Unherd radio show no. 61 08/03/10

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Ist hour


Mark pritchard – heavy as stone (deep medi muzik)

Blue daisy & shuanice – bushfire baby (cdr)

Fiest – seeline woman (feisty dub) (cdr)

Christy essien – you can’t change a man (bbe)

Kings go forth – don’t take my shadow (tom moulton mix) (luka bop)

The revenge – looking up to you (white)

3 titans – college (dunham)

lotek – control, alt, delete (first word)

Jamie lidell – a little bit of feel good (dorian concept mix) (white)

Tranquill – chips & cheese (one-handed)

Suff daddy & fleur earth – wasichloswerdenwolte (melting pot)

Joyce & donato – feminina (far out)

Sunlight square latin combo – I believe in miracles (inst) (sunlight square)

Billy love – can’t keep running away (sound signature)

2nd hour

polarbear in the studio


polarbear – Alexander the grape (part 1) (onetaste)

john hendicott & polarbear – fingers (cdr)

polarbear – gorilla please (live)

polarbear – repeat (cdr)

john hendicott & polarbear – born bear (cdr)

Lsk – hate or love (sony)

Family stand – ghetto heaven (perfecto)

Jhest – alcoholic author (ynr)

Desmond decker & the aces – 007 (beverly)

Polarbear – an excerpt from return (live)

MF doom – con carne (fondle em)

Kutchi – falling in love (white)

3rd hour


Half seas over – into the night (brownswood)

Margie joseph – one more chance (bbe)

Harrison kennedy – Sunday morning people (invictus)

The whitefield brothers – sad nile / sem yelesh (now-again)

Patsy gallant – psychedelic party (l’initiation)

Joe thomas – polarizer (tk)

Brian auger’s oblivion express – straight ahead (rca)

Sarah vaughn – the mystery of man (rapson remix) (white)

Andreya triana – lost where I belong (flying lotus remix) (ninja tune)

The raah project – will you be there (alex patchwork remix) (summer dawn)

The last electro-acoustic space jazz and percussion ensemble – derf (stone’s throw)

Ted curson – quicksand (atlantic)

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