The debut LP from politically charged Afrobeat supergroup Eparapo, from the mind of bass player Suman Joshi.


Wah Wah 45s are proud to present the full debut album from Afrobeat supergroup Eparapo. Having come together during the unprecedented events of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, and despite being a project born from the privations of lockdown, their music is ultimately an expression of hope, resilience & resurgence.

The word “eparapo” means “join forces” in Yoruba, the language of Afrobeat. It’s also the title of a track by the late, great Tony Allen – drummer for Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti and lifelong friend and mentor of our very own “Afrobeat Ambassador”, Dele Sosimi. Not only did Tony help to invent Afrobeat, he always looked for ways to push the boundaries, never content with recreating what had gone before but constantly expanding and developing the genre. This project hopes to pay homage to his legacy, and that of Fela Kuti himself. Its aim is to innovate, fuse and diversify while still retaining the essence of the music.

The force behind Eparapo is bassist, composer & producer Suman Joshi. He has been a member of Dele Sosimi’s Afrobeat Orchestra for nearly a decade and has performed on stage with the likes of Tony Allen, Seun Kuti, Ginger Baker & Laura Mvula. He is also bassist with UK jazz ensemble Collocutor and fusion project Cubafrobeat.

“The Eparapo project was conceived during a time of lockdowns & government scandals. The music that makes up this album was written and recorded against a backdrop of societal upheaval, culture wars and rising wealth inequality. With little scrutiny or resistance from the mainstream media, our human and democratic rights were being eroded and our institutions debased. Even our right to protest is now under threat. This is a call to action, an expression of frustration & anger at what our nation has become. It’s saying that enough is enough, it’s time to join forces and make our voices heard. It’s time to take to the streets.” Suman Joshi

The title track is an epic eleven minute musical representation of this frustration and anger, where the musicians really let loose and allow their voices to be heard. As the only instrumental track on the album it acts as a call to action that is central to this body of work. Featured vocalists on the album are Fela Kuti disciple and Wah Wah 45s artist Dele Sosimi, who appears on the singles Black Lives Matter, From London To Lagos and Who Invented Back & White? as well as a more recent recording, Follow The Money; and London based, Ghanaian born master percussionist and vocalist Afla Sackey, who takes lead vocals on the mournful yet somehow hopeful Beautiful City.

The rest of the group comprises of highly rated UK jazz vocalist Sahra Gure; saxophonist, composer, producer and bandleader of the renowned forward thinking jazz outfit Collocutor, Tamar Osborn; keyboard player, producer and front man for Lokkhi Terra and Cubafrobeat, Kishon Khan; one of the UK’s finest and most in demand trumpeters, Graeme Flowers, who has played with Quincy Jones, Gregory Porter and many more; trombonist for Bellowhead and mainstay of Dele’s Afrobeat Orchestra, Justin Thurgur; and finally drummer for Steamdown and Sons of Kemet, as well as the man behind the Nache project, Eddie Wakili Hick.

The album will be available digitally and limited edition vinyl LP, with striking artwork by our award winning designer Animisiewasz.

Reactions & Radio Play

Radio play from Huey Morgan (BBC 6 Music, UK), Deb Grant (New Music Fix, BBC 6 Music, UK), Robbie Vincent (Jazz FM, UK), Andrew Jervis (Bandcamp Weekly, USA), Mucho Soul (Totally Wired Radio, UK), Tamar Osborn (Soho Radio, UK), Aja Allsop (Ketch-A-Vibe, UK), The Pressure Drop Show (Radio Gold, UK), DJ Bunel (Yle Radio 1, Finland), Dave Bassin (Freefall Radio, USA), DJ Krzaku (Radio Kampus, Poland), Michael Stukes (Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM, USA), DJ Bunel (Yle Radio 1, Finland), Enrique Domenech (CKUT, USA)

“My Meat of the Week!” Huey Morgan (BBC 6 Music, UK)

“This is a serious track… Going to be playing more of that album.. another really good album… An album with a lot to say… very good!” Robbie Vincent (Jazz FM, UK)

