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Brand new Wah Wah signing Bev Lee Harling’s love of music and cooking combine in the Kitchen Sink Band where chopping boards, cheese graters, glass orchestras, colanders and a dog bowl are used along with music boxes, a musical saw and a 1950’s typewriter to create a musical, organic experience.  Sometimes dark, sometimes frivolous, always engaging and human spirited, her songs common bond being the luscious, pure vocals that thread their way through the highs and lows of life experience.

Her first offering on Wah Wah 45s, “Buy Me”, is a call to action for all lovers of quirky, folky soul music with more than a touch of pop and huge crossover potential. It’s infectious groove, combining beatbox and lively guitars with Bev’s saucy vocals, will stay with you from the first listen, and is the perfect introduction into Bev’s world.

Also included in this package is her stunning interpretation of The Police classic “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” – a simple and hugely effective version.



“I really like this – Alice Russell meets Kelis in a bouncy castle. On a beach. I’ll be playing the lead track in the bars and hangouts of Dublin city. The Police cover is nice, very reminiscent of Susanna & the Magical Orchestra, but I much prefer “Buy Me”. Thanks & congrats on another great release. Dave Glennon, Audio Sunshine Show, Pulse FM (Ireland)

” A singer and songwriter who’s made a name for herself by recording and performing using all manner of eccentric accessories including typewriters, cheese graters, chopping boards and other assorted household goods, Bev Lee Harling’s latest single for Wah Wah 45s is a breezy, jazzy affair with a Puppinni Sisters retro-swing vibe, and come accompanied by an intimate voice and ukulele cover of The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”. Juno Download (UK)

“Sounding really nice, expect some tasty remixes of this one!” DJ Astroby, Samedi (Scotland)

“Spring is in the air with this gem…what a lovely song! Will put a lot smiles on peoples faces.” Phil, Wicked Jazz Sounds (Holland)

” All I can say is that I simply love this!” Ana, (Croatia)

“Thanks a lot for this new sweetie production. I’ll add ‘Buy Me’ to my March favorites for sure!!” Cesare Cera, Irma Records (Italy)

“I love Bev’s voice! The tunes are great, I’ll play “Buy Me” on 18.02.2012 and “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” on 03.03.2012. Cheers!” Dob a.k.a Soulmate, The “45 RPM” radio show @ mixcloud: (Bulgaria)

“Nice one! Congrats on this!” Ralf Zitzmann, Agogo Records (Germany)

“Lovely vibe!” Alex Attias (Switzerland)

“Nice EP!” DJ Hector Pizarro (France)

“Love this!” Kaptin, Chrome Kids Radio Show (UK)

“Really like this “Buy Me” track! The easy swinging groove fits absolutely great to her voice. nice one! And the police cover is amazing too by the way. Looking forward to hearing more from her.” DJ Kinski (Germany)

“How did you get that artist? Top!” DJ Rogall (Germany)

“”Buy me radio version  is something very fresh and interesting. I think will be dancefoor hit indeed!” DJ Laurel, Sound Diving (Belarus)

“Do i need to tell i love this? Glad to see that Bev finally has got a home.” DJ M.Path.IQ (Germany)

“Absolutely charming, it doesn’t get any better!!” Georgios Paroglou, It’s Just Music! (Greece)

“Gorgeous voice and very organic feel … Looking forward to a remix to the title track as I really want to hear a beat drop … !!! Lovely … just lovely!” DJ Toon (Australia)

“Really like this, thanks for sending it through – hope to get a chance to see it live at some point… I never thought somebody could make me tolerate Sting!” Greg, Paper Tiger (UK)

“This is excellent…will play it fo sho!!!” Markus Milz, Further In Fusion (Germany)

“Buy Me is wicked, it grabbed me straight away. I supported on my show last Friday 17th Feb 2012. I’ll be supporting it again for sure. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic : Lovely cover! a bit short (I was enjoying it and felt it ended too soon) but it is an acoustic version so worked well . I’ll support on a future show.” Nelson Ramalho (UK)

Radio play from Jazz FM (playlisted); Toshio Matsuura, Radio Tokyo Moon, InterFM (Japan); Audio Sunshine Show, Pulse FM (Ireland); The 45rpm Radio Show (Bulgaria); Colourful Radio (UK); Markus Milz, Radio Corax (Germany)