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Wah Wah 45s return to the 12″ format to bring you three incredible re-works from French disco don The Reflex, for our very own legendary Canadian/Haitian keyboard wiz Henri-Pierre Noel.

Funky Spider Dance is a percussion heavy bomb filled to the brim with Henri’s soaring piano licks and infectious female vocal hooks. The Reflex has taken what was already a sure-fire club favourite, and created something of a dance floor destroyer.

Dream Team

His rework of A Fifth of Beethoven takes its time to build into another heavy hitter. As the beats make way for Henri’s deft keyboard flourishes, the recognition of this cover of the Walter Murphy classic (taken from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack) begins to dawn – and as it does, it’s clear that once again the dream team of HPN and The Reflex have worked their magic!

Last, but certainly not least, The Reflex’s Revision of Back Home…; Sweet Home is a modern Island Funk masterpiece with organ and tropical guitar riffs making way for sunny brass stabs all underpinned by foot friendly beats.

The original versions of Funky Spider Dance and Back Home…; Sweet Home can be found on Henri’s One More Step LP, and his take of A Fifth of Beethoven was recently available on 7-inches of wax – all on Wah Wah 45s of course. The Reflex Revisions all appear here together on vinyl, in fact anywhere, for the very first time!


“Double groovy! Funky Spider Dance – I’d love to see that dance.” Craig Charles, BBC 6Music

“Oui Oui! C’est tres bien alors! Formidable!” DJ Gilla, First Word Records (United Kingdom)

“The Reflex delivers……again!” Kev Beadle, Solar Radio (United Kingdom)

“Killer dillers no fillers.” Chris Greenwood, Mi-Soul Radio, SOAS Radio, Bedroom Bar (United Kingdom)

“Especially liking Back Home… Sweet Home as a contender for us.” Bern Leckie, Chill Radio (United Kingdom)

“Top stuff.” Martin Read, Hailsham FM (United Kingdom)

“Great remixes…all of them.” Jan Hagenkötter, INFRACom! / jazznotjazz (Germany)

“That’s for me and my crew!!! I like The Reflex style so much.” Black Mighty Wax aka Cesare Cera, Radio Fujiko 103 / Radio Bologna Uno / Nu Lounge / Irma Fashion Radio (Italy)

“Big up as always. Nice revision of this amazing pianist. Thanks for the job Wah Wah crew!” Olivier Cavaller, www.delabonnemusique.fr / www.rinse.fr (France)

“The heavy hittin’ Haitian!  Thanks Wah Wah.” Derek Smith, KMHD Jazz Radio (United States)

“That Fifth of Beethoven remix is bleddy belter!” DJ Create, (United Kingdom)

“Kick it.” Dj Bunuel, Radio Helsinki, Radio YLE1 (Finland)

“Love Diskette (The Reflex Revision)!” Toshio Matsuura, TOKYO MOON InterFM897 (Japan)

“Great mixes. Perfectly beefed up for the dancefloor.” Jason Palma, Higher Ground Radio, Footprints, Play De Record (Canada)

“Love the rework of Back Home… Sweet Home. Compared to the piano version on the album One More Step, this brings its biguine rhythms to life with some fine and funky electronic keyboard additions and cool horn lines.” John Warr, AfroBase (United Kingdom)

“As you know, bit fan of both artists, so it is lovely to see this on wax!” Simon Hodge, The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Show, BBC 6Music

Craig Charles, The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Show, BBC 6Music

Stefan Guther, Beat The Night / Funkhaus Europa, Germany

Andy Williams, The Goods Radio Show, United Kingdom

The Shizzle, Bay FM