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Pure Music

Sam Vicary A.K.A Hunrosa (meaning “to dream”) is an electronic music producer capturing the wild organic senses of his childhood and anchoring it with a darker 2am undercurrent. Based in Manchester, he is principally a bassist and currently a member of The Cinematic Orchestra, Paper Tiger and The Dominic J Marshall Trio as well as performing with Manu Delago, Imogen Heap, Matthew Halsall, Anil Sebastian and Stuart Macallum.

Hunrosa is a creation drawing on a multitude of influences; marrying heavy bass, lush strings and soaring vocals. The music is inspired by a coastal upbringing, represented in the music via field recordings, as well as being aided by visual stimulus throughout the writing process.

Classical Music

The music plays on the juxtaposition of modern electronic music and the beauty of acoustic instruments whilst maintaining a focus on songwriting and pure music. There features homages to ambient/electronic producers, late 60’s psychedelic jazz artists and romantic classical music.

The live band features Vicary on bass, Sam Gardner on drums, Liviu Gheorge on keys and Alice Higgins on vocals; all members contributing various live electronic performance.

‘All’ is Hunrosa’s debut single. More singles follow this year with an album planned for early 2018.


“Beautiful sounds and fantastic production, so atmospheric I felt like i was floating in time and space.” Mr. Lob (Melbourne, Australia)

“Very nice!” Mark Futuresounds, DJ Magazine / Notion

“Deep !!!” Psycut Vince, 22Tracks / Jazz Attitudes (Paris)

“Nice stuff.” Chris Read, BBE / So Much Soul / Classic Material / Breakin Bread / /


“Nice stuff!” Aly Gillani, First Word Records / Excursions Radio Show / (London, UK)

“Gorgeous! Louie Louie weekend brunch soundtrack bizness …” Chris Greenwood, Stop Making Sense / Bedroom Bar / Soas Radio / Mi-Soul Radio (London, UK)

“Lovely!” David Bassin, KUSF / FreeFall /

“Gorgeous spacy soul! Lovely stuff…” Dave Koor, Balamii /

“Love!” Amrisha, Radar Radio /

“Gorgeously restrained and an immense climax, tingly fade out. love it and would love to see live.” Jamie Groovement, / Reform Radio (Manchester, United Kingdom)

“So lovely!” Allan Nicoll, South Africa /

“Nice Groove… Thank You.”  Barry Burns Deben Radio CIC, Laid Back Radio (Brussels, Belgium)

“Beautifull!” Julien Donaz, Radio RTU Le Grand Mix (France)

“Slinky.” Kier Wiater Carnihan, Record-Play /

“Excellent!” Martin, Mr. Tum radio show, Hailsham FM

“Great atmosphere, love it!” Gerd, otticFM (Germany)

“Nice atmosphere. Playlisted on my next radioshow.” Olivier Cavaller, / (France)

“Nice!!!” Markus Milz, “Further in Fusion” Radio Corax 95.9FM (Halle, Germany)

“Aérien…” Veronique, Radio Krim (Paris, France)

“Moody, interesting stuff..” Jason Deckstatic, No.8, XL, Space Ibiza NYC, 1 Oak Southampton, Boujis (London, UK)

“Sounds very interesting!” Robert Lochmann, Radio X (Frankfurt, Germany)

“Nice!” Hector Pizarro, (Paris, France)


“Totally atmospheric beat driven cosmic jazz pop blends from the north; we need this thoughtful approach in difficult times – very Wah Wah 45s, very now.” Gerry Hectic, 60 Million Postcards / Futuristica Music / Jazz Chronicles (Bournemouth, UK)

“A massive sound a future global hit !!!!!” Aja Allsop, WSJR (USA), The Jazz UK, BluesJazz Radio (TX USA), Electric Lion Radio (London), Impact Radio(Italy)

“Amazing!” Alex Attias, Radio Couleur 3 (Switzerland)

“Maybe it is the fact that I didnt sleep enough lately and it is dark around me, but I get a surreal feeling from this song. Bein lost and enjoying it. Maybe I should read my Edgar Allen Poe again…” Rene Josquin, Format Analog / Monkey / Solar / Sisyphos

