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Wah Wah 45s celebrate the joy of the cover version! The label has always had a keen ear for a re-working of a classic piece of music, whether it be an unexpected brass take of a soft rock or hip hop cut from Hackney Colliery Band, or a sultry rendition of a soul nugget from Stac, with the only conditions being that the cover takes the original piece of music somewhere new, fresh and exciting.

Loved Renditions

The label’s 15th anniversary seemed like a good time to not only re-visit a number of very canny covers from over the years, but to throw in a couple of new and exclusive ones for good measure too and as a way of saying thank you for all your support over the last decade and a half. So, as well as well loved renditions of Bill Withers’ The Same Love That Made Me Laugh from Ashley Thomas and Part-Time Heroes’ gorgeous re-imagining of The Boss’ Dancing In The Dark, you get a spine-tingling, pitch shifting, electronica flavoured take of Rose Royce’s ballad Wishing On A Star from Stac x Blue Daisy and The Gene Dudley Group’s fierce dance floor funk version of Richard “Groove” Holmes No Trouble On The Mountain (itself a Wah Wah 45s release back in the day!) featuring the rasping vocals of Anne Frankenstein.

Add to that Lea Lea’s recent cover of Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer, Scrimshire’s updating of Tammi Terrell’s version of All I Do Is Think About You, with Stac on vocal duties, as well as club classics from Henri-Pierre Noel, Bev Lee Harling, Alister Johnson and a couple of big hitters from Hackney Colliery Band and you’ve got one heavyweight haul of version excursions on your hands.


“Wonderful!” New To 2 Feature – Craig Charles (BBC Radio 2, UK) on No Trouble On The Mountain by The Gene Dudley Group

“Bev and the Colman Brothers pull it off and take it into the new millennium!” Craig Charles (BBC 6Music, UK) on Why Don’t You Do Right? (Colman Brothers Remix) by Bev Lee Harling

“Enjoying this – nice!” Jazzie B (Soul II Soul, Solar Radio, UK)

“Love this!” DJ Yoda (UK)

“Love it. Will play some stuff in the shows. But will take it on the summer holidays too!” Alex Barck (Jazzanova, Germany)

“Great LP of versatile covers of well known and less well known tracks.. The Wah Wah crew gives us a full range of the talented artists they produce from soul, to funk to reggae , to brass bands – the Africa cover is such a classic!” DJ Soulist (22 Tracks / Souleance, France)

“Wahhhh! Beautiful versions. Will spread the word for this compilation!” Deli-Kutt (Mash & Munkee, Germany)

“Wowwww!!! Really great stuff! That version of Thriller!…that’s the one!! I’ll b playing it at the show tomorrow.”
Rita Maia (Resonance FM, UK)

Invitation is a winner!” Danny Breaks (UK)

“In love with covers and couldn’t wait for this release!” DJ Julien ‘DJouls’ Laksmanan (Paris DJs, France)


“Love the Alister Johnson and the version of No Trouble. Cool versions and cuts all round ..” Chris Phillips (Jazz FM, UK)

“This is a beautiful selection of songs to make exciting and new.” Fleamarket Funk (USA)

“Every song was a big hit – but just look at what they’ve done with them!” Artistxite (Germany)

“Like it.” Rob Luis (Tru Thoughts, UK)

“A basket for of treats!” Double K (, CUIT 89.5FM, Toronto, Canada)

“A bunch of winners here. Great collection.” Chris Read (BBE, UK)

“Raised with Jamaican music, I’ve always been familiar with the art of versioning and covering. That’s why covers take a very important place in our worldwide focus radio show called “La Classe Internationale”. And because this compilation is way too cool, it will perfectly fit our programme, not only the next one… The artists are cool, but you, Wah Wah 45’s guys are too for sure!” Edward Waters (Gonzai – Radio Campus Orlans, France)

“Well that washed away the boredom.” Steve Williams (UK Vibe, UK)

“Those takes on Invitation, Thriller, All I Do… & Africa are great – radio support for sure on Buried Treasure @ Reading College, Blast 1386″ Alan Gubby (Buried Treasure, UK)

“When this hit my inbox, the expectation of the album was twofold: Wah Wah means quality & covers; a risk of gimmicky versions. Luckily this compilation of covers by Wah Wah artists is full of quality and the gimmicky feeling is not felt with any track. Not even with Thriller, Africa or Fifth of Beethoven. Standout tracks are a haunting blue eyed soul version of Wishing on a Star, the sweet & sultry Why Don’t You Do Right & the cinematic grooving Invitation. A top choice of covers, and a great selection of Wah Wah sounds where no artist disappoints.” Sjoerd aka Sole Mate (, @djsolemate, aurgasm. us, Holland)

