At the very tail end of last year, rather than wait hopefully for you to send us a Christmas present we pretty much went and got ourselves one. Our Christmas present took the form of signing one of our favourite new artists; Bev Lee Harling.

Bev Lee came to our attention over the last 18 months for not only her amazing melodic songwriting but also her quirky live performance.

It’s not unusual to see a cheese grater, carrot, knife, pot, pan and quite literally the kitchen sink alongside the usual guitar and drums on stage at one of Bev’s gigs. But that doesn’t hide the true quality of these beautifully crafted pop songs that bring you flavours of folk, soul, blues, latin and electronic music in a genuinely uplifting show.

2012 will see Wah Wah release at least 2 singles and Bev’s full length debut which I can promise you is going to be one of the musical highlights of the year.

Check out this taster video from Bev and bookmark her new Wah Wah 45s page as there is many a treat to come in the coming months.

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