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1st Hour


Gary Bartz – I’ve Known Rivers (Prestige)

Nicola Conte – All Praises To Allah (Universal)

Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra – Voodoo (Soundway)

The Supremes – Stormy (Rossoulano Edit) (Kat)

Platinum Hook – Gotta Find A Woman (Motown)

The Moore Brothers – I Want To Marry You (BBE)

Marvin Holmes & The Uptights – Don’t Be Afraid (Uni)

Amy Winehouse – Take The Box (Universal)

Femi Kuti – You Better Ask Yourself (Jazzy Gentle Remix)

Leftside Wobble Edits – Aint No Love Lost (Cosmic Boogie)

Onur Engin – Rain Forest (OE Edits)

2nd Hour

Malachi Trout (Skyline Records) in the studio


Flying Fish – A Name With No Horse (Skyline Recordings)

Flying Fish – Sing it Loud (Skyline Recordings)

Delicious All-Stars – Afro Latino (Skyline Recordings)

Delicious All-Stars – Gritweed (Skyline Recordings)

Funkyshone – Aberlady Fry (Skyline Recordings)

Funkyshone – Purification Part II (Skyline Recordings)

Flying Fish – Mr Matatwe (Keep It Up) (Skyline Recordings)

Jay Large – “The Blend” Remix (Skyline Recordings)

Soundside – In A Flash (Skyline Recordings)

Flying Fish – If I Could Fly (Skyline Recordings)

Leah – Oh My Days  (Skyline Recordings)

Tommy McGee – Now that I Have You (TMC Records)

Bill – Space Lady (DB Productions)

9th Creation Superheroes – Much Too Much (Hilton Records)

Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Female Vocal // Larry Levan Remix)  (West End)

3rd Hour

Malachi cont.

Linda Tillery – Markin’ Time (Olivia Records)

Vickie Anderson – In the Land of Milk of Honey (Brownstone)

Mickey and His Mice – Much Right Man (SAMAR)

The Jaguars – Crazy Thing (Cap City)

Bill Guy & The Odds on Ends – Here ‘Tis (Sew City)

Dynamic Concept – LA DA DA (Power Exchange)

Eddie Bo – Getting to The Middle Part II (Instrumental) (Bo Sounds)

The Count & Sinden – After Dark (The Counts Afterdub Mix) (Domino)


Mathias Stubo – I Never Know (BBE)

Landslide – Nothing More (Round The Houses)

Recloose – Parquet (Rush Hour)

Colman Brothers – The Chief (Wah Wah 45s)

The Detroit Urban Gardening Ensemble – Take Root (Out Hear Audio)

Electric Brother – Kere Kere feat. Punct 8 (Electric Brother)

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