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Wah Wah 45s’ summer of dub gets into full swing with this foot- friendly12-inch package from The Gene Dudley Group, remixed by a trio of our favourite producers on the planet.

First up, Russian man-of-the-moment Alexander Lay-Farre moulds brassy tropical jam, Do The Cookie Dough Throw, for the discerning modern dance floor. Lay-Far delivers the kind of trademark beats that have helped him become one of the most sought after DJs and producers around, whilst keeping the dub feel that runs throughout this release.

Digital Dub

Then its time for the man like WrongTom to step up to the plate. No stranger to Wah Wah 45s, and a prolific recording artist for Tru Thoughts Records where he delivers reggae and dub outings with a plethora of collaborations including Roots Manuva and The Ragga Twins, Tom comes through here with a classy digital dub version of Gene Dudley’s laid back slice of Island soul, Tiger Jaw.

Last, but certainly not least, BJ Smith (one half of the legendary Smith & Mudd) takes mid-tempo funk nugget Jackpot, featuring the vocals of Miss Anne Frankenstein, and flips it on its head! His re-work is nothing short of an epic Balearic masterpiece – perfect for both those sunrise and sunset moments on the beach this summer!

The original versions of all of these tracks can be found on The Gene Dudley Group’s sophomore LP, Zambidoose– and don’t forget to look out for Gene’s live band at a festival near you soon!


“On a day of uncertainty this has cut through the bulls**t and delivered a smile. I love Lay Far at the moment everything turns to gold … talented, talented guy mixed with one of my favourite bands.” Andy Sharp, Stomp Radio (United Kingdom)

“Nice selection of mixes. Lay-far and BJ Smith are my choices.” Kev Beadle, Solar Radio (United Kingdom)

“Firstly, I was thinking what could possibly be added to already dope tracks and then you drop these! Just another dimension of pure soul!” DJ Mr. Lob, (Australia)

“Tasty treats!” DJ Gilla, First Word Records (UK)

“Oh yes, we like that.” Dan Wesker, Detektor FM (Germany)

“Lovely lil package there thanks …all good but will opt for the Lay far remix on the show”. Chris Greenwood, Mi Soul, SOAS Radio, Bedroom Bar, SMS (United Kingdom)

“Great! Perfect for Radio Oxigenio , air support on this for sure!” Tiago Santos, Radio Oxigenio 102.6FM (Lisbon, Portugal)

“When you get 3 songs and you immediately know you at some point will play them all, you remember how seldom it happens.” DJ Bunuel, Radio Helsinki, Radio YLE1, (Finland)

“Great tunes! Gene Dudley Group is one of the funkiest group at the moment.” Tibor Mozsik (DJ Keyser / Crate Soul Brothers), Tilos Radio FM 90.3 Budapest / (Hungary)

“Wicked.” Adam Tait, Shout4Music (United Kingdom)

“Wicked!” Georgios Paroglou, Label Manager/DJ (Greece)

“The Lay-Far one is really dope. Big up guys!!” Seb, Radio Krimi (France)

“JackPot – bliss ;)” Afonso, Sync Originals (Brazil)

“Very nice set of remixes!  Will definitely get radio play.” Jason Palma, Higher Ground Radio, Footprints, Play De Record (Canada)

“Afrobeat, jazz dub and nice spirit!!! Big up from Republik Kalakuta show.” Republik Kalakuta, Baehler Jm Swiss National Radio & TV,; (Switzerland)

“Thanks for this, very interesting mixes. My fav being the Lay-Far remix, right up my street. Of course it will be getting my full support. Please keep it comin’.” Johnny Reckless, Colourful Radio (United Kingdom)

“I love horny beats!” Ennio Styles, Stylin’ 3RRR-FM/Heard and Felt (Australia)

“Brillant work.” Robert Lochmann, Radio Producer at Radio X, freelance DJ (Germany)

“Really diggin „Do the Cookie Dough Throw” (Lay-Far Remix)” Jesse De La Pena, Vocalo Radio Chicago (United States)

“Fantastic remixes; all of them!” Velanche, Velanche Presents Urban Landscapes/97.3 The Rock (United States)

“Wah Wah bring the heat again.” DJ Jimmy_Mac, The Switch Up Show TNGC Radio (Australia)

“Nice remixes.” Sam Allen, Stellar Inflight (Australia)

“Very cool mixes.” Allan Skov, Friendly PR (Denmark)

“Nice mixes.” Toshio Matsuura, TOKYO MOON InterFM897 Tokyo (Japan)

“Top album and live group get the perfect rerubs, tickles and mixes to bring these killer tunes out to clubs and festivals and dancefloors across the summer…lovely stuff!” Fergus Murphy, lightsdownlow (Denmark)

“Cracking selection of re-works! Thanks as always you beautiful loves” Mickey Duke, 1 Brighton FM (United Kingdom)

“Lay Far always delivers!” Kid Fonque, DJ / Label Owner (South Africa)

“Cool as beans!” Martin Read (United Kingdom)

“Nice vibes on these. Good to have some versions like this for later on in sets :)” Leo Mallo, Jaheire (Ireland)

