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Constant Buzz

It’s a well known fact that an artist’s work is deeply rooted in his or hers surroundings which is exactly why Paper Tiger’s music is as eclectic. With an enormous knowledge of music and impressive array of projects – old, new and from the future – it’s easy to see why it’s almost impossible to put their work in a box. On a more broader level, this is what one could say about London – the constant buzz, the ever-present creative spirit, the turmoil, the busyness of the city, these are things that make London the one-of-a-kind city that it is.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Paper Tiger would pay homage to the capital in their typical fashion: a rich space-funk-marries-hip-hop instrumental, with witty rhymes delivered by South London-based Raphael Attar. The name of the track? Why Rush, of course.

Street Evangelist

As the title suggests, Rush is about the city that most of its inhabitants experience on a daily basis – “noisy, brilliant, infuriating and mainly just extremely goddamn busy. If you can make it to work and back without having to run to catch a train/bus/tube, standing on someone’s toes, getting in someone’s way or having your personal space invaded by a street evangelist, then you’ve had a successful day” said Greg Surmacz (Paper Tiger).

Paper Tiger’s ode to London comes completed by an animated video brilliantly realised by animator Sean Proctor. “We wanted to pay tribute to this wonderful city and its creaking transport system by making an accompanying video. All the other visuals for our album ‘Blast Off’ have been animated so far, so we wanted to continue this theme but with a twist – an animated MC making his way through real streets” Greg added.

The finished article has exceeded all our expectations – we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


“Interesting!” Jazzie B, Soul II Soul

“Man I love and miss that distinctly London vibe. A timely release for a city going through dramas but that I know will come through stronger.” DJ Osric, RTRFM, Perth, Western Australia

“Strong! Lovely bump to this – cheers!” Chris Greenwood, Stop Making Sense / Bedroom Bar / Soas Radio / Mi-Soul Radio (London, UK)

“Wicked !!!” Psycut Vince, 22Tracks / Jazz Attitudes (Paris, France)

“This is really heavy, I love it!” Jane Cudworth, Big Chill, Garden Festival, Bestival, Rum Do, Womad, MTV /

“Even though the raps are skillfull they are not mine. That’s why I like the Hunrosa version the most. Dubstep stripped down to the max.” Rene Josquin, Format Analog / Monkey / Solar / Sisyphos

“Nice futuristic style!” Leo, (Ireland)

“Great rush!” Veronique, Radio Krim (France)

“Nice!” Hector Pizarro, (Paris, France)

“Nice release, thanks!” Sammy, Tobus Rec


“Love Rush” Amrisha Prashar, Radar Radio / (London, UK)

“Love it!” Olivier Cavaller, / (France)

“Plusieurs approches différentes intéressant, captivant !! Big up from Republik Kalakuta!” Jean Marc, Radio Television Suisse Romande Couleur3 /, (Switzerland)

“Great stuff!” Kris, Reform Radio (UK)

“Ace track & love the Hunrosa rmx!” Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Radio Show , Nu-World Mix ( + Various (London, United Kingdom)

“Killer beat/bars combo.” Kier Wiater Carnihan, Record-Play /

“Nice, loving the dubbed out remix by hunrosa. An instrumental of the single version would have been an added bonus. More great work. Peace Crate Invader” Richard, Point Blank FM (London)

“Great track and mixes!” Robert Lochmann, Radio X, (Frankfurt, Germany)

“Loving the vibes of the ‘Single Version’, looking forward to slamming this on the show, much respect to the lyrics!!” Alan, Multi Storey Soul Radio Show, RTE Pulse (Dublin, Ireland)

“Cool, will support!” Josef Sedlon, Radio 1 Prague / (Czech Republic)

“Nice one. Video is well done too.” Junior, Eavesdrop Radio WKDU 91.7FM/Philly / (United States)

“Sick!” Bevin Campbell, PBSFM/Blend Corp/Uncomfortable Beats /

“Love it!”, Olivier Cavaller, / (France)

“Always enjoyable & a couple of nice remixes to boot!” Andrew Haig, The Shizzle 99.9 Bay FM

“Cool tune!” Lamp, Coalition, The Hub, Radio Reverb, Coastway Radio, (Brighton, United Kingdom)

“Top track” Iván Mera, Higher Street

“I might be biased, but this IS better than any of the Glasto highlights I’ve seen of  new/exciting/hip/future/etc bands on the Beeb this weekend. Oh well, this one could be the one that sees Paper Tiger break thru to even more fans as we can all recognize the rush of modern life on the new single ‘Rush’.
Captain Over on the remix which follows the manic original pace in clean & dirty forms but it’s the Hunrosa (very busy these days) remix that’s begging for a HVJ/Extension of some sort as the inspirational calm and the storm (and we’ve had to many of those these days) of city living.
Need to slow down myself for the next couple of weeks but hope to get inspired soon.” Gerry Hectic, 60 Million Postcards / Futuristica Music / Jazz Chronicles (Bournemouth, UK)

“Hells Yeah!!!” Herma Puma

“Cool. Gonna play it on my morning radio show!” Tiago Santos (Brazil)

“Good work again, lovely people. Big up!” Michael Jukes, Mile Wide Smile Club (Brighton, United Kingdom)

“Lively! X” Ross, Hideout Sessions Podcast

“Love the Hunrosa version, and of course the great original mix of “Rush”. Nice!” Sven Thomschke, Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg (Germany)

“Great release. Liking the Captain Over mix. Great vibe.” Whatshot Radio

“The “Captain Over Remix” is great!!” Cesare Cera, Nu Lounge / Gru Radio / radio Fujiko / radio Bologna Uno (Italy)
“Excellent, all around: the original and the remixes.” Velanche Stewart, Urban Landscapes (California, United States)

Llike always…. Good, love the Captain’s remix” Veronique, Radio Krim (Paris, France)

“Massive!” Dobromir Marzov, The ’45 RPM’ radio show on Radio Varna (Bulgaria)

“Love the Captain Over remix!” Pedo Knopp, LAZY. / Analog Africa Soundsystem / Mixed Tape / AFRICADELAY / HOP! HOP! / Dig We Must!

“I’m diggin it.” Swift, Kwcp 98.9 LPFM Little Rock Ar /

“This is dope.” Josh Dowler, ‘Global Beats Breakfast’ 1 Brighton FM (United Kigdom)

“Lovin the Captain Over refix!” Eastside Radio / Mondo Stereo

“Love the instrumental remix!” Avi, Radar Radio

Dr. Best, Radio Z, 95.8 (Germany)

Andy Sharp, No Pressure Radio


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