Interview with Mark Webster

“Journalist, Broadcaster and DJ; Mark Webster, is a hero”

So says a facebook group dedicated to the man. Listen here to a one-hour interview with Mark Webster covering all manner of music old and new:

Miami – kill that roach (jay boy)
Idris Muhammad – could heaven ever be like this (kudu)
Ray munnings – jump in the water (tammi)
Cannonball adderley – del sasser (riverside)
Galliano – golden flower feat. omar (talkin’ loud)
Alive – skindo lele (alive!)
Willie bobo – coming over me (cbs)
Eight mile road – life is a traffic jam (death row)
Super all-star – ban con tim (caiman)
Gerardo frisina – cubano (schema)
Lingua franca – work or play (breakin’ bread)

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