“Hi Wah Wah 45s

It’s summer and it’s time to get down with the GDs – Lay-Far has been known to Futuristica Music for some time (a Electric Conversation remix of Fly Away in 2015) and he’s still hot right now after the album on Talk-Local.  Love the extended Carribean percussive work-out vibe of ‘Do The Cookie Dough Throw).  Def. on the playlist of the July all-dayer.
Talking of summer, beach parties, lazy chill out sessions; make it right with Anne Frankenstein as she hits the Jackpot..oooooooohhhh It’s a cool sound  and i like it’s Hectic Extension lenght at over 7mins – BJ Smith has done what the original version was due for, although unexpected.
My fav though is the Wrongtom dub. Going to be played alongside a Resonators dub very soon.  Love the summer vibe and old skool dubby echo.  Should have been the same lenght at the Jackpot remix?
What a really.. no REALLY strong release as something for all fans of Wah Wah 45s varied approach.  Think this is going to be ideal summer playlist.  Many thanks and well done all.” Gerry Hectic, Futuristica Music, Jazz Chronicles and Secret Garden Party Radio’s Mixcloud Competition Winner 2015 (United Kingdom)

“Brassy tropical jams – love it.” Amrisha Prashar, Radar Radio (United Kingdom)

“Nice – Lay-far & Wrong Tom mixes bringing back some bounce after the shock of Brexit.” Alan Gubby, Buried Treasure Record (United Kingdom)

“Do the Cookie Dough Throw for me but a great collection of tracks!” Kengo Oshima, 4 to the Floor, Soho Radio, Cuban Brothers (United Kingdom)

“Awesome to the max. Cowabunga.” Tom Whalley (United Kingdom)

“Lay-Far’s remix is heavy as well as BJ Smith’s remix of Jackpot! Will def. support and play a lot this Summer! Thank you!” Rustam Ospanoff (Kazakhstan)

“Cool remix, definitely for me.” Ginger Tony, Solar Radio (United Kingdom)

“Love the variety of styles in these remixes. Something for everyone!!” Jeff Fellows aka DJ strangefellow aka JEF DAM, Australiasian / Indonesia-based DJ (Indonesia)

“Very nice! Summer vibes.” Mathieu Schreyer, KCRW (United States)

“Excellent mixes & will be supporting.” Martin Lampitt, Radio Reverb (United Kingdom)

“Lay-Far has done an impressive show with this remix, also loving the BJ Smith remix, he never disappoints!!” Alan O’ Malley, Shoreditch Radio (United Kingdom)

“Do The Cookie Dough is the winner!!” Andrew Haig, THE SHIZZLE BAY FM 99.9 (Australia)

“I dig this Cookie!” DJ Maestro, (Netherlands)

“Love the BJ Smith remix, amazing track!” Nick Rayman, Barricade Radio (United Kingdom)

“Excellent interpretations!” David Bassin, FreeFall/SFCR/Space Invader Radio (United States)

“Respectful, quality remixes – Lay-Far doing the business on remixing Do the Cookie Dough Throw.” Steve Johns, Solar Radio (United Kingdom)

“Lay-Far Mix is the one for us.” Found Sounds, DJ Magazine (United Kingdom)

“Great remixes, according to song!” Iván Mera, Higher Street Radio Show (Spain)

“Definitely digging the Wrongtom mix, that is heavyweight biz. And still very much enjoying the Zambidoose album. Cheers!” Peter McLennan, Radio BaseFM, Dubdotdash music blog (New Zealand)

“Wow, a true deluxe remix-package! The Lay-Far remix is my favourite here, but I’m also a big fan of Wrongtom’s dubbed-out journey, and of the BJ Smith rework.” Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’, Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg (Germany)

“Sick as always!” DJ Trew, Altered Tapes / Ground Lift Media (United States)

“Killer mixes.” Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Radio Show (United Kingdom)

“Nice one! A little artificial flavor added to the organic sound. Not too bad! Especially makes you feel good. Made for summer times.” Oliver Korthals, Mojo Club / >Out of spectrum< weekly @ (Germany)

“Lovin’ the Lay-Far remix…thanks!” Mad Mats, Local Talk, Basic Fingers, Raw Fusion (Sweden)

“Solid remix package!” Dave Fortune, My First Moth Records (United Kingdom)

“I can see Lay-Far doing well at festivals ! BJ Smith mix is also super smooth. Thanks.” The Reflex,, (United Kingdom)

“Alex’ remix is really nice!” Detroit Swindle, (Netherlands)

“Cool, many thanks!” Sammy W, Tobus (Germany)

“Superb remix package!!!” Markus Milz, Further In Fusion, Radio Corax (Germany)

“Gene Dudley are a class act and these remixes do their standing no harm at all.” DJ Osric, RTR FM, (Australia)

“The Gene Dudley Group’s debut album, Zambidoose, included one of the highlights of Summer 2015 – a righteous, brass-heavy funk cover of Todd Terje’s nu-disco anthem “Inspector Norse”. Here, other tracks from that set are given a new lease of life via three new remixes. Alexander Lay-Far kicks things off, subtly turning “Do The Cookie Dough Throw” into a righteous chunk of swinging, offbeat Latin house/funk fusion. In contrast, mixing desk maestro Wrongtom delivers a booming, bass-heavy dub reggae interpretation of “Tiger Jaw”, while BJ Smith goes all warm, organic and Balearic on his invitingly sunny mix of “Jackpot”, complete with dreamy vocals from Anne Frankenstein.” (United Kingdom)


Chill Radio (United Kingdom)

Kev Beadle, Solar Radio (United Kingdom)

Toshio Matsuura, TOKYO MOON InterFM897 Tokyo (Japan)

Andy Sharp, Stomp Radio (United Kingdom)

Frank McWeeny, French Toast Radio

Wicked Jazz Sounds, RedLightRadio (Netherlands)

Andy Williams, The Goods Radio Show (United Kingdom)

The Sounds Of Universal Love House In The Park 12 Edition, Jazz 91.9fm WCLK Atlanta (United States)

Dom Servini, Amazing Radio (United Kingdom)

Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’, Radio Z 95.8 (Germany)

Don Letts, BBC Radio 6 Music (United Kingdom)


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