Interview and live acoustic tracks from Tanya Auclair and Yult

This is a beautiful discussion with Tanya about her musical and family roots, about the music she makes and where she is now. The podcast includes three stunning live performances that you HAVE to hear. You can also delve into her influences a bit.

After that – as if that wasn’t enough – this special double header goes on to involve producer Yult!

A really special edition of Conversations – listen now!

Tanya Auclair – Closer (CDR)
Tanya Auclair – Plain Trails (live in session)
Tanya Auclair – Unknown (CDR)
The Staple Singers – Uncloudy Day (Vee-Jay)
Tanya Auclair – Thrum (live in session)
Tanya Auclair – Tight Little Fingers (CDR)
Tanya Auclair – Yank My Chain (live in session)
Yult feat. Tanya Auclair -151.600 (CDR)
Yult feat. Tanya Auclair – Inland Empire (CDR)
Yult Coldmaine feat. Tanya Auclair – Blooming (Yult)
Can – Vitamin C (United Artists)
Yult feat. Tanya Auclair – The Thin Line (CDR)

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