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Leeds electronic outfit Paper Tiger have been on the Wah Wah radar (the Wahdar if you will) for some time now and have, in more recent months provided stunning remixes for Stac, Scrimshire and Part-Time Heroes.

Having witnessed the rapid rise in quality of their recent output, as well as being privy to a number of demos that have been on repeat in the WW office for most of this year, we thought it was time to put pen to paper and do the decent thing by signing these boys up!

Their debut EP for Wah Wah 45s is due for release on July 9th and it’s a visceral, uncompromising selection of cuts that combine hip hop, electronica, post dubstep and soul rather beautifully. What may seem somewhat of a departure for the label at first should make complete sense on further listening as Raphael Attar’s stoic yet humorous lyricism and the band’s deft musicality add much needed ‘proper song-writing’ to what’s lazily referred to as the ‘urban’ music scene.

“Isn’t it lovely? Wonderful, lovely stuff.” – Lauren Laverne (BBC 6Music)
“Puts together all that’s best about current electronic music. Intricate but punchy, weird but very wonderful… this is really lush stuff.” – Mixmag

Look out for Paper Tiger on tour this summer, with shows scheduled for Lovebox, Secret Garden Party, Mostly Jazz Festival & much more!

Latest reactions:

“Takes the synth-prog density of a Rustie or Slugabed and lifts it on clouds of Don Cherry rhythm” Joe Muggs, The Wire Magazine (UK)

“Funky!” Homeboy Sandman (Stones Throw, USA)

“Plenty of rotation; very interesting stuff; impossible to pigeonhole which is always a good thing !! Favourites : Priceless + Slow it Down.” Big Bud (Drum & Bass legend, Soundtrax Records)

“blending soulful sentiments, post-dubstep glitches and synths, and a blistering hip hop attitude.” Shout 4 Music

“Lovin’ 7th Guide” Jason Pulaski (KUCI 88.9FM, USA)

“Paper Tiger are dope! I’m gonna be getting a lot of play out of Priceless. More great stuff from the prolific Wah Wah 45s label.” DJ Pimpernel Jones (Herma Puma, First Word, UK)

“Off the beaten path….but NICE!” Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes, WHCR 90.3 FM, NYC, USA)

“Fresh!!” Tom Wieland (7 Samurai, Austria)

“Another fantastic EP from Wah Wah. I love the mix up of tracks and so far I’ve dropped 2 tracks on the show so far!” Simon Harison

“All tunes are high-quality productions, but for my personal taste “Priceless” is the one.” Sven Thomschke AKA ‘Dr.Best'(Radio Z, Germany)

“Priceless is my favourite. Nice work!” DJ Gilla (First Word, UK)

“Soultronica vs broken beat vs suberb electro music, full support!!” DJ Georgios Paroglou (It’s Just Music! Greece)

“Thanks for this, very interesting production and rap style. I’m liking it a lot.” DJ Kappa (Brighton, UK)

“A real nice blend of influences, love it and will play it for sure next week!” JB (Groovalistic Radio Show, Mixcloud)

“Some delightfully bent electronica in there! Will definitely give it a spin on my radio show.” Peter McLennan (Dub Asylum, New Zealand)

“Really liked this. The slowjamz are my favourites!!” DJ Fidel (Bang Bang! Norway)

“I’m really into the “slow it down” track.” Marcus Miltz (Further In Fusion, Germany)

“Bangin Stuff. The ‘Priceless’ tune is the one though – great production work, and the vocals sit well within it.” DJ James Glendinning (UK)

“Nice music!” Hector Pizarro (Chilli-con-mix, France)

Radio play from John Kennedy (XFM);  Mike Stukes (Mystic Vybes, WHCR 90.3 FM, NYC, USA); Josef Sedlon (Radio 1, Cz); Antonino Musco (Party 934, NYC, USA); Jason Pulaski (KUCI 88.9FM, USA)