“Something hopeful and resilient.” Andrew Jervis (Bandcamp Weekly, USA)

“A proper dope collection for the head and the feet.” Tony Minvielle (Jazz FM, UK)

“As a new Afrobeat band, London’s Eparapo takes several huge chances on their lengthier excursions. These veterans of playing with Tony Allen and Seun Kuti know how important that central “crossed” polyrhythmic figure is to creating space for further development. On the brassy opener “Follow The Money,” its William Onyeabor-ish groove hits its stride in the mellow portion allowing a blazing organ solo to really raise the temperature on this jam. However, it is the eleven-minute title cut that borrows some wild horn figures from the current London Jazz Underground, mixes them with some moody guitar chords, and somehow eases into a true Fela-esque potboiler. Even after several listens (which we must say, these cuts are purposely to get lost within) Eparapo does such a masterful job of controlling the ebb and flow, it always leaves you feeling like it still has not peaked yet.” Melomania.com (USA)

“I feel the mission of this music is to provide a call and response to the important message of life through music, as in the words “time to take to the streets”. We want to be able to get the message across as much as possible.” Dazzle Drums (Block Party, Japan)

“Great project and the artwork is gorgeous!” Quinton Scott (Strut Records, UK)

“Inspiring” Francesco Sarcina (Radio 1, Italy)

“Fantastic LP. Will definitely get some play from me.” Jason Palma (Higher Ground / Footprints, Toronto, Canada)

“Full on to the top.” Måns Strömberg (Radio Helsinki, Finland)

“Quality stuff!” Chris Knight (Kilburn Garden Party, Scotland)

“Ace album, wicked afro-beat vibes here. Oh, my man Animisiewasz did a great job with album cover too.” Marcin Harper (Czwórka Polskie Radio, Poland)

“I love it- great record!” DJ Angola (Wonderwheel, USA)

“Pure Fela legacy! Top sound.” Oliver Korthals (Mojo Club, Germany)

“Long live King Dele!” Chris Greenwood (Mi-Soul Radio, UK)

“Brilliant ! On air, a must!” Olgierd (Sofa Surfing, Poland)

“Excellent release!!!” Jamal Ahmad (Jazz 91.9FM, USA)

“Powerful and urgent, one for 2023 best of list for sure! Full radio support.” Tiago Santos (Radio Oxigenio, Portugal)

“Lovin’ this!!!” Mark Bailey (Radio Corax, Germany)

“Great this.” Jon Brent (Dusk Dubs, UK)

“Really a fantastic album – all tracks are right up my alley… Full support!” Sven Thomschke (Radio Z 95.8, Germany)

“Great work by Suman and Dele!” DJ Kobayashi (Batov Records / Soho Radio, UK)

“Nice one!” Eric Tchaikovsky (Night Light Radio, Ukraine)

“Excellent album packed with Afrobeat gems!” Steve Johns (Solar Radio, UK)

“Nice one!” Junior (Record Breakin’, USA)

“Loving this!” Nicole Finnerty (Flex FM, UK)

“There’s a massive fire going on and it’s burning down the house!” DJ Mr Lob (Various, Melbourne, Australia)

“Pure beauty!” Olivier Cavaller (De La Bonne Musique, France)

“Just love the whole vibe with My Beautiful City as stand out track.” DJ Abbo (Stomp Radio, UK)

“OOOF! Brilliant work from all involved. This is the toppest of top drawers :)” Steve KIW (1BTN, UK)

“Love it. Will put on rotation.” Chris Subtone (Mas Malo LA, USA)

“Riddims.. I played My Beautiful City at a festival recently, went down well.. Follow The Money is a forever message, who made fortunes off scaring people with the fake pandemic and harmful vaccines.. stay wise family, know yourself.” DJ Snuff (Universal Magnetic B Boy, UK)

“”Essentiel! Bigggggg!” Jean Marc Baehler (Couleur 3, Switzerland)

