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1st Hour


Album of the Week – Round Nina

Ben L’Oncle Soul – Feeling Good (Verve)

Renegades of Jazz – Haunting The North (Agogo)

Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue (AOTN)

J-Felix – Lady T (Tru Thoughts)

Umoja – Beatucada (De Gulden Snede)

Jane Weaver – Don’t Take My Soul (Finders Keepers)

Kwabs – Perfect Ruin (Telemachus Remix) (YNR)

Keenya – Bleached (Hush Hush Records)

Snowpoet – Alive with Closed Eyes (White)

Brook Benton – Soft (Olde World)

Joe Cocker – Woman to Woman (Cube)

Dr. Feelgood – My Baby got to Have it (Remix) (De Gulden Snede)

Amerigo Gazaway – Still Ego Trippin (Fela Soul)

D’Angelo – Sugah Daddy (RCA)

2nd Hour


Album of the Week – Round Nina

Gregory Porter – Black is the Colour of my True Love’s Hair (Verve)

Majamisty Trio – Careless Moment (Cosmic Sounds)

Ronnie Scott Trio – Sombrero Sam (RCA)

Russo Passapusso – Babao Miloque (Ouca Mais)

Izem – Water feat. Segun Akano (De Gulden Snede)

Collocutor – Archaic Morning (BRXTN FNK Remix) (On The Corner)

Mo Kolours – People Humble (Road Kill)

Album of the Week – Round Nina

Keziah Jones – Sinnerman (Verve)

Roller Trio – Reef Knot (LSRC)

Logistics – Version (Hospitality)

Nick Hook – Jaco feat. Todd Edwards & Kilo Kish (Collage)

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