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Part 1

Eden Ahbez & John Harris – Overcomers Of The World

Dollar Brand – Ishmael

Spirit – The Other Song

Matthew Larkin Cassell – Ecoutez Moi

Tony Esposito – Hum Allah, Hum Allah, Hum Allah

Balimaya Project – Seasons Of Baraka

Quintaessencia – Serrado

Christine Chartrand – Les Gars

Claudette et ti Pierre – Zanmi Camarade

Guem et Zaka Percussion – Le Serpent

Part 2

The Elephant – Do What You Love

Bro Valentino – Stay Up Zimbabwe

Marker Sterling – Diamond Violence

The Blues Project – Flute Thing

Patsy Gallant – Psychedelic Party

The Legendary Beyons – Let’s Talk About Love

Bergendy Group – That’s What I Am And That’s What You Are For Me

The Cyrkle – The Visit (She Was Here)

Anne-Marie Giortz Band – The Tigers Of Pain

Lee Tracy & Isaac Manning – Jesus Going To Clean House

Harry Case – Ride ‘Em Off

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley – Round Midnite

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