“Wonderful stuff, thanks!” Lubacov (Soleado, Spain)

“I had never heard the Wishing On A Star and Why Don’t You Do Right versions. Killer. Of course Thriller and All I Do Is Think About You have been a staple in my sets for some time. Thanks for the is promo!!!! Good stuff.” DJ Emskee (WBAI99.5fm/RECORDnition party NYC, USA)

“Mr Noel -lovely- killed the classic.” Ahmet Gunes ( / acik radyo, Turkey)

“So consistent. Leftfield has become a small place in the last years – and Wah Wah is one of the biggest flowers there.” (We Are…, Strut, BBE, Germany)

“Plenty of great tracks in here as ever from the Wah Wah fellas. Love it!” DJ Gilla (First Word, UK)
Thriller, Psycho Killer, Why Don’t You Do Right & Africa are really astonishing!” Yann Barbotin (Canal B Radio, France)
“So funky, I love these songs and Thriller is def gonna get some burn during Fall.” Elias Kassatly (Giant Step NYC, USA)
“Great covers man! My favorite is the Thriller cover by Richie Phoe.” Niels Christian Cederberg (P8 JAZZ – Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Denmark)
“Nice one! As I am a great fan of covers this delivers some excellent examples. Will give it a spin – on the radio and the dance floor!” Oliver Korthias (Mojo Club / Out of spectrum, Byte FM / Freeform – The Mojo Radio Show, NDR FM 90.3, Germany)
“Top notch. What a treasure trove of dynamite covers! Especially digging the Ashley Thomas and Henri-Pierre Noel. The Hackney Colliery cover of Toto is priceless, too. Congrats on the milestone and wishing you many more to come…” Christopher Lawyer (88 1 KDHX FM,, St. Louis, MO, USA)
“Love it when you get an album where its hard to choose which tune to play out first.” DJ Graham B (Freestyle Records, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
“Some absolutely fantastic versions in here – all done with the magic twist that Wah Wah are renowned for. Ashley Thomas’ Bill Withers cover is a standout, as is the Gene Dudley Group track. Go out and get this!” Pimpernel Jones (Herma Puma, First Word, UK)
“A new and fresh look at the classics. Just perfect.” Dobo Marzov (The “45 RPM” Radio Show, Radio Varna, part of the National Radio of Bulgaria)
“Cracking set of covers. Some I knew, many I didn’t. Loads of end of the night DJ tools and nice moments! Will be supporting!” Chris Welch (Sounds Like This, 93.2FM Sheffield Live /Phuture Motion, Freestyle Records, UK)
“So many good tunes to choose from like the Stevie Wonder x Scrimshire and Alister Johnson – great selection.” Jay Scarlett (Br Puls Radio, Sounds Supreme, Beat Dimensions, Spacek, Germany)
“That bass entrance on Invitation… I’m speechless. A Fifth of Beethoven is good fun. Nice, imaginative versions.” T-Bird (Somethin’ Else! Radio, France)
“SOLID GOLD with a PLATINUM chaser.” Mister G (Green Arrow Radio, USA)
“A few nice versions on here.” Kev Beadle (Solar Radio, UK)
“Big! Big! Big!” Isidro Lisboa (Radio Nova, Portugal)
“Some surprising covers in there!” Julien Mourlon (LDBK, Belgium)
“A worthy version excursion!”  DJ Toon (Eastside Radio, Funkdafied , 45 Sessions, Sydney Soul Weekender, Australia)
“Excellent light, fun, summery compilation, perfect for driving to a festival!” Matthew Rogrs (Source FM, UK)
“Wah Wah at its finest.” The Mother Funker (Black Milk Music, France)
“Reinterpreting original tracks respectfully is not always an easy art. Wah Wah 45s have pulled it off remarkably well over the years. Favourites on here are Invitation, The Same Love That Made Me Laugh and Thriller.” Steve Johns (Solar Radio, UK)
“Killer compilation!” Phil Horneman (Wicked Jazz Sounds / 22 Tracks, Holland)
“What an interesting album! Stand out track for me is Scrimshire – VERY nice!” Peter Hawley (50 Shades Of…Soul on Tameside Radio, UK)
“Great stuff!” Antonio Bacciocchi (Radio Coop, Italy)
“Tip top quality selection of covers that I would expect from Wah Wah.” Simon Harrison (Basic Soul, UK)
