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Wah Wah 45s are proud to present the second single from a lady who’s been causing quite a stir in 2013, the powerhouse vocalist and lyricist that is Lea Lea. Following on from her first single released on Wah Wah 45s, “Black Or White”, and in anticipation of her eponymous debut due in September, Lea Lea unleashes her new single, “Apartheid”, which comes with a host of remixes from some of contemporary dance music’s most interesting and exciting producers.

Encourage Dialogue

Having wowed audiences in London with her uncompromising live show, and recently worked with Hospital Records artist Other Echoes on his forthcoming LP, this young lady has had a very busy year so far. Her sassy style has drawn comparisons to Missy Elliot, MIA, Kelis and Grace Jones, but Lea Lea’s is really a one-off – at once alluring, charming and commanding. Writing songs that encourage dialogue and challenge female stereotypes, whilst being thoroughly entertaining, Lea Lea thrives on the darker side of music yet delivers her songs with an infectious warmth.

Her second single for Wah Wah 45s speaks for itself, questioning prejudices that are still prevalent across the globe, and is underpinned with sparse yet foot friendly beats and bone crunching bass from Bonobo drummer and producer Jack Baker.

Jungle Hybrid

Remixes come courtesy of up-and-coming superstar Skinshape who’s delivered something very special indeed with a tropical/jungle hybrid complete with live guitar and horns, plus a trio of very tasty, more straight up club mixes from three of the UK’s finest producers – the bass loving Is Tropical, Rinse FM’s Funk Butcher and the brilliant Noisses.

Modern in style, dramatic in production – Lea Lea is the new queen of dark electronic soul.


“With the already highly impressive track “Apartheid” out, Lea Lea now drops a well shot video for the single. The clip depicts many crucial and important symbols such as diamonds with blood dripping from Lea Lea’s hands as she crushes them. In 2013 we finally have an artist willing to use her voice to speak on critical social topics. We love this girl!” Colorising.com (USA)

Lea Lea “Apartheid” Video


“The Skinshape remix here is easily in my top tracks of the year so far, played last week and will play more. Great release!” Jason Pulaski KUCI 88.9FM (USA)



“Great release, love both versions…” Renegades Of Jazz (Wass Records, Germany)

“I’m feeling the Skinshape remix the most out of these. Goes well with a lot of Chinese Man, Omar and Rudimental tracks that I’ve been playing recently, and that Bliss Quantic remix. I imagine the Housey mixes will go down well, Noisses and Funk Butcher. Nice release!” DJ ASBO (UK)


“Really like the Skinshape Remix!” DJ Gilla (First Word, UK)

“Tons of visionary sounds here! Exciting to play it.” Cesare Cera, Black Mighty Wax, Irma Recs (Italy)

“Liking the Skinshape remix!” Dave, My First Moth Recs (UK)

“First up I had a listen to the preview on Soundcloud and it’s wicked man! Love all the different musical elements and Lea’s delivery and style is killer. Can’t wait to dl the promo copy and add this to my sets and next Radio Show. Bigups to Lea and Wah Wah on this release!”DJ Mr Lob, Straight Up Radio blackcaesarevents.com  (Australia)

“I like the Skinshape remix a lot !!!” Markus Milz (Further In Fusion, Germany)

“Lea Lea has an amazing, distinctive voice and  Apartheid is a powerful message. Really enjoying the Skinshape remix, nice and festively…” Pimpernel Jones (Herma Puma, First Word, UK)

“Yes!” DJ Astroboy (Astrojazz, UK)

“Great release from LEA LEA, love this bitter-sweet flavour. Favourites: Original Mix, and Remixes by Skinshape (!!!), Noisses, Is Tropical.” Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’ www.radio-z.net Germany

“Great stuff, thanks – right up my street. Torn between the Funk Butcher and Noisses versions – but I think the Noisses wins it for me as it’s got more of the original vocal on it, looking forward to the album!” DJ Duck (Big Chill, UK)

“Loving the original and Skinshape remix, pretty funk stuff !! Will play the Skinshape mix on Sundays show.” DJ BigRed (Kane FM, UK)

“Skinshape and Funk Butcher for me on this but the original holds it to with the strength of the song & vocal.” Johnny Cush (Shoreditch Radio, UK)

“Brilliant!” DJ Toon (Australia)

“Just heard the Skinshape remix on your show tonight and it is blinding.” Johnny Cush (Shoreditch Radio, UK)

Radio play from Jason Pulaski, KUCI 88.9FM (USA); Andrew Jervis, Bandcamp Weekly; Dr. Best, Radio Z, Germany; http://www.radiox.de/sendungen/the-jazzmadass-radioshow/playlists/2419-the-jazzmadass-radioshow-26-07-13.html