The Part-Time Heroes sound has often been compared to scene defining stalwarts like Koop, Zero 7 and Portishead, with a uniquely refreshingly, wholesome and honest style, complete with live instrumentation, deep jazz roots, folky flourishes and organic, soul nourishing goodness.

Following on from the digital release of their Remixes album project in May, we have unleashed two of the finest and most popular reinterpretations on strictly limited 12 inch vinyl!! Bristol’s kings of stoned soul, Unforscene, deliver an ethereal dance floor rework of Angels Fly (featuring the spine tingling vocals of Jono McCleery) that comes in at just under an epic 8 minutes. On the flip, we give you a drum n bass monster from one half of the PTH duo (Ross Wakefield) showing us his dark side with a stunning junglist rework of the usually sultry Stop, Fade, Blur, featuring Laura Vane on vocals. Defikews Stop, Fade, Roll Remix is a tops off, arms in the air, sweat inducing ravers anthem!!

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