It’s here! Two of the finest jazz musicians in the country produce an album of exceptional craft and quality, that will not only make you NEED to get up and dance but can also deliver emotional punches that will leave you laid out in a beautiful daze!

This is the latin influenced jazz soundtrack to the greatest 60s movie they never made! We still can’t get over how special this album is at Wah Wah Towers!

Inspired as always by 60’s and 70’s jazz and samba, typical of legends such as Freddie Hubbard & Horace Silver, and groups like Peter Herbolzheimer’s Rhythm Combination & Brass, the Colman Brothers’ eponymous debut combines the influences of this golden age with their own deft production skills, and a little vocal assistance from Colman sister, Sara.

The opening track, “Mr. DG” is a fitting tribute to Dizzy Gillespie himself, and the latin flavoured “Momo” a quirky little number that’s sure to raise a smile or two; whereas the rather more ominous cut “The Chief” brings to mind 70’s spy soundtracks, and the sultry “Some Other Wonder” (featuring Sara Colman on vocals) and “On A Better Day” are stirring moody late night beauties. Then there are the trademark Colman dance floor monsters too of course, in the shape of “Sem Amor”, “El Nino” and its younger sibling “Another Brother”, plus some forward thinking remix work courtesy of the boys themselves of the latter, and the classic single “She Who Dares”. A heavyweight album we’re sure you’ll agree!

“I like everything the Colman Brothers do!” Gilles Peterson (Radio 1)

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“Great vibes and deep jazz sounds. A very happening group and a beautiful album.” Nicola Conte (Bari, Italy)

“‘Jazz trumpeter Andrew and trombonist brother Mat (guest vocalist Sara is their sister) head a tightly-grooving, hi-energy ensemble drawing from old soul jazz, Nicola Conte style Brazilian, exotic latin and loungey 60’s crime jazz” Jazzwise Magazine (August 2011)

“The Colman Brothers consist of brothers Mat [trombone] and Andrew [trumpet]. This, their debut recorded for the Wah Wah label, is a delightful selection of Latin Jazz. From the engaging opener Mr DG, which is a tribute to Dizzy Gillespie, this self-titled set hits a high tempo and a higher standard. The shuffling bossa is a gorgeous shifting groove with flute, trombone and trumpet lead. Another Brother ups the tempo further and has an Italian jazz dance feel. Sem Amor is a gloriously robust jazz dancer, replete with female vocal. The jazzy The Chief is built on a heavy acoustic bass and haunting horn line. Talking of which, the horn line from She Who Dares is the stuff that movie themes are made of, whereas El Nino has a quirky charm about it that is intoxicating. Throughout the playing is exquisite and the music tuneful, and the grooves are of the highest order.” Echoes Magazine (Album of the Month)

Colman Brothers interview for Venue magazine

“Love it; played a track in my latest show… Great music!” DJ Lefto (Holland)

“Still one of the best UK jazz albums this year” Jazz Fm, Peter Young Show 30/7/11

“This is hot and original jazz dance stuff which is getting rarer and rarer these days. Big up Wah Wah 45s for keeping it up! Mr. DG is a killer. The whole album sounds great!” Michael Ruetten (Compost Records, Germany)

Paris DJs Review

“Good album. Will be featured over the next few months.” Peter Young (Jazz FM)

“Fricking amazing! Absolutely love it. Big Up!” DJ Shepdog (Nice Up!)

“I really really like the Colman Brothers album; it’s simply a wonderful contemporary jazz album! Will support on my radio show and dj sets for sure!” DJ Makala (Lovemonk, Spain)

“I’ve been familiar with the Colman Brothers since their excellent El Nino 45 from a year or so back, so I was delighted to receive this, their debut album. It doesn’t disappoint. The style is mainly live musicians playing over sampled grooves – in this case, mainly 60’s Bossa & Samba, and it works well. I’d gotten bored of that much-copied recent fashion of the Italian Jazz Latin Quartet with club beats under it – type Jazz Dance, but this sounds very fresh indeed. The samples have been used intelligently and the playing is fantastic. I’m sure this is going to do very well, and at least on the dancefloors of the more intelligent left-field clubs.” Snowboy (Blues & Soul)

“‘She Who Dares’ and ‘El Nino’ are the killa cuts i’ll be playing out. Superb album all round, its definitely gonna get a lot of play this summer!” Pimpernel Jones (Herma Puma, First Word Records)

“After a handful of genuinely amazing 45’s, The Colman Brothers LP has been a much anticipated release here at Jelly towers. The expectation has been high, and even before hearing it I kind of knew that this would be one of the most artistically complete things Wah Wah has ever put out, I wasn’t wrong!

