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(Originally released Sep 9th, 2013)

On October 28th 2013 Paper Tiger released their long awaited debut album ‘Laptop Suntan’ on Wah Wah 45s. 

Beat Tape

After a collection of head-turning EPs, featuring collaborations with leftfield electronic and hip-hop artists including Foreign Beggars, Homeboy Sandman, Joshua Idehen, Archie Pelago and more, the time for their full-length project had finally arrived. 

In order to whet your appetites for this stunning debut long-player, we offered a glimpse of the full Paper Tiger live band in action. With hints of what you could experience on the record, plus bonus material only to be found here, this twenty-minute live beat tape is by turns hypnotically head-nodding, experimental and downright hilarious (shout out to all ‘Emmerdale’ lovers). 

In the words of the band’s electronics expert and woodwind player Greg Surmacz: 

“As we were completing our album, we came up with the idea of recording some live interludes – our live band set-up and instrumental recording/sampling are a big part of what we do and we wanted to give a proper nod to that on the record. 

We set up in a studio without much of a plan and ended up recording a few hours of jamming – all live, all completely improvised on the fly. There was an abundance of material, some of which we will sample and develop into fully-fledged tunes, but we thought it’d be nice to compile a short mixtape of some of the highlights. You can also hear the album’s interludes in their original context.” 

Now re-issued as individual tracks and available on wider distribution for the first time, we’re happy to bring the Sonic Boom Head Zoom series to a wider audience.


“UK stream of consciousness at its best; alchemy of jazz, breakbeats, bass and lyricism on a live tip. And all this an improvised taste of what’s to come! Joystick headz wait for the Mario snip in Dynamite. “Bigger than big”” – Leanne Wright – Worldwide FM – UK

“This is proper! Love it!” – Aly Gillani – First World Records – UK

“Thanks!!!” – Tom Mullett – NTS Radio – UK

“As usual, Wah Wah doing the business. Varied and intreresting. Big up!” – Liam Dystant – NTS – UK

“Love this.” – Josh Dowler – Global Beats Breakfast – UK

“Great concept!” – Tony Nwachuku – Plastic People – UK

“Wonderful, can’t wait to dive into these” – Jon Brent – Dusk Dubs – UK

“There are some rich textures here. Prime warm-up DJ set and late night headphones business. Like the lyrical wit too” – Jamie Renton – Chilli Fried – UK

“Nice tracks…” – DJ Angola – UK

“Super awesome” – Susan Schwartz – Platinum Rye – US

“Perfect interlude sounds for DJ sets. cheers.” – Derek Smith – KMHD Jazz Radio – US

“Paper Tiger dropping the heat as always, these guys really got my attention, looking forward to the album dropping, ‘Clientele’ is my standout track!!” – Alan O’Malley – Multi Storey Soul Radio – Ireland

“Finally the Album! Great vibes, and great exploration on future jazz.” – Olivier Cavaller – De La Bonne Musique – France

“Always a pleasure to listen to those vibes!” – Dobromir Marzov – Radio Varna – Bulgaria

“Always good to hear from Paper Tiger especially a concept like this that is organic, raw and authentically conceived. Dope.” – DJ Osric – Australia

“This is a nicely put together set. Excellent!” – Sammy Goulbourne – Rhubarb Radio – UK

“Super meaty beats!” – David Bassin – Freefall Radio – US

“I really dig this and it will fit right into my ‘A Toker’s Delight’ series on mixcloud and into my downtempo sets. Great concept and release, thank you” – Dj Mr Lob – Australia

“Very interesting project!” – Danny Slade – Zone Magazine – United Kingdom

“NICE” – Hector Pizarro – Vallee FM – France

“When I listen Paper Tiger I am always surprised” – Cesare Cera – Black Mighty Wax – Italy

“I love these guys -off the hook” – Andrew Haig – The Shizzle 99.9 Bay FM – Australia

“Nice piece of music” – Antoni Villiotis – Feelgood Records – Greece

“Paper Tiger goes free-jazz-beats library on us and it’s mesmorising; as recorded in 2013, no sign of wear or tear. Not so keen on the vocal content of ‘DB’ but ‘Slippery’, ‘Recliner’ and ‘Wibble’ are so cool. Need to get back to original 18:36 mixtape and Homeboy Sandman on ‘The Sting’. Missing Vols2 & 4 so need to keep an eye on this. Many thanks again.” – Gerry Hectc – Futuristica Music – UK

“Class selection!” – Simon Harrison – Basic Soul Radio Show – UK

“Slow burner – Clientele and DB stand outs..” – Johnny Cush – Shoreditch Radio – UK

“Very unique love the flow will be supporting on the show” – Andrew Sharp – Stomp Radio – UK

“Thank you for the music!” – Tim Quigley – Groovera New Modern Radio – US

“Looking forward to hearing more of the album. Clientele going on the radio show tonight.” – Lowell Walbank – Reform Radio – UK

‘Clientele’ playlisted on Chill Radio