1. Various Artists / A Wah Wah Christmas (Wah Wah 45s Digi Promo) – True Christmas joy from the Wah Wah family featuring Stac, Scrimshire & The Annabel (Lee) Trio!!
  2. Various Artists / In The Christmas Groove (Strut) – Underground festive classics from The Harlem Children’s Chorus, Harvey Averne Band, and more.
  3. David Frost & Billy Taylor / Bright Star In The East (Bell) – Moody holiday jazz from bandleader Taylor that also features some classic voiceovers from Frost!
  4. Rotary Connection / Silent Night (Cadet/Concept) – The other classic from the Charles Stepney produced Peace album.
  5. George Benson / Nature Boy (WB) – Subtly Christmassy guitar and vocal jazz masterpiece!
  6. Sharon Jones & The Dapkings / Giving Up (Daptone) – Brilliant version from the lady.
  7. Blu & Sene / Owlthrugotham (Shamanworks) – Ace left sided, quirky and addictive hip hop!
  8. Bahkti Jazz / Glipses Of Truth (Tramp) – My kinda jazz reissued by my kinda label.
  9. Otto / Agora Sim (Nublu) – String laiden South American beauty.
  10. Martin L. Dumas / Attitude, Belief & Determination (BBE) – Epic disco, with a touch of jazz, from the forthcoming Underground Sound of Chicago compilation.

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