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Forward Thinking

Guided by acclaimed pianist Nitai Hershkovits alongside one third of Buttering Trio, and newly signed Stones Throw recording artist, Rejoicer, this ensemble of musicians have produced a sound which is both delicate yet powerful; sonorous yet uplifting. The full line-up also features reed player Eyal Talmudi, drummers Roy Chen, Amir Bresler and Sol Monk, keyboard master Bemet, trumpeter Sefi Zisling, and guitarist Yonatan Albalak who have together created some of the most exciting instrumental music we’ve heard for quite a while.

A New Sound

‘Writing and compiling together the melodies, lines and harmonies for this album had a pure, natural symbiotic progress. We couldn’t ask for a better variety of people to play with. Being influenced by each other, yet coming from a very different musical background, we managed to find a strong mutual idea of a new sound, in only three days in the studio. This music is a pure reflection of all of us at once. It felt effortless to sit around a piano together and unfolding the next tune, spearheaded with drums and horns to set the exact right scenery we were looking for.’


A Time Grove 7-inch single and the album itself will be unleashed in the autumn, but until then get pre-ordering your copy of Time Grove Roots and get yourselves in the mood for some of this year’s most spine tingling underground music.



“Solid stuff.” Chris Read, BBE / So Much Soul / Classic Material / Breakin Bread / www.musicofsubstance.com / www.whosampled.com

“Cool stuff….” Jon More, Solid Steel Radio Show / London Soho Radio

“Outstanding!” David Bassin, KUSF / FreeFall / www.freefallradio.com

“Love this! Amazing stuff!” Aly Gillani, First Word Records / Excursions Radio Show / www.firstwordrecords.com


“Some of the most exciting inventive and invigorating music I have heard for a long time. Repeat listening compulsory.” Derek, KPFK (Los Angeles, United States)

“Sounds real nice – look forward to checking out properly x” Dan Savidge, Euphonica, (London, United Kingdom)

“Smooth!” James Glendinning, Create / djcreate.co.uk

“Really cool vibes, beach soundtrack…” Olivier Cavaller, Perpignan, www.delabonnemusique.com

“Great stuff as always!” Jim Wood, 8trackmusic

“Right on. Raw Tapes has been on our radar for a long time. This is gonna be glorious.” Derek, KMHD Jazz Radio / www.kmhd.org (Portland, OR)

“The Chase After Tomorrow is ace!” Raw Fusion Club + worldwide / Local Talk Rec, Raw Fusion Rec, www.rawfusionrec.com (Stockholm)

“Lovely stuff!” George Higham, Shades Recordings / www.shadesrecs.com

“Great mix of organic and modern sounds, with a gentle touch and mystical feel on many of the tracks.” Stylin’ 3RRR-FM / Worldwide FM / Heard and Felt www.rrr.org.au/stylin (Melbourne, Australia)

“Very special indeed this – love it!” Jon Brent, The Full Spectrum Radio Show / www.duskdubs.com

“Awesome Gilles Petersonesque grooves and wonkiness.”  Oli C BURN, C-Burn Office, http://www.c-burn.com/

“A great album chock full of ideas” Lamp, Coalition, The Hub, Radio Reverb, Coastway Radio (Brighton, United Kingdom)

“I love how this doesn’t fit any set expectations. My Turn is really nice.” Michael Ambrosino, SoulandJazz / www.soulandjazz.com

“It is very interesting – thought stimulating and beautiful stuff. Love the layers and the pacing … and the retro and fast forward combination.” Debbie G, Resonance 104.4FM / Wycombe Sound London / www.outerglobe.co.uk www.resonancefm.com

“Awesome jazz!” Wayne Wright, All FM 96.9 (MCR) Global Stereo Sounds show / Rhythm Passport

“Beautiful. xx k.” Katja Ruge, Moire Club Hamburg / www.canlovebesynth.com

“Love!” Amrisha, Netil Radio / www.iamrisha.com

“Niceness!” Jim, 1 Station Fm

“Very nice!” Mathieu Schreyer, KCRW (Los Angeles, United States)

“Great choices from many of my favourite musicians from Tel Aviv!” Veronique, Radio Krimi (Paris, France)

“If you’re familar with Raw Tapes from Tel Aviv you’ll recognise a collective that has grown from being the local beat scene to a meeting point of producers, jazz artists, vocalists and rappers. And Time Groove is like their supergroup that was formed in 2014 and now signed to the equally maverick label, Wah Wah 45s; if you like, a London equivalent of Raw Tapes (and more).