“Excellent eclectic various for appreciate the all wah wah talented artist. Thanks!” Azaxx (Tru Thoughts, France)
“Wow I did not realise you had released so many covers and of such quality. Thanks for sending through!” Simon Harrison (Basic Soul, UK)
“Great selection!” Gerd Hoeschen aka DJ Ottic (Alooga & otticFM Radio, Germany)
“Chipper release! Great renditions here, good fun! Fresher than a Greg Boraman jazz pad OCD hoovering session!” DJ Jeff Daniels (UK)
“Gorgeous production. Really love the vibe!” Trouble (WMFU, USA)
Why Don’t You Do Right – great version.” Greg Fenton (DMC Magazine, UK)
“Nice!” Hector Pizarro (Chile Con Mix, France)
“A cool collection of delicious covers.” Diesler (Tru Thoughts, Buried Treasure, UK)
“Classics on a Wah Wah Way!” Chris Ex (Musica-re blog / Up’n’loud Radio / Soul Magazine /, Germany)
“Quality selection… No Trouble and Invitation are standouts but Richie Phoe’s version of Thriller is the absolute killer!” DJ Mischief (My First Moth, UK)
“Really nice comp! Choice covers. Juicy.” DJ Lord Lewis (WESU 88.1 FM Middletown Connecticut, USA)
“Blown away, just blown away.” Nick Davies (Radio Winchcombe, UK)
“Wide ranging collection of solid covers. A little something for everyone.” Scotty Robertson (WNCW Radio, USA)
“Another first class, fully flavored release.. word.” Norris Kane (Kane FM, UK)
“This label continues bring out such great music” Trevor Parkee (Departure Lounge, Australia)
“Top notch release from Wah Wah. Too many quality tracks to choose from. Hackney Colliery Band’s version of Africa measures up pretty well with Toto’s. Loooove Stac. What a voice!” Mr. Boogie AKA The Vinyl Junkie (Soulsa/Shoreditch Radio, UK)
“Nice twists on some nice tunes!” James Barrie (Audio Texture Radio Show, Spain)
“When  you do a cover version you must be….creative!! The Wah Wah Version offers this! Artists such as Lea Lea, Part Time Heroes and Ashley Thomas are a ‘Must-Play-it’ for me!” Cesare Cera (Irma, Black Mighty Wax, Italy)
“Brilliant selection and far too difficult to pick a favourite!” DJ James Lewis (UK)
“A great collection of re-interpretive covers that stand on their own.” TJ Gorton (Village Dance Radio, NYC, USA)
“Amazing tracks . Cant wait to play in car over weekend . Amazing 9/10” Nick Madge (DJ Wales, UK)
“Nice and interesting.” DJ Julien Le Brun (France)
“Wah Wah 45s have been holding it down in the capital from long time.. great to see a representative compilation come to surface.. great selection of artists and tracks on this.. very eclectic and unique in styles but all held together with the Wah Wah family sound.. can feel London in this release.” DJ Snuff (Universal Zulu Nation, End of the Weak, Congo Natty, Unit 137 Sound System, UK)
“Interesting stuff… Thriller and Wishing on a Star!” Trishes (Radio FM4, Austria)
“This is a true gem! Some of the best Soul and Funk acts in the game creating truly brilliant new versions of some classics as well as slept on tunes. Great project!” Vice (The Kaleidoscope Show – Passion Radio Bristol, UK)
“Lovely!” Noah Ball (Soundwave, Croatia)
“Once again, a fantastic release on Wah Wah 45s! What a great package, full score 10/10!” Dr. Best (Radio Z, Germany)
“Sensual for the soul.” Richard Medicineman (CIUT 89.5 FM, Canada)
“Wicked!” Ket Shah (Mucho Soul, Back2Back FM, UK)
“Super great!” Georgios Paroglou (It’s Just Music! Greece)
Thriller and Africa are boss here. Lovely job – backslaps all round!” James Cambrian (Quantum Bleep / Cambrian Line, Germany)
“Hackney Colliery Band! Powwwww!” Huw72 (Mr. Bongo, 72 Records, UK)
“I’ve played some of these in the past…looking forward to the exclusives.” Dave Bassin (Freefall Radio, KUSF, USA)
“Knock ya socks off sounds!” Sattamann (Real Roots, UK)
“Interesting stuff.” DJ Enigma (WXCI, USA)
“I’m loving loving this, Wah Wah 45 are one of my favorite labels – no boundaries just out and out gloriousness and fun. Africa made me smile, No Trouble on the Mountain made me bop my head, and  All I Do is Think About You chilled me out.” Andy Sharp (Stomp Radio, UK)
