This October sees the return of singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ and erstwhile Wah Wah 45s label boss, Adam Scrimshire, with the debut offering to be taken from his second album “The Hollow”.

“Home” is a good place to start for this latest opus, representing as it does a trip back in time to the roots of this young man’s music, with a more contemporary electronic edge. Stunning harmonies come courtesy of our very own Faye Houston from dub reggae favourites Resonators, and bass worrying dance floor interpretations are taken care of by U.S. heavyweight Captain Planet and those young turks from Leeds, Paper Tiger. But if time is needed for reflection, look no further than Scrimshire’s own acoustic ‘re-version’, with the man himself laying his soul bare on vocal duties.

“The Hollow” will be released by Wah Wah 45s on November 21st.

See the new video for Home here:


REACTIONS (Leave yours below too)

“I love it!” Danny Krivit (disco legend, USA)

“Perhaps Scrimshire’s finest hour, ‘Home’ is a heart-wrenching voyage of discovery.” Jon Freer (

“Home is the perfect downtempo track. With its welcome hints of world sounds, it reminds of something you may hear on the Buddha Bar series.” Giant Step

“Home is perhaps Scrimshire’s finest tune to date. There’s an experimental edge in both the production and arrangement, however, it’s the songwriting that takes centre-stage, with Adam and Faye sharing writing credits. Defying facile classification, Home delivers a laid-back vibe with bite. It’s certainly not all fur coat and no knickers, with each spin leisurely unravelling the tune’s secrets, building its resonance.” Soulcuts

“Feeling the Captain Planet mix – nice !” Phil Levene (Global Soul / The Village, UK)

“nice one… i’m really feelin’ the paper tiger remix and the lovely acoustic re-version !!” Markus Milz (further in fusion)

“Captain Planet’s broken beat pearl remix, hurry  to test it!” Dj Laurel
Sounddiving group, Free Theatre Belarus

“Each of the tracks sounds interesting for me, but my favorites are Original Radio Edit, Captain Planet Remix, Acoustic Re-version” Dr.Best Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg/Germany

“Digging that Captain Planet remix.” Paris Pompor, Sydney Morning Herald, Groupie Mag, Pages Digital, 2SER 107.3, Eastside 89.7

“I like this one very much indeed, the Captain Planet remix is massive!!”
Georgios Paroglou

“The beautiful and magically produced blacktronic music by Scrimshire is back, good news!” Santiago Tadeo Cervera (, Spain)

“Reflective, soulful electronica…”

“YES!!! So happy to get this, all versions are great but been mysteriously pulled to the acoustic version. Now onto the album if you will thank-you kindly! ;o)” King Tee, Audio Sunshine, RTE

“Great single! From the remixes I love Captain Planet’s most. And of course I’ll play the tune at my radio show.” Soulmate, “45 RPM” radio show

“So far I’m really liking the Home (Acoustic Re-version) and I’ll be playing it on tonights show. I might also support the radio version on a future show.” DJ Nelito

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