Following on from her infectious and highly acclaimed debut, and the first remix album that dropped in late 2010, sublimely soulful vocalist Stac returns with fifteen more remixes from some of the UK’s finest and most exciting producers.On Volume Two of “The Remixes” you’ll find cutting edge beat-makers like Kidkanevil, Alex Patchwork, Blue Daisy and Yult, as well as more established names like First Word’s Herma Puma, Scottish producer Asthmatic Astronaut, Tru Thoughts artist Hint, and one of the UK’s most legendary names, Ashley Beedle.Also featured on this volume are the two very lucky winners of the remix competition we held on-line. London based duo Quirx, and Brighton outfit Ambassadeurs both deliver highly original and effective takes of Stac’s music, and we’re enormously pleased to feature such exciting young talent on this album!We love Stac – and we’re not the only ones….

“Sounds Like a young Minnie Ripperton” Mark Ronson

“An accomplished debut album. Stac’s intricate songwriting makes ‘Turn That Light Out’ an intriguing listen.” Barclaycard Mercury Prize Recommends

“That lady is tasty!” Alice Russell



“Liking the Yult remix alot!” Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1)

“Another great pack of remixes….new names as well!” Michael Ruetten (Compost Radio, Germany)

“The Hint Remix will get lots of plays on the Hudson!!!” Nicodemus (Turntables On The Hudson, NYC)

“Playing the Blue Daisy mix on my show tonight. That as well as the Kidkanevil mix are my 2 faves. As always for the continued service!” Jason Pulaski (Ubiquity, USA)

“Vol 2 delivering the goods and picking up where vol 1 left off. Great collection of reworks and winners here, Dunno what it is about Tip as a tune but seems thats the one I’m instantly drawn whenever I hear a new mix of it, and same goes for these, the Yult mix is crazy but the Hint mix is bigger than Centre Parks, wicked!” King Tee (Ireland)

“Strainger, Scrimshire remix soon in our radio show ! DJ Gas (, Italy)

“Feeling the Yult Submix. Dynamic movement in that track. And Hint is sweet too. Thanks again!” Fergus Murphy (Lights Down Low, RBMA,, Denmark)

“Really dope, soundscape blowing my mind…great remixes!!” DJ Laurel (Sound Diving, Minsk)
“After the Ashley Beedle surprise, it’s also been a pleasure to discover such interesting remixes as the ones created by Hint, Scrimshire or Quirx. Probably Turn That Light Out is the more and better remixed debut album in history”.
Santiago Tadeo Cervera (, Spain)
“MAAANNNN…these mixes put Stac OVER the top!” Mike Stukes,  Mystic Vybes,  WHCR 90.3 FM (NYC, USA)
“What a beautiful potpourri of genres & sounds, wow!” DJ Georgios Paroglou (Greece)
“Blue Daisy and Scrimshire did a brilliant job…full play !!! And not to forget the Mr. Blue Movies remix (winner of the remix competition) which blows me away !!! Markus Miltz (Further in Fusion, Germany)

Radio play from Josef Sedlon, (Czech), DJ Jazzmadass, Radio x, Frankfurt, HGT Radio,, We Are..On Air, Berlin (Yult Remix), Kev Beadle, Solar Radio, UK (Hint Remix) One Summer Radio, France & Jason Pulaski, Ubiquity, USA (Blue Daisy Remix)

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