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Sam Vicary A.K.A Hunrosa (meaning “to dream”) is an electronic music producer capturing the wild organic senses of his childhood and anchoring it with a darker 2am undercurrent. Based in Manchester, he is principally a bassist and currently a member of The Cinematic Orchestra, Paper Tiger and The Dominic J Marshall Trio, as well as performing with Manu Delago, Imogen Heap, Matthew Halsall, Anil Sebastian and Stuart Macallum.

Sonic Release

His latest offering ‘Ransome’ is a heavily rhythmic journey, full of textured hand percussion and soaring strings, accompanied by the beautifully melodic vocals of Alice Higgins drifting overhead.

The Clap! Clap! remix sees the Black Acre mainstay exploring expansive territories, polyrhythmic hand percussion and textured electronica perfectly intertwine, drenched in dub ambience, heightened by scattered arpeggios and swirling synths. The music is inspired by a coastal upbringing, represented in the music via field recordings, as well as being aided by visual stimulus throughout the writing process.


“……..YESSSS………” Jeremy Sole, KCRW Radio (Los Angeles, United States)

“Beautiful release!!!! Thank you!” Simbad, Rinse / RadarRadio / Worldwide

“Dope!” Kid Fonque

“Clap!Clap! mix and 7″ edit are nice!” Toshio Matsuura, Worldwide FM / Inter FM897 (Tokyo, Japan)

“This is lovely! Thanks for sending. Enjoying the OG and the Clap! Clap! mixes” Aly Gillani, First Word Records / Excursions
Radio Show “Clap clap for Clap! Clap! <3” Pete On The Corner
“LOVE THIS! hits all my buttons, beautiful production, will feature on the next edition of my threesixty show for sure. 10/10 /threesixty- editions Thanks luvs!” Jonny Miller (Threesixty)

“Excellent remix by Clap Clap of course!!! In selection in the MissPrebo Show april on Radio Krimi” Veronique, Radio Krimi

“Lovin the Clap Clap remix – will be playing this on the radio.” Jon Brent, The Full Spectrum Radio Show /

“Great! Playlisted on my next show!” Olivier Cavaller, /

“Amazing!” Ben Mynott, Fluidnation / Chill Radio

“Sensational!” Tony Heynen, Global Riddims

“My fav is the VIP version. And for my sets I like the Clap! Clap! mix. Peace!” Cesare Cera, Nu Lounge / Gru Radio / Radio Fujiko / Radio Bologna Uno

“Cool vibe and groove, also Clap! Clap! remix is good, will support.” Josef, Radio 1 Prague

“That Clap! Clap! mix is ace!” Raw Fusion Club (Stockholm) + worldwide / Local Talk Rec, Raw Fusion Rec

“7 Stars. A joy to vibe to!!” Gordon Wedderburn, GW Jazz / Wandsworth Radio

“Great stuff as usual WW45 provides the goods!” Alex Attias, Radio Couleur 3 Switzerland,  Lausanne

“OMG! This is pure magic, energy!” Andrea Mi, Controradio Italy

“I like this – gently understated before unleashing … the mix has so many layers and delights to uncover with each play. I will play the mix on my show soon – it resonates more with me ….” Debbie G, Resonance 104.4FM / Wycombe Sound London / High Wycombe

“Superb tracks.. loving the Clap!Clap! remix X” Chris, Astrojazz / Departure Lounge

“Lovely cross-pollination of atmospheric electronica and dubbed-out grooves” Dan Alani, Reprezent Radio

“Like it. Next show for sure.” Dan, Detektor FM


“Huge rhythmic work! I like the ethnic atmosphere. Amazing remix really. Bravo!” Xavier JEAN

“All versions are super!” Robert Lochmann, Radio X,Frankfurt;

“Awesome!!” Philippe Coicou,

“Nice. Been booking Sam for live gigs with various bands for last 7 years when he was a student at Leeds College Of Music. Same with Alice Higgins over the last 3 years. Great singer. Nice ambient global beats meets electronica.” Lubi J, KMAH Radio/The Wardrobe/Belgrave/Headrow House (Leeds, UK)

“SUPERBE RYTHMIQUE, AFRO, BRAZIL, JAZZY.. !!!” Jean Marc, Radio Television Suisse Romande Couleur3

“Great stuff!” Kris, Reform Radio

“Can hear in this track every project he is in, but in his own unique style.” Uldis Cirilus, Radio SWH 105.2

“Love the Clap Clap remix and the spacier versions on here.” Stylin’ 3RRR-FM / Worldwide FM / Heard and Felt (Melbourne, Australia)

“Top notch production and I love the variety of sounds and instruments. Has a real ‘world traveller’ feel about it. Dope release.” Robert Steer, (Melbourne, Australia)

“I’m going to play these rosa dreams (full album version of radio edit) in following daytime playlists – sounds great.”

Rolf Aeschimann, Open Broadcast / Red Cat (Zurich, Switzerland)

“Smooth …” Chris, Louie Louie / Soas Radio / Mi-Soul Radio

“Loving this!” Lowell Walbank, Reform Radio

“Sam Vicary (aka Husrosa) has infused his new single ‘Ransome’ with all the lotus blossom of a new spring with Alice Higgins on vocals and a wicked upfront beat.

Set up for some trendy remix you think? You think right courtesy of Clap! Clap! (Cristiano Crisci) of course as it’s all ’round the camp fire on the Serengeti for a big tune.

However, the killer tune is the more developed album version that explores further the light and dark of the track.” Gerry Hectic, 60 Million Postcards / Bournemouth / Futuristica Music / Jazz Chronicles

“Lovely stuff” Lamp, Coalition, The Hub, Radio Reverb, Coastway Radio (Brighton, UK)

Ransome (Clap! Clap! Remix) – Lefto

Ransome (Clap! Clap! Remix) – Tom Ravenscroft, NTS Radio

Ransome (Clap! Clap! Remix) – Toshio Matsuura, Inter FM89.7 / Radio NEO 79.5

Ransome (Clap! Clap! Remix) – Ubbo Gronewold,

Ransome (Clap! Clap! Remix) – The Expedition Radio Show

Ransome (7” Mix) – DJ Aja, Ketch A Vibe

Ransome (Clap! Clap! Remix) – Radio Krimi

Ransome – Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’, Radio Z 95.8 Nürnberg


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