5 track limited edition vinyl with sleeve designed by our award winning in-house artist, Animisiewasz, and featuring reverse die cut hole. Includes two brand new Revisions by The Reflex as well as previously unreleased cover version of De Gui Ding (originally recorded by Michel Le Grand). Additionally, it also includes sought after recordings Modern Sleepover Parts 1 and 2, together on vinyl for the very first time!


Wah Wah 45s hail the much anticipated return of one of their most beloved artists. Way back in 2006, the label first unleashed the anthemic “Modern Sleepover” by two man, smooth music loving outfit Talc. The song – an ode to a tortured love affair between a computer and its owner – with its shades of Zapp, Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers – found favour with Djs and tastemakers from across the board from Bill Brewster to Gilles Peterson. Such was the cult status of the tune, that it spawned a sequel, naturally entitled “Modern Sleepover Pt.2: Robot’s Return” which has recently had something of a renaissance thanks to an inclusion by legendary Detroit DJ and producer Moodymann on his “DJ Kicks” compilation.

Sixteen years and two albums later, and having seemingly put the project to bed for good, Talc (much like the robot) return for one final and very special release. This brand new 12”, as well as featuring the sought after “Modern Sleepover” pairing together on vinyl for the first
time, also includes the rarely heard Michel Legrand cover “De Gui Ding”, previously only available in Japan (where Talc enjoyed a huge underground fanbase) as well as two stunning remixes from our old friend, The Reflex.

The Frenchman was the obvious choice to rework Legrand’s 1964 camp jazz classic, and on his first mix delivers an uplifting disco friendly, vocal led take that should raise a few smiles on the dancefloor. His second mix is more of a late night affair with more of a deep, dubbier, house feel. Something for everyone then on this essential release, complete with gorgeous artwork from our award winning in-house designer Animisiewasz.

Reactions & Radio Play

Radio play from Christian Charles (FIP / FIP Groove, National Radio, France); BobaFatt (Soho Radio, UK); Veronique Prebolin (Radio Krimi, France)

“Talc’s ‘De Gui Ding’ is a much-deserved follow up to the duo’s 2006 hit singles ‘Modern Sleepover’ parts 1 and 2, which lyrically detailed a failed romance between a hapless human lover and his own computer, against a futuristic yet slow disco backdrop. A listless love song for Linux laptops, it now comes repackaged with several new reworkings, as well as the much higher-energy ‘De Gui Ding’, filtered french house tropes and blue-note sax funk aplenty.” Juno Records (UK)

“Absolutely loving the Reflex mixes. Will play with happiness!” Ashley Beedle (Heavy Disco, Afrikaanz On Marz, X-Press 2, UK)

“The og progenitors of the Dan inspired AORDisco revival, along with Samuel Purdey. Was the world ready? Not quite, so a timely (re)release!” Patrick Forge (Dingwalls / NTS, UK)

“Modern Sleepover is so good for this season.” Toshio Matsuura (Worldwide FM, Inter FM, Japan)

“Nice one love, will play.” Pete On The Corner (Worldwide FM, UK)

“I just was re listening to the first release by TALC on WahWah45 last week and thought that it still sounds amazing. Really glad to hear this one with brilliant remix from The Reflex!” Rustam Opsanoff (Jazzystan, NYC, USA)

“Bravo, as always. Love Talc and The Reflex revisions are a joy.” Mickey Jukes (1BTN, UK)


“Bubbly… Fav is the Reflex Vocal Revision – wobbly dancefloor boogie!” Lady Jane (Mr. Bongo, UK)

“Man! This is serious!” Jamal Ahmad (Jazz 91.9FM, Atlanta, USA)

“GROOVY VIBE, take me to the dancefloor!” Ash Selector (Solar Radio, UK)

“Tasty package! Great to see a return of Talc.” Bean Noodler (Soul Buggin’, UK)

“On yeah ! Disco time!” Olgierd (Sofa Surfing, Poland)

“Cool Band.” Mark “GV” Taylor (Totally Wired Radio, UK)

“Wonderful!” Olivier Cavaller (De La Bonne Musique, France)

“Exquisite music. Playlisted.” DJ Osric (RTR FM, Australia)

“All good – but loving Robot’s Return mate… this is lovely!!” Steve KIW (1BTN, UK)

“Sounds superb! Will play the music on the radioshow. Many thanks as ever and keep it up!” Daniel Penacoba (Pure Ibiza Radio, Spain)

“Slammin’ Wah Wah ! First time I’ve attached that word to a promo. Props.” Dan Deep Tenor City (Soho Radio, UK)

“Nice one!” Karsten John (Vinyl Vibes, Germany)

“GREAT!”  DJ Kobayashi (Batov Records / Soho Radio, UK)

“Wicked!” Psycut Vince (22 Tracks, France)

“Fantastic. Sexy, groovy. Can’t wait to spin it.” Envee (Warsaw, Poland)

