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Lush Strings

Sam Vicary A.K.A Hunrosa (meaning “to dream”) is an electronic music producer capturing the wild organic senses of his childhood and anchoring it with a darker 2am undercurrent. Based in Manchester, he is principally a bassist and currently a member of The Cinematic Orchestra, Paper Tiger and The Dominic J Marshall Trio as well as performing with Manu Delago, Imogen Heap, Matthew Halsall, Anil Sebastian and Stuart Macallum.

Hunrosa is a creation drawing on a multitude of influences; marrying heavy bass, lush strings and soaring vocals. The music is inspired by a coastal upbringing, represented in the music via field recordings, as well as being aided by visual stimulus throughout the writing process.

Winter Nights

The music plays on the juxtaposition of modern electronic music and the beauty of acoustic instruments whilst maintaining a focus on song-writing and pure music. There features homage to ambient/electronic producers, late 60’s psychedelic jazz artists and romantic classical music.

The live band features Vicary on bass, Sam Gardner on drums, Liviu Gheorge on keys and Alice Higgins on vocals; all members contributing various live electronic performance.

All: Remixes sees Hunrosa’s debut single reinterpreted by two of the UK’s finest beat makers. Albert’s Favourites stalwart, as well as drummer for The Expansions and artist in his own right, Jonny Drop, delivers a hip-hop flavoured take that lightens the mood for those long, dark winter nights; whilst producer, brewer and candlestick maker Owen Roberts, AKA Bad Milk, comes through with a slightly more stripped down and gorgeously introspective approach on the back of stunning remixes for Robinson and United Vibrations.


“Love” – Amrisha, Radar Radio, UK

“Solid” – Lorenzo al Dino, Italy

“This is nice! Mixes sounding lovely too! Nice time. Yes.” – Aly Gillani, First Word Records, UK

“Love the drop remix” – Dan Wesker, Detektor FM, Germany

“Nice!” – Toshio Matsuura, Japan

“Lovely” – Junior, Eavesdrop Radio, US

“Very Nice” – Allan Nicoll, Kid Fonque, South Africa

“Somewhere in between down- and midtempo, like that!” – Ubbo Gronewold, Caress Caress, Germany

“Love the big sound production at 0.52 on the Bad Milk.” – Kappa, Radio Reverb, UK

“Excellent” – Robert Lochmann, Radio X, Germany

“Overhead and funky remix by Jonny Drop” – Veronique, Radio Krim, France

“Nice universe.” – Olivier Cavaller, De La Bonne Musique, France

Lovely track and really complimentary mixes” – DJ Lamp, Coalition, UK

“Love the remixes” – Susan Schwartz, Platinum Rye Entertainment, US

“It’s a nice work, like it, is interesting” – Timos Koklas, Reverb Nation, Greece

“Coming from a coastal exportation, I can feel the warmth and chill of ‘All’ as it echoes Hunrosa’s other selfs; Cinematic Orchestra and Paper Tiger.” – Gerry Hectic, Futuristica Music, UK

“Nice vibe…” – Jason Deckstatic, DJ Angola, UK

“Both remixes have something to offer, ‘Jonny Drop’ been my pick, looking forward to playlisting!!” – Alan O’Malley, Multi Storey Soul, Ireland

“This is very special indeed – love it” – Jon Brent, Dusk Dubs, UK

“Stunning ….love the sense of space and tensions and resolutions …. more like 6am, non – sunglass time coming home when everyone else is going to work!” – Debbie G, Resonance FM, UK

“Brilliant to start with and even better with the remix business. JD re edit my pick. More great work.” – Richard, Point Blank, UK

“Sweet lounge vibe!” – Leo Da Estrela, Couture Media, Canada

“The Jonny Drop remix is great!” – David, Renegades Of Jazz, Germany

“Fresh & original, awesome drum track” – Chris, SOAS Radio, UK

“Dig her voice and production. My vibes. Playing tonight.” – Jason Pulaski, Innamissions, US

All (Bad Milk Remix) – Headz, Radio Z


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