TIME GROVE / Roy The King

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Links To Stream/Buy

Sonorous Yet Uplifting

Wah Wah 45s are very proud to release the debut single from forward thinking Tel Aviv based ensemble, Time Grove. Guided by acclaimed pianist Nitai Hershkovits alongside one third of Buttering Trio, and newly signed Stones Throw recording artist, Rejoicer, this group of musicians have produced a sound which is both delicate yet powerful; sonorous yet uplifting. The full line-up also features reed player Eyal Talmudi, drummers Roy Chen, Amir Bresler and Sol Monk, keyboard master Bemet, trumpeter Sefi Zisling, and guitarist Yonatan Albalak who have together created some of the most exciting instrumental music we’ve heard for quite a while

Forthcoming Album

In preparation for their debut album, More Than One Thing, due in January 2019 we bring you a double whammy jukebox 45 with two of the more foot friendly cuts from the LP.

The A-side, Roy The King, features drummer Roy Chen. The rest of the band kept telling him “today, we make you a king” and so it was. Rejoicer, Sefi and Talmudi, wrote and played the melody after Nitai came up with the piano riff. The B part, which only Talmudi and Roy could bring such energy to, got the gypsy out of all of the ensemble in the room bringing it to a festive finale.

Piano And Moog

On the flip, Sir Blunt is an introduction to the other core of Time Grove. With Amir Bresler on the drums, carefully crafting the perfect parts for this tune; Albalak on the bass, playing beautifully the upper register yet providing a strong bed for Nitai on the piano & Moog and Rejoicer on synths to present somewhat of a no-bar-lines feeling. This is the very product of the trust between all four players.



“Sir Blunt!” Lefto

“Roy the King sauntering, journeying timecode that travels to a joyous destination BEAUTIFUL!!!” Leanne Wright, Worldwide FM / https://www.mixcloud.com/leanne-wright/

“Big fan of these guys – this is fantastic!” Aly Gillani, First Word Records / Worldwide FM

“Gorgeous!” Tina Edwards, Worldwide FM / Supreme Standards

“Beautiful!” Renegades of Jazz, Agogo Records // Mojo Club Hamburg



“Solid!” Lorenzo, Jockey Club Ibiza, Tiburon Formentera, Royal Plastic Radio Show Ibiza, Lust & Leben Magazin

“Very nice!!!! Thanks!” Timos, Reverb Nation

“So much up my street it’s crazy. Excited to drop this out and on air.” Paul Knight, Reform Radio

“Great stuff, can’t wait to play this out!” Chris, www.hermapuma.com

“Wicked!” Amar Kabouche,  Fauve Radio (Hong Kong)

“Delicious!” Robert Lochmann, Radio X Frankfurt

“Welcome world!” Måns Strömberg, Radio Helsinki Radio YLE 1

“Beautiful music by seriously talented musicians.” Roni Fialkow, Tel Aviv / Pop Lock

“Just beautiful music.” Richard, Point Blank FM

“Formidable ensemble. Looking forward to hearing more material.” Derek, KPFK Los Angeles

“This will ease to the edge of the dancefloor if not on it.” Stomp Radio

“Love it!” Enrique Domenech,  Freeforms Podcasts

“Lovely!” David Bassin, KUSF San Francisco / www.freefallradio.com

“This is prime Wah Wah 45s as we get Sakamoto inspired funk and instrumental hip-hop from Tel Aviv for fans of leftfield Stones Throw – this is it! [and there’s more to come – can’t wait]” Gerry Hectic 60 Million Postcards / Bournemouth / Futuristica Music / Jazz Chronicles

“Highly dynamic and entertaining. Well put together.” Oliver Korthals, Mojo Club + Out Of Spectrum @www.byte.fm / www.mojo.de

