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Leeds electronic outfit Paper Tiger have been on the Wah Wah radar (the Wahdar if you will) for some time now and have, in more recent months provided stunning remixes for Stac, Scrimshire and Part-Time Heroes. Having witnessed the rapid rise in quality of their recent output, as well as being privy to a number of demos that have been on repeat in the WW office for most of this year, we thought it was time to put pen to paper and do the decent thing by signing these boys up!

Their debut EP for Wah Wah 45s is due for release on July 9th and it’s a visceral, uncompromising selection of cuts that combine hip hop, electronica, post dubstep and soul rather beautifully. What may seem somewhat of a departure for the label at first should make complete sense on further listening as Raphael Attar’s stoic yet humorous lyricism and the band’s deft musicality add much needed ‘proper song-writing’ to what’s lazily referred to as the ‘urban’ music scene.