The final single to be taken from the Small Small LP features the rasping vocals of Queen Ayesha, a brand new, seriously dance floor facing remix from Texan heavyweight DJ Angola and previously unreleased radio edit and instrumental versions.


This summer saw the return of the unique collaboration between Ghanain xylophonist Isaac Birituro and British singer-songwriter Sonny Johns and his band of live musicians, AKA The Rail Abandon. Having created something of a buzz back in 2019 with their debut album Kalba – gaining support along the way from Gilles Peterson, Cerys Matthews and Tom Ravenscroft to name but a few – and after something of a hiatus, the combo released their new LP, entitled Small Small, in July of this year.

The album received global radio, DJ and tastemaker support with single Senye claiming a spot on BBC 6Music’s A-list and receiving plenty of love from Lauren Laverne, Jamz Supernova, Craig Charles and just about everyone on the station!

“Wah Wah 45s bringing us that heat. I love them as a label.” Jamz Supernova

“Perfection.” Annie Mac

The follow up single, entitled Doniyan, is another high energy offering, brimming with positivity, as Sonny explains:

“Doniyan simply means ‘The Universe’ or ‘The World’. No matter who you are in this world you need to be nice, to help one another and live a good life.”
And like Senye, which featured Ghanain vocalist Wiyaala, Doniyan also shines a light on that country’s unsung musical royalty. Queen Ayesha was born in Accra, though her heritage is Kusasi from the Upper East region of Ghana, bordering Togo and Burkina Faso. She is an actress and singer working in Accra and her own music is a cross between traditional styles and dancehall aimed at impacting on people’s lives,
both young and old.

As well as radio friendly versions of the track, this package also features a highly intense and uplifting club remix from Texas based DJ and producer, DJ Angola. A specialist in turning originals into dance floor gold, Angola has worked his magic over the past couple of decades on The White Stripes, Outkast, Antibalas, Jungle Brothers and many more. Here, he turns Doniyan into a relentless four-to-the-floor banger that’s already doing plenty of damage by those in the know.

Small Small is a very Ghanaian saying, a direct translation to English, which is used in a wide variety of contexts to mean ‘bit by bit,’ ‘one step at a time’ or ‘slow and steady’. Sonny was first introduced to the phrase on his first trip to Ghana in 2016, when he met Isaac in Kalba, and the phrase popped up over and over ever since.

“The album is about loss, frustration and struggle, but it’s also about the light at the end of the tunnel; about overcoming difficulties to find a brighter future and no matter what separates us, whether that be language, culture, continents or boarders, when we listen to each other and learn from each other, there’s really not much that separates us. So from everyone involved, here’s to a brighter future.” Sonny Johns

Reactions and Radio Play

Radio play from Sarah Ward (Jazz Travels, Jazz FM), John Warr (Afrobase, Totally Radio, Brighton), Jazzcat (On The Right Track, Ness Radio), Veronique Prebolin (Radio Krim, France), Globalwize Radio Show, Bob Hill (Totally Wired Radio), Village Cuts (Highlife & Sunshine Show, NTS); Strange Fruits (Radio Lora München 92.4, Germany); Sven Thomschke (Radio Z, Germany)

“A great big wedge of joy… a good one to set you up for the day I think.. lovely tune.” Deb Grant (BBC 6Music, UK)

“Killer stuff!” The Reflex (Discolidays, UK)

“Smashing remix! Love this.” Rob Da Bank (Camp Bestival / Sunday Best / Worldwide FM, UK)

“Bloody love this.” Deb Grant (BBC 6Music / Jazz FM, UK)

“Absolutely perfect!” Sarah Ward (Jazz FM, UK)

“This is fracking awesome, both original and remix absolutely bang.” Aldo Vanucci (Brooklyn Radio, UK)

“This is a real banger, something for the dance floor and just general listening pleasure as well!” Steve Johns (Solar Radio, UK)

“Gorgeous tune! Will definitely get some love from me!” Jason Palma (Footprints, Toronto, Canada)

“Looking fwd to road testing this one! Loving the new music.” Village Cuts (Various, UK)

“Jammin’! Infectious grooves.” Valance Stewart (Urban Landscapes Radio Show, USA)

“Heavy duty remix by Angola, the original is fabulous!” Raj Selli (Solar Radio, UK)

“Afro vibes!” Javi Frias (Scanner FM, Madrid, Spain)

“This is lovely.” DJ Kengo (Soho Radio / Cuban Brothers / 4 To The Floor, UK)

“Strong vocals from Queen Ayesha and a matured band sound. A great horn solo and loving the original version.” John Warr (Afrobase, Totally Radio, Brighton, UK)

“PUMP IT UP!” Ash Selector (Solar Radio, UK)