“Nice!” MP Marcus, Innacity FM, Choice FM / www.innacityfm.com

“Masterpiece!” Tony Heynen, GlobalRiddims 

Oooh lovely, both tracks are ace.” Huw Morgan

“A superb single release from Time Grove, love both tunes!” Sven Thomschke, Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg

“2 beautiful pieces of jazz fusion.” Aja Allsop, WSJR (USA), BluesJazz Radio (TX USA), Electric Lion Radio (London), Impact Radio (Italy)

“Classy stuff” Andrea Mi, Contro Radio Italy

Jim McMaster 21/10/2018 09:54 TNGCRADIO.COM / “VERY NICE INDEED” rating: 5/5

“Brilliant!!!! And many great artists who are often selected in my monthly show!” Veronique, Radio Krimi

“Anything coming outta dis Tel Aviv Buttered bubble is worth taking a serious listen – even if might won’t appeal or shine directly. There is so much musicality and energy behind it.” Rene Josquin, Format Analog / Monkey / Solar / Sisyphos /

“Very nice. I’ve enjoyed some previous work from Amir Bresler and Sefi Zisling so good to here them come together here, Time Grove – Good signings to the label.” David Cullen, Oban FM, Oban, Argyll

“Stunning” Sammy Al, Stellar Entertainment

“Beautiful vibes on this – love it!” Jon Brent, The Full Spectrum Radio Show / www.duskdubs.com

“Sir Blunt is mellow and uplifting at the same time, although 3:31 feels kinda short for this tune!” Maarten,  Chunks of Funk / www.leenknecht.com 

“Beautiful, will play on our radio.” Julien Donaz, Radio RTU Le Grand Mix /

“Love!” Amrisha, Netil Radio / www.iamrisha.com

“Lovely stuff, will support!” Kid Fonque

“Loving this right here, dope!” Alex Attias,  Radio Couleur 3 Switzerland Lausanne

“A delightfully refreshing release.” DJ Osric RTRFM, Perth, Western Australia /

“Roy The King – A rather splendid dreamy, free-flowing piece of music.” Steven, Solar Radio

“Really diggin’ on Sir Blunt Nice! Thank you again for the fine music” Tim Quigley, Groovera New Modern Radio / http://groovera.com

“Sounding great.” Mark Futuresounds, DJ Magazine / Notion

“Outstanding work! Original instrumental music to be remembered.” Leo, www.jaheire.com

“Great jam.” Thomas, NoSuitRecords / tobha.net / nosuitrecords.net

“It’s time for Time Grove” Kier Wiater Carnihan, Record-Play

“Nice tracks…” Jason Deckstatic, No.8,  XL,  Space Ibiza NYC, 1 Oak Southampton

“Two beautiful tracks!!” Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Radio Show, Nu-World Mix

“Great stuff, cool jazz stuff, full support!” Josef, Radio 1 Prague

“Been looking forward to this dropping since the excellent comp from the individual artists dropped earlier in the year. Particularly feeling, Sir Blunt.” Michael Jukes, 1BTN FM

Sir Blunt – Gideon Goe, BBC 6Music

Roy The King – Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone, BBC 6Music

Roy The King – Tim Garcia, Musica Macondo, Jazz FM

Roy The King – Tina Edwards, Worldwide FM

Roy The King – Mari, Worldwide FM

Roy The King – Dom Servini, Soho Radio

Roy The King – Delia Tesileanu, Soho Radio

Roy The King – Eavesdrop Radio (w/ Junior & Lil Dave)

Roy The King – Solid Steel radio show w/ Rejoicer

Roy The King – BBC Radio 6 Music – Huey Show, Beat Of The Week

Roy The King – Radio-Z (Germany) – Headz show

Roy The King – Public Radio 1 (Finland) – Jazz Club show

Roy The King – Radio 1 Czech – Alternative show (w/ Josef Sedlon)

Sir Blunt – RRR (Australia) – Stylin’ w/ DJ Ennio Styles

Sir Blunt – Jazz FM – Ruth Fisher (Full Circle show)


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