Mat (trombone) and Andrew (trumpet/flugelhorn) with sister Sara on vocals have created simply stunning straight-up-jazz for the dancefloor album, it brings tough bossa rhythms on cuts like ‘Mr. DG’, the blazing ‘Another Brother’ and ‘Sem Amor’, alongside the more chilled late night flavours of ‘Momo’ and ‘The Chief’, and doing so have produced a beautifully constructed album that pays homage, musically and visually, to labels like Atlantic, Prestige and Riverside. This one is for fans of quality music, peroid. Fans of Nostalgia 77 and the like,this is your bag for sure. Big props to Animisiewasz from Poland too for a gorgeous bit of sleeve design!” Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz)

“Colman Brothers rocks, including also nice tunes I have not heard before, great! Fine artwork and package, too!” Vesa Yli-Pelkonen / Wahoo! DJs Helsinki

“Thanks so much for this one, i was waiting so long on this debut album that i can tell you…This stuff is simply astonishing, i love the up tempo bossa groovers and brass work on the songs.. really great musicians and great arrangers..this albums will make my summer shine all the way thru..tnx again and keep alive your amazing work..full suport!” DJ Niksa (Radio Eurostar 101.7 fm – umag, Croatia)

“It feels there could be no better title for this album.It is a statement,a powerful document of the journey of a brother’s band who are intent on telling their own story.This music speaks out in volumes and the self titled “Colman Brothers” album will surely get everyone talking!” DJ Savvas, Sprawl Zone Radio (Greece)

“Many, many thanks for sending over the Colman Brothers album! I love it!!! I’m a bit of a fan so I have some of the tracks already, but the rest of the album is well worth the attention.” Ginger Tony (Solar Radio)

“Heavy heavy music from Colman Brothers. They just made that dance floor jazz feeling fresh again. I’m still playing the Rhythm & Brass remix of ‘Sem Amor’ so I can’t wait to get close to this pile of new tunes. The ‘Another Brother’ remix is sounding really special. Can’t wait to turn it up. Fergus Murphy (Lights Down Low, RBMA Radio,, Denmark)

“I like everything the Marx Brothers did and the Colman Brothers have some hot tunes! ; •)” Rogall (Perfect Toy / Sonar Kollektiv, Berlin, Germany)

“Enjoyed this from start to finish, incredible jazz album and already one of the albums of the year as far as I’m concerned. Have featured tracks from it on the last 3 shows and can’t settle on a favorite which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.” King Tee, The Audio Sunshine Show, RTE Pulse / 2fm (Ireland)

“This is SWEET from beginning to end!” Chris Greenwood (Stop Making Sense festival / Favela Chic)

“Wow! Looking forward to this!” Phil Jones (Polish Jazz Radio, Warsaw)

“Great album !” Ralf Zitzmann (Agogo Records, Germany)

“This is truly a unique masterpiece” DJ Somatic Soon (Belgium)

“One of my favourite albums on Wah Wah 45s so far.” Santiago Tadeo Cervera (Acid Jazz Hispano, Spain)

“Beautiful album! I think I just fell in love with the Colman Brothers!” Markus Milz (Further In Fusion)

“The album is a winner. Love it!” DJ Georgios Paraglou (Greece)

“I just love it!” DJ Kwak

“My favorite jazz dance band with a full album, wow what a surprise!!!  All killer, no filler, for sure. One of my top albums for 2011 and the future.” DJ Robert Lochmann (Jazzmadass Radio Show, Radio X, Frankfurt, Germany)

Radio play from Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1), Craig Charles (BBC 6Music), Peter Young & Jeff Young (Jazz FM),, Kev Beadle (Solar Radio), Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz Radio, Phonic FM – featured album), Russ Jones (HGT Radio), Josef Sedlon (Radio 1, Cz), Michael Ruetten (Compost Radio Show), RBMA Radio, 88.4FM (Berlin), Radio X (Frankfurt), Peddlin’ Jazz with DJ Chicken George (Austin, Texas),, The Goods Radio Show (Montreal, Canada), RTE Pulse/2FM (Ireland), Eclectic Jazz, Starpoint Radio (UK), Eclectic Lounge (Back2Back FM, UK)

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