“Love this project. Props for this.” Dan Deep tenor City (Soho Radio, UK)

“Very strong release IB & TRA have refined and defined their own very distinct hybrid sound with afrobeat roots.” Derek Rath (KPFK Radio, LA, USA)

“Good vibes.” MP Marcus (Choice FM, UK)

“Nice remix!” Karsten John (Vinyl Vibes, Germany)

“Nice danceable song, I like it!” Maken (Polish National Radio, Poland)

“Oh yes, love the bump on this.” Bob Hill (Totally Wired Radio, UK)

“Dj Angola’s remix is gonna bring some heat to any dancefloor.” DJ Rado Tomek (NU Spirit Club, Slovakia)

“Absolutely for our Playlist.” Francis Gay (Funkhaus Europa, Public Radio, Germany)

“Did someone say party!?” Mr Lob (Melbourne, Australia)

“Quite a fun and bumpy ride! If I was playing house sets at the mo this would be straight in.” Steve KIW (1BTN, Brighton, UK)

“Beautiful cover! Great remix! Makes you wish it was summer again. Full radio support on my shows and guess it can make to radio Oxigenio pllaylist!” Tiago Santos (Radio Oxigenio, Portugal)

“Hot Groove.” Cesare Cera (Radio Bologna Uno, Italy)

“Solid banger.” Chris Greenwood (SOAS Radio / Mi-Soul Radio / Louie Louie, UK)

“Great remix by DJ Angola.” Khillaudio (KhillaCast, Belgium)

“Epatant!!” Veronique Prebolin (Radio Krim, France)

“”Doniyan” is a fantastic track! I love the original version, the instrumental also sounds interesting and puts the instrumentation more in the spotlight – but my top favourite is the remix version by DJ Angola.” Sven Thomschke (Radio Z 95.8, Germany)

“Brilliant!” Olivier Cavaller (De La Bonne Musique, France)

“Great track and remix from DJ Angola!” Enrique Domenech (Freeform Podcast, Spain)

“Nice one!” DJ Junior (Reacord Breakin, Eavesdrop Radio, USA)

“Great bouncy tune. Love the vocals” Peter McLennan (Base FM, New Zealand)

“Holy shit I love this! Hot hot hot. DJ Angola was responsible for the first release on Wonderwheel records many many years ago and I was wondering if he was real. This has the same loping funkiness as that tune. Love the vocal. REALLY love the sax drop. Pure fire. A very rare five from me!” DJ Griff (Jelly Jazz, UK)

“Great remix – on air a must!” Olgierd (Sofa Surfing, Poland)

“Vibes on this remix – love it.” John Brent (Dusk Dubs, UK)

“Always good.” Amar Kabouche (Fauve Radio, Hong Kong)

“Fabulous remix.” Dan Wesker (Detektor FM, UK)

“Nicely done!” DJ Osric (RTRFM, Australia)

“Beautiful track. Love the arrangement .That horn is superb!” DJ Expression (What’s Hot Radio, UK)

“Just love it!” Mr Lob (Various, Melbourne, Australia)

“Stunning as per…” The Crate Invader (Point Blank Radio, UK)

“Pure goodness!!!” Markus Milz (Radio Corax, Germany)

“Spicy! Lovely stuff. Original is the one for me… top tackle.” Bean Noodler (Soul Buggin’, UK)

“Hyper dansant.” Jean Marc Baehler (Radio Television Suisse Romande, Couleur3, Switzerland)

“Uplifting soulfulness. Angola version for Friday night lights tonight!” Jamie Groovement (Reform Radio, UK)

“Sounds good.” Alex Ruder (KEXP Radio, Seattle, USA)

“Big tunes!” Nicole Finery (Kane FM, UK)

“Nice track, I like it I’ll support it!” Times Kokias (Reverb Nation, Greece)

“Really diggin this!” Ed Deep South Sounds (Fusion FM, UK)

“Nice one!!!” Marcio Martinez (Last Day On Earth, Brazil)

“Carrying on producing fine new earlobe teasers.” DJ Abbo (Stomp Radio, UK)

“DJ Angola still exists! I still remember his output on Wonderwheel and Pulver. I like that approach of straight forward beats and many analogue elements. Which fits perfectly as the original has so much to offer.” Rene Josquin (Various, Berlin, Germany)

“Ruddy marvellous. Enough said!” Nick Emancipation (Various, UK)

“Amazing, the orignal is great and the remix is next level.” Leo Jaheire (Various, Ireland)

“Nicely orchestrated deep, funky groove, luving it!” DJ Phil Dorsey (Various, UK)

“All are great with the flute and sexy with the DJ Angola remix being that big beefy-er.” Gerry Hectic (60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth, UK)


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