The Colman Brothers return, inspired once more by Dizzy Gillespie and the
Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass. ‘Another Brother’ is a continuation of
the ‘El Niño’ sound with the muted trumpet leading the way in amongst the big horn
backing and Latin rhythms. Ruth Hammond features here once again with her soulful
Rhodes playing, all backed up by some heavy beats from drummer Scott Hammond.
The Remix was inspired by the soundtrack sounds of Lalo Schifrin, Roy Budd and Bill

Possibly their finest work since their first release, the feisty “Another Brother”
is sure to set dance floors alight this autumn, has already received Radio 1 play from
Gilles Peterson, and heralds the brothers’ debut long player, arriving on Wah Wah 45s
early 2011!

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Reactions so far

Radio play from:

  • Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1)
  • Craig Charles (BBC Radio 6)
  • Josef Sedlon (Radio 1, Cz)
  • Rob Luis (Tru Thoughts)
  • Markus Milz (Further In Fusion)
  • DJ Jazzmate (Radio B92, Belgrade)
  • Phil Levene ( / Starpoint Radio)
  • Kev Beadle (Solar Radio)
  • Menno Jager (Sound Of Swound)
  • Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz Radio)

“This is fantastic! Best Wahwah 7 in 2010 so far! Will play at the radio and clubwise a lot!” DJ Jazzmate (Belgrade)

“Love the new Coleman Bothers track…old school latin-jazz fire!” DJ Mad Mats (Raw Fsuion, Sweden)

“Another fantastic track! Love the big band original – cannot wait for the album.” DJ Adrian Gibson (Freestyle)

“You know I love that track.  Pure class,  a dance floor.  Fits perfectly between balkan drum and bass and Argentinean 8-bit.” Russ Jones (Hackney Globetrotter)

“Words cannot describe how much I like this!! If only more people sounded like The Colman Brothers the world would be a much better place! This goes straight on the show on Saturday! As soon as you get the album can you let us have a sneak preview!!!! Simon Hodge (Producer, Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show)

“Heavy, heavy, HEAVY!!” Ross Wakefield (Part-Time Heroes)

“Ggggrrrrrreat!  Nice.Loving the classic Jazz sounds, quality musicianship and production.Will spin out in my Disco Jockey land adventures.” Raw Deal (Groove Sanctuary)

“The original version has got me going…..” Mike Stukes  (Mystic Vybes, WHCR 90.3 FM, USA)

“Great tunes. Like the remix most.” Snorre Seim (Butti 49, Norway)

“Well it certainly doesn’t disappoint. I was strongly leaning towards side A instinctively to start with but I’m starting to feel the b-side now! That’s a really tasty orchestral groove. Sounds like Portishead on amphetamines. Really edgy and definitely a little foreboding. (I absolutely refuse to use the word cinematic!) Can’t wait to hear that loud!  Going back to Side A though I absolutely love the horns on this.  Vaery very nice production all round really.  At this rate these guys will soon be challenging The Five Corners Quintet for the modern heavyweight jazz belt.” DJ Griff (Jelly Jazz)

“Love this as I do all their stuff. Album??” DJ Simon S (Futuristica)

“Superb jazz dance tune. Makes me swing, shake and spin. Big up!” Koichi Sakai (Passing Clouds)

“Oooh yes. That is music why I am still seeking. Quite sure we will give support next week.” M.Path.IQ (Germany)

“Wow, love this Dom, it has been a little while since I have had a good jazz dancefloor filler. Like both versions but prefer the original over the remix…just more going on for me!” DJ Kappa (Brighton)

“Wicked, wicked jazz dance. I love it, very fresh bro!” Jazzamar (Jazzmin Records, France)

“Once again the Colman brothers gives us a stunning recording, I just wish the remix version was 8 minutes, couldn’t get enough! That’s the beauty with the Wah Wah releases in order to maintain good quality.” DJ Georgios Paroglou (Greece)

“Outstanding song !!! 5 stars !!!” Markus (Further In Fusion).

“Another burner from Bros Colman. genuine quality – can’t wait for the long player.” Sammy Goulbourne (The Other Side Radio Show, Birmingham)

“Heavy & Gorgeous! Both versions!” Aaron (Bastard Jazz, NYC)

“Very nice release ! My pick is the Big Band version.” Ralf Zitzmann (Agogo Records, Germany)

Love the original! In perfect Colman’s style, will play in all my lounge sets as I did (and still do quite often) with El Nino” Frank Siccardi (IRMA)

When I first heard Another Brother I had an strange feeling that Art Blakey and Dizzy had risen from the grave for one last jam. Killer track !” Phil Levene (Eclectic / Starpoint Radio)

“Loving this track and was a big winner at my set at the Cork Jazz Festival over the weekend. Have spun the remix several times on the show and loving it, – Did I hear correctly that they are due to drop a full album soon?” King Tee (Elbow Rooms, Ireland)

3 thoughts on “COLMAN BROTHERS / ANOTHER BROTHER :: Explosive dancefloor jazz from the brothers!

  1. Nick Gray says:

    Superb! Sounds like Dizzy’s Big Band going Brazilian rather than Afro-Cuban! BIG swing. I’m going to buy a copy now for my next Emancipation Show, in fact.

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