“Cool. Airplay on this!” Tiago Santos (Brazil)

“Sounds very interesting! Want to hear more of him. Great introduction of his project!” Uldis Cirilus, Radio SWH 105.2 /

“Great for daytime playlisting.” Oli, C-Burn Office, (London, United Kingdom)

“Lovely stuff…looking forward to more. X” Ross, All Over, Hideout Sessions Podcast

“A breath of fresh air is this record from Hunrosa. Lot’s of emotion and feeling within, looking forward to hearing more from Sam!!” Alan, Multi Storey Soul Radio Show, RTE Pulse (Dublin, Ireland)

“Nice! Serious downtempo biznizz.” Tilos Radio

“Excellent release!” Josh Dowler, ‘Global Beats Breakfast’ 1 Brighton FM (Brighton, UK)

“Just beautiful!” Tom Headfunk, Vectis Radio / (United Kingdom)

“Very cool and atmospheric track!” Jason Palma, Higher Ground Radio/Footprints (Toronto, Canada)

“Beautiful, stunning vocals and great composition. Love the mix of strings and synths. Will be playing on Sundays show and beyond.” Michael Shea, Kanefm 103.7fm Surrey / (United Kingdom)

“Lovely track!” Lamp, Coalition, The Hub, Radio Reverb, Coastway Radio, (Brighton, United Kingdom)

“Really like this… not the sort of thing I’d really play out with it being pretty downtempo but really enjoyed it and looking forward to hearing more from these guys!” Dave Fortune, My First Moth Records

“This is a preambule, and we are waiting for more…” Iván Mera, Higher Street

“Nice!” Mathieu Schreyer, KCRW Los Angeles (United States)

“Beautiful sounding stuff. I’ve heard one track from Hunrosa before and was mezmerised by it, this delivers on a whole new level.” Leo, (Ireland)

“Love it” Shep Kennedy, Likwid (London, United Kingdom)

“Really great.” Kris, Reform Radio (Manchester, United Kingdom)

“Interesting!” Maarten, Chunks of Funk: Bruzz Radio / Reform Radio / Ness Radio / Neringa FM

“Beautiful track, great signing.” Tom Lowe, The Audio Sunshine Show / RTE Pulse / 2fm

“Yes, like that” Dan, Detektor FM

“Another talented producer to the roster! Lovely stuff. Love!” Michael Jukes, Mile Wide Smile Club (Brighton, United Kingdom)

“What a lovely track and I look forward to hearing more!” Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Radio Show, Nu-World Mix (London, United Kingdom)

“…simple and plain: this is great music!” Sven Thomschke Radio Z 95.8 (Nuernberg, Germany)

“Definately got a CO feel about it, beautiful strings. Nice!” Richard, Point Blank FM (London, United Kingdom)

“Deep” Anthony, Eastside Radio / Mondo Stereo

“Cool voice and vibe, definitely will support!” Josef, Radio 1 Prague(Czech Republic)

“Love It <3 !!!!” Corrado Bucci (Brescia, Italy)

“Beautiful…. :O)” Michael Stukes, WHCR 90.3 FM (Harlem, USA)

“Top Notch” Rado Tomek, NU Spirit Club, (Bratislava, Slovakia)

“This is just beautiful music plain and simple.. going to play this loud all night. Can’t wait to hear more” Jeff Fellows,  Bali based dj / Music Director / Consultant / Dusk Music (Australia)

“Fantastic release.” Jim McMaster, TNGCRADIO.COM

“Great music here!” Cesare Cera, Nu Lounge / Gru Radio / radio Fujiko / Ex-Forno / radio Bologna Uno (Italy)

“Very pleasant soulful future chill sounds; great!” Velanche Stewart, Urban Landscapes (California, US)

“Dreamy, evocative, stirring and beautiful. Can’t wait to hear more from this artist.” RTRFM, (Perth, Western Australia)

“Digging this one” – Jason Pulaski, Innamissions Radio

All – Innamissions Radio, Kuci 88.9FM


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