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Just a month after releasing the back-from-a-two-years-hiatus track I’m A Cyborg (But That’s Okay), Paper Tiger announced they are launching their second album – Blast Off.

To kick things off, the band unveils Weight in Space, the first single to be taken from the LP, featuring the Grammy Award-winner Shafiq Husayn (1/3 of the iconic alternative hip hop group Sa-Ra).

Weight in Space is the result of the creative dialogue between the Leeds-based band and the California residing MC and producer, a process focused on experimenting with sounds, styles, vocals and tonalities. “We approached him without really expecting to hear anything back – Sa-Ra and all of his work has been hugely influential for us – and not only did he respond, but he contributed to the writing and production too. The final result blew our minds” said Paper Tiger’s Greg Surmacz.

Creative Dialogue

The single comes complete with a stunning remix by One-Handed Music’s soulful producer Bastien Keb, who, staying true to his MO, gives the song a loop-based, mellow and instrumentally rich sound. It also got the video treatment, courtesy of Prefix Studios, supporting Paper Tiger’s story-telling with a set of animated visual effects that complement the track so well.

For Blast Off, the band embraced an improved production process that helps create a more live-sounding experience for the listeners, almost transposing them into the studio and recording booth alongside Paper Tiger and their guests.


“Big! Love it!” Aly Gillani, First Word Records

“New age p-funk niceness, cool” Chris Philips Jazz FM

“Bastien Keb delivering the goods again” Kev Beadle, Solar Radio/various

“Bastien keb remix ! dope.” Michael Ruetten, Soulsearching radioshows / jazz thing / groove magazines

“Nice one! Playlisted in my next radioshow.” Olivier Cavaller,,

“Damn funky stuff !!” Mark Milz, “further in fusion” @ Radio Corax 95.9 (Germany)

“Smooooth” Chris Greenwood, SOAS Radio, MI SOUL Radio, Bedroom Bar, Stop Making Sense

“Slinky” Kier, Record-Play

“Super Dope!!!!!” Pimpernel Jones, Herma Puma

“Nice one! The 2 tracks are really cool” Skevitz, SupaGroovalistic

“Nice!” Hector Pizarro/Chile con mix (radio show) Chile con mix (radio show)/dj resident

“Beautiful production” Bern Leckie, Chill

“Nice one. really dig the Bastien Keb Remix. perfect spring music.” Pedo Knopp, Trust Your Audience radio show, Analog Africa Soundsystem, LAZY. Frankfurt, Boogie Nights , etc.

“Perfect the spring/summer vibes! Digging FULL-SUPPORT!” STEPHEN HERNANDEZ RADIO PHOENIX

“Cool track, will support” Josef Sedlon, Radio 1 Prague

“wow wow wow….i dig this..freshness” Niksa Dragolin, Radio eurostar

“Love the vibe and the sounds, well done!!!” Francesco Soragna, Jus Like Music

“I love all things Paper Tiger and Wah Wah, so its all good here x” Mickey Duke, 1 Brighton FM

“From the first synth chord, it’s already a winner. A great collaboration.” Kengo Oshima,, Cuban Brothers

“Moody stuff, but I like it” Dan Wesker, Detektor FM

“Really excited for the new album, ‘Weight in Space’ creates a stir for what’s to come, cannot wait to feature this on the show!!” Alan O’Malley, Shoreditch Radio

“Cracker” Sam Allen, Stellar Inflight

“Bastien remix reigns supreme here. Very nice indeed!” SAMMY GOULBOURNE, UK Vibe

“Shafiq Husayn is a long time favourite just like Paper Tiger, so a collab between them is a perfect fit. The same goes to the talented Bastien Keb, who did a nice job to the original.” Tibor Mozsik (DJ Keyser / Crate Soul Brothers) Tilos Radio FM 90.3 Budapest /

“Love both versions but bastien keb’s remix has the edge for me. brilliant stuff…” Andy Sharp, Stomp radio

“Very soulful and mellow vibes, looking forward to hearing the album!” Calamity Jade, “Funk Shui” on Radio Popolare & Controradio / Willwork4funk

“Nice” Phil Horneman DJ/organizer Wicked Jazz Sounds & show host on Red Light Radio/curator Funk-Jazz 22tracks Amsterdam

“The Bastien Keb mix is wicked; future soul, right there.” Velanche Velanche Presents Urban Landscapes

“Bastien Keb Mix for me – smooth!” Andrew Haig The Shizzle : 99.9 BAY FM



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