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We at Wah Wah 45s are very excited to be stepping into 2016 with the first offering in almost 18 months from Leeds based alternative hip hop and electronica outfit, Paper Tiger.

During their recent hiatus the band have been busily writing and recording a brand new album, which will be released later this spring, and this forward thinking slice of frenetic space-funk is a good indication of where things are heading – but don’t take our word for it…;

Another Planet

“We really think we’ve defined (and refined) our sound and this new music is funkier, weirder and better than anything we’ve done before. Expect this to “go off” in the club, provided your club is on another planet!” Greg Surmacz (Paper Tiger)

So enjoy this taste of Paper Tiger’s exciting new material. The forthcoming album features a roll call of impressive guests, including Sa-Ra legend Shafiq Husayn; Paul White’s little sis, and recording artist in her own right, Sarah Williams White; Stones Throw’s Pyramid Vritra and 18 year old prodigious Florida rapper Chester Watson. That’s not forgetting Paper Tiger’s inimitable and verbose front man, Raphael Attar, of course. All mastered by the legendary Daddy Kev.


“Best thing that Mr . P Tiger has produced to-date. Big tune for next FM gig.” Gerry Hectic, Futuristica Music/Jazz Chronicles (UK)

“Wicked tune, looking forward to the album! 5/5” Georgios Paroglou, DJ (Greece)

“Wicked tune!”, Mark Milz, Further in Fusion, Radio Corax (Germany)

“Great track!” Skevitz, SupaGroovalistic (France)

“Weird and funky!” Pete Steel, Brum Radio (UK)

“This is awesome! Love it! 5/5” Rustam Ospanoff (Kazakhstan)

“Funky enough.” Olly Love, Asian Hawk, DJ (UK)

“Perfect timing” Dan Wesker, Detektor FM (Germany)

“Nice. Looking forward to the album” Chris Greenwood, Mi Soul, SOAS Radio (UK)  (Germany)
Andy Sharp, Stomp Radio (UK) “Really like it, it’s simple but really intense. I will be supporting it on Sunday”

“Cool one!!!” Rino / HearDis / Space (Germany)

“What a sound!” Julien Donaz, Radio RTU (France)

“Nice squelchy sound, heavy bass, on it.” Nicole Finnerty, Kane FM & Flex FM (UK)

“Interesting stuff” Aldo Vanucci, Jalapeno Records (UK)

“Interesting – looking forward to hearing the album.” DJ Gilla, First Word Records (Albania)

“Deep!!!” Dayo, Metro 97.7 FM (Nigeria)

“I’m a Cyborg too and I like your style. Any chance of a date? 5/5” Mickey Duke, Brighton FM (UK)

“Paper Tiger are cyborgs! But that’s Okay. In fact that’s awesome! Keep up the good work guys! 5/5” Metal Mickey xDobo, The “45 RPM” Radio Show, Radio Varna (Bulgaria)

Fresh, fresh, FRESH! Can’t wait to play this on a system. 5/5″ Jamie Groovement, (UK)

“Nice vibes from Paper Tiger, cannot wait for the new album to drop, I’ll be pushing this on the show first!! 5/5” Alan O’Malley, Shoreditch Radio (UK)

“Funky and frenetic is definitely how I’d describe this great new track from Paper Tiger, looking forward to the album.” Nick Rayman, Barricade Radio (UK)

“Cool release” Sammy W, Tobus (Germany)

“Funky electronic music. That’s what I like.” Maarten, Chunks of Funk / FM Brussel (Belgium)

“Really funky.” Kier Wiater, Record-Play (UK)

“Cool beats, nice vibe, already playlisted for my next radioshow!” Olivier Cavaller, De la bonne musique,Rinse (France)

“Cool fusion, will support.” Sedlon, Radio 1 (Czech Republic)

“LOVE, this is definitely my vibe and I’m a fan of Paper Tiger. 5/5” Jess Iszatt, MEATtransMISSION Radio (UK)

“Brilliant.” Chris Read, Substance Music,, BBE (UK)

“Old school new flavour.” Ivan Mera, Higher Street radio show (Spain)

“Interesting! Curious to hear more of this new sound.” Phil Horneman, DJ, Wicked Jazz Sounds, Red Light Radio, Funk-Jazz, 22tracks (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

“A nice glitchy pop tune. 5/5”  Martin Lamp, Radio Reverb (UK)

“I enjoy Paper Tiger’s music for quite some time. I like the shift they are taking.” Christoph, ByteFM (Germany)

“Great to have the PT guys back, this is top stuff. A slice of electric dance with a touch of soul.” Tom Central, Shapes of Rhythm, Soundcrash, Radar Radio (UK)

“Bumpily-bump; dig it!” Velanche, Urban Landscapes (USA)

“Nice one, airplay coming soon.” Gerd Hoeschen aka DJ Ottic, OtticFM & Alooga Radio (Germany)

“I’ve been waiting for more Paper Tiger music!” Sole Spin DJ, CKUT(Canada)

“Cool track! Looking forward to playing this on the show! Nice synth sounds…” Frank Foreal, Dash Radio – The Expedition w/ Frank Foreal (USA)

“Great new synth-heavy tune by a talented act. I can’t wait to listen to the album!” Tibor Mozsik / DJ Keyser, Tilos Radio FM 90.3 (Budapest, Hungary)

“Glitchy and fun. 5/5” David Bassin, FreeFall / SFCR (USA)

“Never ending cool stuff from PT!”  Rupert & Mennert, Weird Pigs, Compost (Netherlands)

“Awesome, good to hear Paper Tiger back and killing it with the astro funk, will be spinning this tomorrow morning on Sub Soul Sunday, big up!” Big Red, Kane FM (UK)

“BUMPS !!!” DJ Toon, Eastside Radio Funkdafied (Australia)

Tom Headfunk, Vectis Radio and Mondomix (UK) “Enjoyed this and looking forward to more new stuff from them.”

“If Paper Tiger is a cyborg, it’s frightening to think what she would sound like with real human emotion injected into her production. The mind boggles. 5/5” Baz Hickey, (Ireland)



Andy Sharp, Stomp Radio (UK)


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