“Like it a lot. modern approach to afrobeat and afrojazz. what else to expect from a project like this!” Tobi Kirsch (Faze, Germany)

“Brilliant, what a great album.” Bob Hill (Illicit Grooves, UK)

“What a pleasure to find again Eparapo!” Veronique Prebolin (Radio Krim, France)

“Love this conection!!” Ivan Mera (Higher Club, Spain)

“YES to political music! We need more of that!!” Eliana Ben David (Various, Berlin, Germany)

“Great selection of tracks. Has great depth and range. Great instrumentation and musicianship across the EP Follow the money is for me the stand out track. Although the sax on Black lives matter sounds better every time I listen again.” DJ Expression (What’s Hot Radio, UK)

“Wonderful EP.” Tony Heynen (Global Riddims, Belgium)

“Cool!” Karsten John (Vinyl Vibes, Germany)

“Amazing Album!” Enrique Domenech (Freeform, Spain)

“Great project.” Robert Lochmann (Radio X, Germany)

“Nice!” Hector Pizarro (Vallee FM, France)

“I join forces by meditation.Great, sometimes hypnotic vibes. Hard to pick a fave as everything seems to have the right place.” Rene Josquin (Format Analog, Berlin, Germany)

“That’s the goooooood stuff I neeeeeed!” DJ Breakplus (Various, Switzerland)

“Absolutely LOVE this album!” Susanne Shwartz (Platinum Rye, UK)

“This is an absolute classic on first listen. Will be going with me wherever I DJ for some time I think.” Jamie Renton (Chilli Fried, UK)

“Def in my 2023 best album list!” Martijn Barkhuis (Jazzrdeville.com, Netherlands)

“That’s the stuff!” Mate (Radio Agora, Austria)

“Very well put together. Love these vibes.” Roshan Ram (Guestlist.net, UK)

“Pure quality.” Lorenzo Aldino (Jockey Club Ibiza, Spain)

“Uplifting stuff. Marvellous!” Dan Wesker (Detector FM, UK)

“Wicked album.. Beautiful one” Amar Kabouche (Fauve Radio, Hong Kong)

“Pretty good needs several hearings. Really like track 3.” Marky Mark Johnson (1BTN, UK)

“Excellent album.” Rado Tomek (Nu Spirit Club, Slovakia)

“Lovely stuff peeps full support!” DJ Cal Gibson (Various, UK)

“Nicely made.” Jan Hagenkoetter (Infracom!, Germany)

“A delight to your senses from start to finish.’ Aja Allsop (Ketch-A-Vibe, UK)

“Back to the old school….lovely!” Cal Gibson (Various, UK)

“Spectacular sounds.” Sista Selecta (2Bob Radio, Australia)

“BEAUTIFUL.” Mr Shiver (Various, UK)

“I have to say this one’s already in my LP collection. For me it’s up with the best from the year so far and we’ve heard some top sounds in ’23. Up here in York we’re lucky to have had Suman visit with Dele and band a couple of times in recent years. I heard, bought, loved Eparapo’s first recordings and managed to have a quick chat with Suman after one of Deli’s gigs here. Hoping Eparapo will visit soon. I’m DJing the main room for Newen Afrobeat’s return to York this week and looking forward to playing this to a crowded room.” Drummie Dave (Various, York, UK)

“Dele Sosimi’s “eparapo” with Eparapo means you’ve got a direct link between the Afrobeat supergroup, Tony Allen and Fela Kuti which gives this album a big power when it comes to tracks (the titles almost speaking for themselves being) ‘Follow The Money’. ‘Who Invented Black & White’, ‘From Londn To Lagos’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ (which all feature Dele); so much so, it’s the closest you’ll get to The Shrine this side of Abuja . Not forgetting Afla Sackey on the more chilled, ‘My Beautiful City’ and the band’s instrumental ‘Take To The Streets’, (Nearly 12 minutes of Afro-Centric Sons Of Kemet?) this is going to be so good on the limited vinyl release; if not, the digital release is equally essential.” Gerry Hectic (You And The Music, UK)


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