“Great production and super tracks.” Mr Lob (Various, Melbourne, Australia)

“Loving this record!” Gordon Wedderburn (GW Jazz, UK)

“Sounds great to me!” Maken (Polish National Radio, Poland)

“Lovely release!!” Javi Fries (Scanner FM, Spain)

“Robot’s Return is the one for me but the whole set of tracks is so good. A smidge of Steely Dan in here somewhere too.” Bob Hill (Totally Wired Radio, UK)

“Nice one; good to hear from TALC again.” Valance Stewart (Urban Landscapes Radio Show, USA)

“Excellent release.” Jon Brent (Dusk Dubs, UK)

“Wooooow!” Dob Marzov (National Radio Varna, Bulgaria)

“Vibing!” Deoke (Albert’s Favourites, UK)

“Interesting use of the voice synthesizer could go many ways! Liked the concept!” DJ Phil D (thebocX.com, USA)

“Welcome back, so so good!” Mr. Lob (Various, Melbourne, Australia)

“Lush!” Ross Wakefield (Frankson / Hideout Sessions, UK)

“Brilliant! This is what I need!” Eric Tchaikovsky (Night Light Radio Show, Ukraine)

“De Gui Ding power & humour..” Veronique Prebolin (Radio Krim, France)

“Brilliant! Great to have Talc back!! Respect!”” Enrique Domenech (Freeform Podcast, Spain)

“Love both reworks by The Reflex!” Sven Thomschke (Radio Z 95.8FM, Germany)

“What a fantastic sound… and yes The Reflex was the perfect choice for remixing duties.” Chris Greenwood (SOAS Radio / Mi-Soul / Louie Louie, UK)

“So so good!!!” Marcus Milk (Radio Corax 95.9FM, Germany)

“All tracks are very good thanks. I will support it.” Times Koklas (Reverb Nation, Greece)

“Talc version of “De Gui Ding” is absolutely fantastic! The Reflex mixes too (plus other talc tunes). Oh, and my man Animisiewasz did a great job with artwork too. So it’s only joy from start to finish.” Marcin Harper (Czworka Polskie Radio, Poland)

“Pure dancefloor bomb.” Rado Tomek (Nu Spirit Club, Slovakia)

“Fantastic.” Asian Hawk (Various, UK)

“Solid.” Lorenzo Aldino (Jockey Club Ibiza, Spain)

“Super cool vibe on the Revision.” Paul Knight (Reform Radio, UK)

“Great ep. Modern Sleepover is an all time fave of mine anyway.” Robert Lochmann (Radio X, Germany)

“Love the Reflex Revision and Modern Sleepover reminds me of The Beauty Room. Lovely stuff!” Dan Wesker (Detector FM, UK)

“Like the straight uplifting fowardness of The Reflex Revision.” Rene Josquin (Format Analog, Berlin, Germany)

“Groovy.” Alex Ruder (KEXP 90.3FM, Seattle, USA)

“You know I love me some Talc!” Ben Smith (Echo Empire, UK)

“All songs and remixes are great and keep you feet moving and dancing.” Amar Kabouche (Fauve Radio, Hong Kong)

“Great production and super tracks.” DJ Expression (What’s Hot Radio, UK)

“FUNKY.” Jean Marc Baehler (Radio Television Suisse Romande Couleur3, Switzerland)

“Great – will play.” DJ Lamp (Coalition, Brighton, UK)

“Some very classy dancefloor moods for any occasion on this ep. Loving The Reflex mixes of De Gui Ding but the Steely feely Modern Sleepover is such a cool tune; it’s still a winner.” Drummie Dave (Various, UK)

“I like so much this style!!” Cesare Cera (Bologna Uno, Italy)

“WICKED!” Mr. Shiver (Various, UK)

“Very nice style. Excellent range of sounds in both mixes too.” Leo JahEire (Various, Ireland)

“Amazing stuff.” Jim McMaster (TNGC Radio, UK)

“I remember Dom being so excited about TALC when WahWah45s first exposed the duo on the world and it might have seen like a lonely crusade at times but Dom’s ears are the proof in the pudding as DJ cognoscenti such as Bill Brewster, Gilles Peterson, Detroit legend Moodymann (‘Modern Sleepover Pt.2: Robot’s Return’ being on his “DJ Kicks” compilation) have all had their dancefloors covered in TALC. Not only that, this release has a vocal and instrumental overhaul by The Reflex that brought both version into a post Zapp disco with Hall’s Oats and Steely’s Dan. Really mesmerizing stuff and for the benefit of new fans there’s the original version of ‘De Gui Ding’ and the aforementioned ‘Robots Return’ and ‘Modern Sleepover’ appropriately on a 12″ (nudge, nudge etc) which will be a collectors treasure as so as its released: buy it on sight. Great artwork too!” Gerry Hectic (60 Million Postcards, UK)


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