Dom brings you plenty of sunshine rhythms this time round. Enjoy!

Nomade Orquestra – Intro / Jardins de Zaire (Far Out)
Loos Leaf – Green Eyed Stare (Loos Leaf)
Bottle Tree – Open Secret (International Anthem)
M’Bamina – Mosi Zole (EVM128 Edit Overdub) (Africa Seven)
Chiwoniso – Gomo (Cumbanacha)
Soothsayers – Roll River Roll (Wah Wah 45s)
Rite Sound Productions – You Have Forsaken Me (Rite Sound)
Compro Oro – Ababa Boogie (W.E.R.F.)
Emanative – Ominous Shanti (Emanative)
Il Est Villaine – Yama Yama (Bahnsteig)
Earthboogie – Mr Mystery (Leng)
Noface – Young Larry (White)
Enzyme Black – Oh My Dayz (Enzyme Black Recordings)

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