Listen again here!

1st Hour


IGBO – Entrance Theme (Free DL)

Paper Tiger – Gundam Bling (Sam Redmore Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)

Dorian Concept – Ann River, Mn (Ninja Tune)

Madlib – Cue 6 (Stones Throw)

Paul White – Where You Gonna Go? (One Handed)

Mammal Hands – Inuit Party (Gondwana)

Hareton Salvanini – KM110 (Mr Bongo)

Suzy Codogan – Do It Baby (Clocktower)

Onyljoe – Hold Me (Version) (Unit 137)

Sara Mitra – In The Pines (Impossible Ark)

Carole Bennett – He’s Coming Home (Popcorn)

The Revels – Church Key feat. Barbara Adkins (Impact)

The Furys – Dolow (Cedar)

Big Maybelle – I’ve Got a Feeling (Outta Sight)

Debilorithmicos – La Nuit (Molts)

Homeboy Sandman – Stroll (Stones Throw)

Hidden Orchestra – Dust (Tru Thoughts)

2nd Hour


Nuyorikan Soul – I Am The Black Gold of the Sun (4-Hero Remix) (Talkin’ Loud)

Bonobo – Terrapin (Paul SG Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Adam F – Circles (F-James / Positiva)

WrongTom Meets Deemas J – Jump + Move + Rock (Wickaman Remix) (Tru Thoughts)

Esnard Boisdur Vs Frankie Francis & Simbad – Soufwans (3am Mix) (Soundway)

Afro National – Tollon Tollon (Makossa)

Fela Kuti – Shuffering & Shmiling (Kalakuta)

Beck – Tropicalia (Bong Load)

The Bees – A Minha Menina (Wall of Sound)

Clarice Labbe – No Other Love But You (JMT)