This is the Scrimshire See An Enemy remix of Feist’s Sealion, put together back in March. Chopping out all the guitar bits and taking it on a journey to somewhere heavier and altogether darker. We’ve had a lot of requests for it so we’re making it freely available. Hope you enjoy it.

Download your copy and enjoy.


“GREAT , been playin the SUMO mix for a while , now this is cool !!” Michael Ruetten, Compost Radio (Germany)

“Nice one amigo!!” Borja, Lovemonk Records (Spain)

“Just wanted to say this Scrimshire track is excellent, understated but heavy…..will be testing this out at Festinho this weekend!” Flevans, Tru Thoughts (UK)

“The synths and changes are dope! Will support here in Montreal.” Moonstarr, PTR Recordings (Canada)

“Will work well on the floor..gonna give it a play this weekend for sure!” Gerd, 4-Lux (Holland)

“Can REALLY get into this…” Mike Stukes, Mystic Vybes, WHCR 90.3 FM (USA)

“Inspired work Adam – this will be massive – GET IT OUT THERE!” Robert Strauss, Freerange/BBE (UK)

“Nice one ! Will def. be played at Calamari Moon Suite !” Ralf Zitzmann, Agogo Records (Germany)

“Meaty, beaty, big and bouncy. Nice one Scrimmy!” Richard E, Further Out (USA)

“Very nice tunage indeed, will be B’ussssssin down at Groove Sanctuary, one for the House Dance crew indeed!” Jimbo Robbins AKA Raw Deal, Groove Sanctuary (UK)

“WICKED!! Looking forward to giving this a little bank holiday airing!” Ross Wakefield, Part-Time Heroes (UK)

“Ooh what a classic! Really great new version.” Markus Milz, Further In Fusion (Germany)

“I love it! Deep, yet upbeat with some techy synths in there at the end. Will be dropping it this Sunday at Green Man.” John Hendicott, OneTaste (UK)

“Great rework. Will play this out for sure!” Angel Mishev, Groovy Sessions (Bulgaria)

"This is B-A-D!!! Will definitely play on the dancefloors and lounges alike." Frank Siccardi, Irma Records (Italy)

“Wicked. I love the voice. Great work from Scrimshire!” Jazzamar, Nutropic (France)

“A nice little production, I particularly like the vocal and instrumental breakdown toward the end.” DJ Kappa, Brighton (UK)

“Love that this is being sent out finally, wicked track from Adam and has been getting a serious bashing on my live sets, everyone seems to be asking about it and I know its gonna be a winner at this years Electric Picnic festival.” King Tee (Ireland)

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