“Top stuff” Four40 Records (UK)
“Lovin This!” James Canning (Respect Music Radio, Australia)
“Natural extensions and version excursions to the already killer WAH WAH selection.” DJ Toon (UK)
“A bunch full of wah wah pearls … happy 15th !” Markus Milz (Further In Fusion, Germany)
“Perfect summer release. 1000000/1000000!” Tim Aldous (Juice FM, UK)
“These artists have really taken a fun, interesting and downright original approach to these various popular songs. Africa and Psycho Killer were (nice) big surprises and the solid version of Invitation, All I Do and Dancing... make this a wonderfully complete set.” DJ Tomas (Google Play, XLR8R, ForwardEver, Umoja Hi-Fi, USA)
“Great artwork, great sounds!” DJ Craig Woodrow (UK)
“Support!” DJ Linos (Republic 100.3, Greece)
“Gorgeus!” Erik Tchaikovsky (Night Light Soundsystem, Ukraine)
“I am a freak for crazy cover versions…and this has them! Thriller, Psycho Killer, The Same Love, A Fifth of Beethoven and Africa were highlights for me.” DJ Andujar (Peace & Rhythm, USA)
“Another awesome compilation from Wah Wah 45s.” Nick Rayman (Barricade Radio, UK)
“Thanks for the new promo . Big fan of Wah Wah 45, here is a great album.” Cedric (One Summer Radio, France)
“Great sounds, this will go down well, some great interpretations of brilliant tunes.” Jim Ling (Tavern, Barnstaple, Devon, UK)
“Fantastic versions! Love them.” Oliver Schwesig (Deutschlandradio Kultur, Germany)
“Love it!” Adam Prescott (Reggae Roast, UK)
“That’s beautiful. Thanks for hooking me up.” Paul Pre (Vast / Movement, Germany)
“Wow, what a collection. Just love it!” DJ Mark Parker (UK)
“We will play some songs!” Martin Schneider (Radio Bern RaBe, Switzerland)
“What a wicked album packed full of versions, am a sucker for a good cover absolutely love this, have heard some of these before but still classic. Really feeling All I Do Is Think About You, Dancing In the Dark and Invitation, will be playing these over the next few weeks, hope you having a great summer so far Big up!” Mike Shea (Kane FM, UK)
“Wonderfully selected compilation!” Renegades of Jazz (Agogo, Germany)
“Great comp. Some interesting interpretations. Thanks!” Paul Wain (Play Network Europe, UK)
“Soooooo groovy, a summer delight!” Francesco Adinolfi (Radio2 Rai, Manifesto newspaper, Italy)
“So much Soul & Funk … great Music ! Thanks. Favorite Track: Thriller!” Double D (Funky Fresh Radio X, Germany)
“Hackney Colliery Band need to be national heroes! You just know Africa will smash it!” Bobby Tempo (Stafford FM, Vidal Lounge, UK)
“Nice!” DJ Hannu Ikonen (Finland)
“We love crazy cover versions on random jukebox…this will get milked over the coming weeks.” Karl Phillips (Random Jukebox, UK)
“Digging these!” Harri (Sub Club, Glasgow, Scotland)
“Man – this album is something else… Truly awesome!” Mandy Morrow (, UK)
“I’ve been playing a lot of these tracks already so I’m excited to hear a few new ones which will no down get some spins!” DJ Strangefellow (Australia)
“Kind of rips up conventional and does it’s own thing with ease.” DJ Paul ‘Abbo’ Abbot (Starpoint Radio, UK)
“Wonderful classic compilation from Wah Wah, thanks.” DJ Komar (Czech Republic)
“Pure class from the Wah Wah stable,we are loving it !” Aja (Ketch A Vibe, UK)
“Alister Johnson and Ashley Thomas sounding excellent but The Gene Dudley Group really bringing the heat on their cover. On fire!” Play Jazz Loud (UK Jazz Radio/Europe Jazz Radio, USA)
“I really dig the Ashley Thomas track on this.” DJ Billy Chill Fingers (UK)


Craig Charles (BBC Radio 2, UK & BBC 6Music, UK)

Rita Maia (Resonance FM, UK)

Toshio Matsuura (InterFM, Tokyo, Japan)

Dave Bassin (Freefall Radio, KUSF, San Francisco, USA)

Mike Shea (Kane FM, UK)

Dr. Best (Radio Z, Germany)

Double K (, CUIT 89.5FM, Toronto, Canada)

Mans Stromberg (Radio Helsinki, Finland)

DJ Linos (Republic 100.3, Greece)