his own Allo Love compilation album featuring some of his favourite artists.

As well as being a seasoned vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer for the label, Adam Scrimshire is also one fine DJ! His open musical tastes and sublime skills make him a Wah Wah natural.

Regularly producing beats and mash-ups both for his DJ sets and for release, Scrimshire always has something new (or something old but new) to offer and always leaves the dance floor begging for more.

“A late contender for album of the year and possibly one of the best album’s Wah Wah 45s has put out” Gilles Peterson on The Hollow

Along with Dom Servini, Scrimshire runs the Wah Wah 45s label as well as his own Albert’s Favourites imprint.

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