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The Milk are a band that believe with utter conviction that they’ve now found their way. Last year’s album ‘Favourite Worry’ saw the band’s swaggering rock ‘n’ soul sound forged with a love of Bill Withers, Isaac Hayes and the Isley Brothers and a rare honesty.

Huey Morgan awarded it his BBC 6Music Album of the Year.

The band supported the release with a 13 date UK wide tour from Glasgow to Brighton featuring a sold out celebration at London’s Scala. Appearances on BBC Radio 4’s Loose Ends and BBC 6Music’s Radcliffe & Maconie precede new single ‘Loneliness Has Eyes’, set for release on 18th March by London indie Wah Wah 45s.

“Last year was the culmination of years of work, desire and belief, not only from us, but also from the amazing people that helped bring our musical vision to the fold. There were so many highlights but the stand out moment has to be the autumn tour, which climaxed at the Scala show. The 900 people that made the journey that night; and the thousands that came to see us on the road, left us truly humbled. I can’t tell you how much I missed the visceral existence of life on the road, nothing but your music, your best friends and your amazing fans to think about.

Lightless Studio

It was a privilege to have been nominated as one of BBC6 Music’s Albums of the Year. The nomination was a seal of approval, vindication and a line in the sand. We set out to change the way some people thought about The Milk and with 6Music’s endorsement we laid a few demons to rest.

In truth those demons are buried throughout this record, and when it came to decide the next song to release in this story of ours, there was one that instantly fit the bill.

‘Loneliness Has Eyes’ was a very different song when we reached the Island, its safe to say that it is arguably the track that Paul Butler helped carve out of the medieval timbers the most. It is covered in free playing and improvisation and took several takes to perform with the feel, authenticity and musicality we so desperately wanted to attain. This is highlighted by the need for Nunny to lie in the lightless studio, flat on his back and whisper the vocals down the Mic. The song is an intimate and personal portrait about loss and is coupled with the tightest groove we could muster.”



“Fantastic single. Great lead track and so good to finally have my mitts on the TBG mix. Big work fellas! 5/5″DJ Gilla, First Word Records (Malawi)

“Sweet” DJ Laurel, Lav Records (Belarus)

“TBG is lovely.” Kid Fonque, DJ (South Africa)

“Nice warm sound” Bern Leckie, Chill (UK)

“Can’t say which track I like best. Like them all!” Maestro, Jazz Radio (Netherlands)

“Feeling this – anguished and soulful. Tall Black Guy’s mix of Trouble is deep.” Alan Gubby, Buried Treasure Records (UK)

“Already playlisted in my next radioshow!” Olivier Cavaller, De La Bonne Musique, (France)

“Absolutely gorgeous music and I love the production quality. Fantastic music.” Glyn Griffiths, Rambunctious Social Club / Jelly Jazz (UK)

Kev Beadle, Solar Radio (UK) “The TBG remix is so good”

“One of my favourite tracks from the album! Tall Black Guy absolutely on point with his mix of Trouble too. Happy days.”Tom Headfunk, Vectis Radio and Mondomix (UK)

“As always The Milk rock… Superb. Love these mixes. 5/5” David kerslake, DJ expression (UK)

“Class!!!!!” Anthony “Aja” Allsop, Ketch A Vibe (UK)

“Three quality tracks fusing elements of Acid, Jazz & Funk” Ash Selector, Solar Radio (UK)

“Great tunes, The Milk is one of the best current soul outfits! 5/5” Tobi Kirsch, Hip-hop vinyl, MINT, (Germany)

“The most personal Milk tune!” Christos Exarchopoulos, Radio Berlin, Republic 100.3 Radio (Germany)

“Very strong track from a very strong album. The new track AND the remix very nice as well.” Dj Bunuel, Radio Helsinki, Radio YLE1 (Finland)

“Beautiful! 5/5” Georgios Paroglou,  DJ (Greece)

“The original cuts are nice but the TBG remix is the one!” Dave Fortune, My First Moth Records (UK)

“Great stuff” Aldo Vanucciv, Jalapeno records (UK)

“Love the TBG remix!” Nigel Ridgeway, Ground Lift Media / Altered Tapes (USA)

“Chilled, but with a lovely groove at the same time.” Nick Rayman, Barricade Radio (UK)

“Big !!!” Mark Milz, Further In Fusion, Radio Corax 95.9fm (Germany)

Dr Bob Jones, Mi Soul, (UK) “Great production on all tracks.”

“Get Up, Get On is pure poetry, huge.” Francesco Adinolfi, Rai Radio 1, Manifesto newspaper (Italy)

“Nice!” Dave Gregory, Solar Radio (UK)

“Three very nice tracks.” Robert Lochmann, Radio x, (Germany)

“Love this! Super. 5/5” Citizen Zzain, KALX 90.7 FM (USA)

“Two more blocks of heavy butter from the Milk, and TBG coming through strong as usual!” Michael Jeremy Sole, KCRW / the LIFT (USA)

“Nice funky riff on Get Up, Get On, and like the sparseness of the remix. More solid work from the Milk.” Phil Stockton, KPSU Radio (USA)

“Gorgeous… future retro, full of musical surprises and deep production values”Chris Greenwood, SOAS Radio, Mi Soul Radio, Bedroom Bar (UK)

“I love The Milk. 5/5” Mickey Duke, Brighton FM (UK)

“Loooove it! ‘Get Up, Get On’ is just gorgeous. 5/5″Dobo Marzovd, The “45 RPM” Radio Show, Radio Varna, part of the National Radio of Bulgaria (Bulgaria)

“Nice and mellow. I really dig that Tall Black Guy-remix.” Maarten Leenknecht, Chunks of Funk / FM (Belgium)

“Quality soul project, the TBG remx is superb, amazing voice.” Azax, Tru Thoughts (France)

Xav Martin, Radio Reverb (UK) “More great tracks”

“More beautiful stuff from the boys. A place is reserved on the next show” Dan Wesker, Detektor FM (Germany)
“Anything that has Tall Black Guy attached to it works round these parts.” Brian Hurst, Soul and Jazz (UK)

Black Mighty Wax aka Cesare, Radio Fujiko 103, Irma Fashion Radio (Italy) “Five Stars (and maybe more) to these songs that will touch your heart….after mine!! 5/5”

“TBG doing it for me on the remix.” Alex Ogilvie, KMAH (UK)

“Loving that Tall Black Guy mix!!”Jamal Ahmad, Jazz 91.9fm, WCLK (USA)

“The Milk rocked my world in 2015!! Can’t wait to hear what’s in store next, will be playlisting ‘Loneliness’ on my show, superb single!!” Alan O’ Malley, Shoreditch Radio (UK)

“Trouble!! 5/5” David Bassin, FreeFall/SFCR (USA)

“One of the best albums of last year. Love these guys – so different, so interesting so damn funky. 5/5” Andy Sharp, Stomp Radio (UK)

“Best Wah Wah in a long time by far …. Intimate – love every track.” Toon, Eastside Radio (Australia)

“Reminds me of Mother Earth on Acid Jazz records from years ago, like it a lot!” Paul Abbott, Stomp Radio (UK)

Steve Johns, Solar Radio (UK) “What is there not to like on this release? Loneliness Has Eyes is a beautiful track to be a single and Tall Black Guy adds his doped-bass sound to Trouble Gonna Bring Me Down.. It’s all good! 5/5”

“Loved everything they’ve released so far and this is top class.” Chris Read, BBE (UK)

“Lovely job!!” Ross Wakefield, Hideout Sessions/Part-Time Heroes (UK)

“Gorgeous” Sam Allen, Stellar Inflight Radio (Australia)


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