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Colonial Amnesia

From London To Lagos was inspired by a talk given by writer Roberto Saviano at the Hay Book Festival in 2016, just before the Brexit referendum. In it he described the UK as the “most corrupt country in the world”. This was a reminder of how the leaders of so-called developed countries, conveniently suffering from colonial amnesia, still point disparagingly at the rest of the world and talk of “endemic corruption” and “Banana Republics”. All the while the ill-gotten gains of organised crime syndicates, corrupt multinationals and military juntas across the globe are funnelled through financial centres such as London. Same trouble, different methods, greater scale. Of course the best way to divert the population from all this is to find distractions such as populist leaders who declare their countries “world beating” and scapegoats such as refugees, immigrants and other members of the underclasses. It has always been thus but it doesn’t always have to be so.

This track was once more recorded remotely during lockdown and features an all star lineup of world class musicians from the UK Afrobeat and jazz scenes. Members of the Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra, Keleketla, Sons of Kemet and beyond have come together to create this powerhouse of a band. They encapsulate the meaning of “eparapo” and “join forces” to fight a common enemy in the shape of corrupt and divisive ideologies.


“A lovely and rather catchy piece of music!” Charlie Dark (Worldwide FM / Run Dem Radio)

“I LOVE it!! Had me at ‘One, two three, four ..’ (ta, Dele!)” DJ Ritu (Resonance FM)

“That’s a delicious tune!” Pete On The Corner (Worldwide FM)

“love this, obvs!” Anne Frankenstein (Jazz FM / BBC6 Music)

“I really like this, and I think that you will too! I love it. It’s great isn’t it?” Sarah Ward (Jazz FM)

“Sounding mega!” Village Cuts (Soho Radio)

“What a tune!” John Warr (Totally Radio)
Played by Cerys Matthews, BBC 6Music
Played by Stuart Maconie, sitting in for Craig Charles, BBC 6Music
Played by YolanDa Brown, Jazz FM
Played by Sarah Ward, Jazz Travels, Jazz FM
Played by Christian Charles on Fip, French National Radio
Played by DJ Ritu (Resonance FM)
Played by John Warr, AfroBase, Totally Radio
Played by Jazz Cat (Ness Radio)
Played by Max Reinhardt (Soho Radio)
Played by Debbie Golt (Resonance FM)
Played by Global Riddims Radio Show
Played by Gordon Wedderburn (Riverside Radio)
Played by Dave Bassin (Freefall Radio)
Featured on the Beatport Best New Afrohouse Playlist
Featured on the New Afrobeats Spotify Playlist
Featured on the Colectivo Futuro Spotify Playlist
Featured on the Rainbow Pitstop Spotify Playlist

Single of the Year, Radio Oxigenio, Portugal

“Brilliant, and then some.” The Abbotts




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