We’re so proud, honoured and happy––but not surprised––to see that Paper Tiger’s Laptop Suntan made Red Bull’s essential records from the glorious contemporary UK jazz scene. Originally released in 2013, Laptop Suntan was Joe Muggs’ pick––big love to you sir!

Listening to Paper Tiger’s records, at first, you could be forgiven for thinking they’ve primarily come out of a computer and sampler. The group, from Walsall via Leeds, are very much in the post-Flying Lotus “beat scene” tradition of psychedelic hip-hop, and the inclusion of UK and US rap and grime voices only amplifies the sense that these are beats first. But then you’ll start to notice how the horn section is locked into the bleeps and swooshes, and that half the time you’re not listening to a breakbeat cutup, but a drummer perfectly replicating a junglist or hip-hop beat scientist – and that’s when the dawning realisation comes that yes, you’re listening to a jazz record.


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