The definitely a feel of Paper Tiger about this with some deep space jazz. It also helps that one of the bands main movers, Rejoicer, is now on Stones Throw and that’s why

you see Georgia Anne Muldrow on a track called ‘Sattelite Dish’; an electronic jazz trio vibe featuring Nitai Hershkovits on piano.

So whilst there underground West coast hip hop (‘Very Light Blue’ is beautiful) & Catch Your Tears (love it), classical/minimal (Piano Lesson #1), jazz hop (The Navigator – killer Gillesy style tune) and experimental jazz-klezmer beats (Zargesh and Moonlight)

This album is full of craft and instead of me banging on about it for hours, get yourself a listen and then bang on about it for hours yourself; 2018 best of for sure.

Many thanks again
you guys continue to exceed yourselves Love
xxx” Gerry Hectic, 60 Million Postcards / Bournemouth / Futuristica Music / Jazz Chronicles

“Very good with a nice vibe.” MP Marcus, Innacityfm, Urban Jazz Radio www.innacityfm.com

“Very nice mixture os sounds. Very refreshing LP.” Jason Palma, Higher Ground Radio/Footprints (Toronto, Canada)

“Nice summertime vibes. Instantly feel like I am at a festival.” Nicole Finnerty, Kane FM 103.7 FM – Flex FM www.flexfm.co.uk / dubtasticmusic.com

“Excellent album!” Robert Lochmann, Radio X, soulsender.de (Frankfurt, Germany)

“Cool ones!” Tjerk, Armada Music / DJ / Armada Music

“From Note 1 it is my thing – blissed out” Paul Knight, Reform Radio

“Superb collection of jazz with a heavy crossover appeal, great for our station.” Mitch, WVUM (Miami, FL)

“This sounds great! Proper excited to hear more of this band. Wicked signing.

Good work all. Cheers Mickey 1BTN” Michael Jukes, Mile Wide Smile Club (Brighton, United Kingdom)

“That’s got a lovely Beauty Room funky feel to it.” Dan, Detektor FM

“I’m loving this, it’s dope” Alex Attias, Radio Couleur 3 (Lausanne, Switzerland)

“Very cool music.” Jim McMaster, tngcradio.com

“This has to be the biggest idea pool of the most interesting attention grabbing production I have heard so far in 2018. DJ Kappa, Brighton. Kxx” Kappa, Radio Reverb

“Nice” Hector Pizarro, www.valleefm.fr (Paris, France)

“Beauty!” Julien Donaz, Radio RTU, Le Grand Mix

“Pure vibes” Dan Alani, Reprezent

“Great choons!” Pathaan, worldwide

“Superb Selection, going to dropping alot of these” Michael Prestage, http://www.numb-uk.com

“Fresh.” Kier Wiater Carnihan, Record-Play / the-monitors.com

“Very good!” Cristian, Radio Guerrilla / Retroelectro (Bucharest, Romania)

“Great to see Mss Red on a soul track!” Chris, Astrojazz/Departure Lounge

“Nice work, I like it, thanks!” Timos, Reverb Nation

“What a pool of creativity. Tough to give a proper feedback after skipping through all of this. But I know this will take many listens to evolve – and that is a rare quality of music. I expect some groundbreaking stuff outta this direction.” Rene Josquin, Format Analog / Monkey / Solar / Sisyphos /

“Amazing sounds!!” Jamal Ahmad, Jazz 91.9fm WCLK Atlanta, Ga. / Soulandjazz.com

“Oooo nice!” Chris, Louie Louie / Soas Radio / Mi-Soul Radio

“What a beautiful way to bless my Saturday morning! Great work by the team at WahWah in bringing this varied and talented collection of works to the fore. Stunning!” DJ Osric, RTRFM, www.rtrfm.com.au & www.liquorice.tv (Perth, Western Australia)

“Piece of art =) Thank you <3” Corrado Bucci, Brescia

“Wonderful record! Multi dimensional, multi textured, multi layered. An eclectic clutch of gems that have wide appeal. Looking forward to playing the music!” Gordon Wedderburn, GW Jazz / https://www.facebook.com/GWJazz/

“Ohmygosh, this is great stuff!” Susan Schwartz, Platinum Rye Entertainment / www.platinumrye.com

“Nice vibes” MP Marcus, Innacityfm , Urban Jazz Radio, London / www.innacityfm.com

“Bliss!” Bern Leckie, Chill / www.helpmechill.com

“Nice atmospheres and paths… fantastic to listen to!” Iván Mera, Higher Street / mixcloud.com/higherclub1997

Huey Morgan, BBC Radio 6 Music
Eyal Talmudi & Roy Chen – Moonlight – Huey Morgan, BBC Radio 6 Music (listen back)


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