Having been consistently one of our most popular outfits over the last three years or so with their infectious dance floor latin/jazz releases, the Colman brothers finally allowed us to reinterpret a couple of their finest moments and release them on limited fat wax!

The first single, and now classic, El Nino gets the rough bass bending samba treatment from NYCT head honchos and New Yorks finest, The Greenwood Rhythm Coalition, who also spoil us with some very handy Bonus Beats in the bargain too!

On the flip, our producer de jour, the mighty Scrimshire, comes through with a club friendly and very tasteful reworking of the latest Colman offering, Sem Amor, featuring Colman sister Sara on vocals!



Colman Brothers / El Nino (GCR remix) contaminated dancefloor jazz with a thumpin’ bassline. Nice horns and by all means a wicked trumpet and a nice flow to it, just great!

Colman Brothers / Sem amor (Scrimshire) When you put together a nice latin groove, the Portuguese language, a beautiful female vocalist like Sara Colman, a mesmerizing trumpet and a summer sunset, the result is Sem Amor. This song is so GOOD!

Georgios Paroglou, Palov & Mishkin, Castablast, Athens, Greece

Both cracking remixes. Hard pushed to pick a fave, but I think the GRC just nicks it!! 8/10 Ross Wakefield (Part Time Heroes)

Niiiice! Absolutely love the two Colman Bros remixes. Will be playing both. The GRC mix is bang on and will definitely be played pretty much every week now for some time to come. I always loved the original Sem Amor but it’s difficult to drop on a non-jazz dance crowd as the tempo is so high. This Scrimshire version is a much more dance floor friendly groove. DJ Griff (Firefly, Rambunctious Social Club, Eden Project, Jelly Jazz, Plymouth & beyond)

Oh my gosh El Nino is wicked !! Absolutely feelin this one !!! Marcus Milz (Further In Fusion, Radio Corax, Germany)

Worth dipping in the tea! Top stuff. Playlisted. Phil Levene, Eclecticjazz.com

EL Nino is one of my all time favorites. And the versions are awesome too ! Angel Mishev, Sugar Club, Sofia, Bulgaria

Colman remixes are spot ON! Loving those and so will my listeners when play to them. Sammy Goulbourne, The Otherside Radio Show, Birmingham

Flip me, it has been a while since I have received a dancefloor banger! Thanks, I will be playing th GRC remix of El Nino this weekend. DJ Kappa (Brighton)

The Scrimshire rub of Sem Amor is a beauty! Greg Clifford, Son Of Soul

El Nino (GRC Remix) : I will support this on a future show. Good arrangement and beats. (8/10)

El Nino (GRC Bonus Beats) : Always nice to have (8/10)

Sem Amor (Scrimshire Remix) : Loving it! Perfect for my first half of my show, I will support this on my show. (8/10)

DJ Nelito

Nice one!, GRC remix is a really cool and groovy interpretation of original track, and the Bonus track is a dance killer! Full support. Enrique Domenech, Fusionova Records

Liking that GRC remix of Colman Bros christ child track, and so close to christmas too! Will be playing for sure. Paris, Groovescooter Records

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