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1st Hour


Hackney Colliery Band – Prodigy Medley (Wah Wah 45s)

Dobie – Hustle With Speed (Big Dada)

Sam LRL – Oh Mother (Jazz & Milk)

Casbah 73 – I’m Feeling Lucky! Feat. Andy Docherty (Lovemonk)

George Benson – The World Is A Ghetto (Sunho Re-edit) (G.A.M.M.)

Johnny Mathis & Chic – I Love My Lady (Ashley Beedle’s Black Bahia Version) (Modern Artifacts)

Gideon Conn in the studio and in session

Gideon Conn – Wildfire (New Bop Sounds)

Gideon Conn – Evaline (Tantrum)

Gideon Conn – Mighty Lightning (New Bop Sounds)

Gideon Conn – Fall under Tokyo (Live)

Gideon Conn – Colours (Feat. Josephine) (Tantrum)

Gideon Conn – Inside (New Bop Sounds)

2nd Hour

Gideon Conn – Stand Alone (Live)

Goldie – State Of Mind (MetalHeadz)

Hollie Cook – Shadow Kissing  (Mr Bongo)

Gideon Conn – Day and Night (Live)

Jackie Wilson – Since You Showed Me (MCA)

Donald Fagen  – New Frontier (Warner Bros)

Gideon Conn – Take It All (Tantrum)

Part-Time Heroes – Done (Throwing Snow Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)

AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire in conversation

AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire – I’ll never forget you (Moringa Tunes)

AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire – Your latest status update Feat. Afrikan Boy (Moringa Tunes)

Batida – Yumbala (AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire remix) (Soundway)

AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire – Good Luck Always Follows you (Moringa Tunes)

3rd Hour

London Afrobeat Collective in conversation and live in session

London Afrobeat Collective  – Lagos Junction (Il Aya)

London Afrobeat Collective – Agbajo Owo Feat. Deli Sosimi (Il Aya)

London Afrobeat Collective – Occupy (Unreleased exclusive)

London Afrobeat Collective – Start Am (Il Aya)

Jed & Lucia – It’s A Wonder (Ubiquity)

Allsopp, Vosloo, Stanley, Gilles – Chelsea Bridge (Impossible Ark)

Eugene McDaniels – Jagger The Dagger (Atlantic)

Eugene McDanields – Cherrystones (Atlantic)

Jeb Loy Nichols – Disappointment (Decca)

Corey Braverman – Right Now (Phantom)

Teddy Pendergrass – The More I Get, The More I Want (PIR)

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