Hip hop / electronica outfit from Leeds, Paper Tiger, unleash their final offering before the release of their debut album this summer, and it comes complete with a very special guest.

Having recently supported Stone’s Throw recording’s NYC-based MC Homeboy Sandman at his sell out London show, both camps hit it off immediately and in no time at all a collaboration between the two was complete! “The Sting” sees the U.S. rapper trade rhymes with Paper Tiger’s very own Raphael Attar, telling the story of a lost and rediscovered first love – a story with a sting in the tail.

 “The Sting” has a melodic, “Golden Era” feel, but with Paper Tiger’s trademark production edge, which is even more evident on the very tasty “…And Then I Bounced” remixed, which chops up the vocals and lets the beats do the talking.

 Look out for live shows from Paper Tiger in the next few months across the country, and for that debut long-player, due for release on Wah Wah 45s in July.

“This is wicked…” Alex Nut (Eglo / Rinse FM, UK)

“Isn’t it lovely? Wonderful, lovely stuff.” – Lauren Laverne (BBC 6Music)



“Nice, this is really dope man. Keep up the good stuff!” Alex Nut (Eglo / Rinse FM, UK)

“I like this, it’s great!” Om Unit (Civil Music, UK)

“The production got major bump!” Jason Pulaski (KUCI 88.9fm / Ubiquity, USA)

“”Great tune, thanks for sending it over! I’ll grab the 45 when it drops as well!” Mr Thing (Hip hop legend, UK)

“Dropped this last week, great production with a story that had me smiling from ear to ear in the studio.” Tom Lowe (The Audio Sunshine Show, RTE 2fm / Pulse, Ireland)

“It’s dope! Gonna play it on the radio on Friday!” Laurent Fintoni (Original Cultures, UK)

“This one is dooooooooooooooooope!” Aaron Shultz (Bastard Jazz, NYC, USA)

Music Video: Paper Tiger feat Homeboy Sandman “The Sting”

“4/ 5  OG just pips it for me , both killer versions though . Paper Tiger and Homeboy Sandman join forces to make more than the sum of the parts (like power rangers), battling mundane beats in a war thats been raging since the birth of the drum.” Pimpernel Jones (Herma Puma, First Word, UK)

“Nice tune and nice remix, I don’t know which one I’ll play, but I definitely will play one of them in next radio show.
Love the crafty, dusty, “Jaylibian” sound (sort of)…And Sandman is always doin’ it well! Also, on a pure technical side, the mix and mastering are PERFECT.” Dandy Teru (Ubiquity, France)

“This is really, really good. I wouldn’t have been sure that HS’s style would fit with PT but it works fantastically well. Great work Wah Wah!” DJ Gilla (First Word Records, UK)

“Just compiling this week’s podcast & this is going straight in! Wicked stuff! Leeds too!!” Diesler (UK)

“Love it. Paper Tiger keeping their position as one of the freshest sounding outfits out there, and the ‘And Then I Bounced’ remix is absolutely awesome. Will be rinsing this out for sure.” DJ Roni Fialkow (Israel)

“Liking the “And Then I Bounced” remix for the beats & chopped vocals. Will be giving it a play on my radio show.” Steve Johns (Solar Radio, UK)

“Thanks for the latest promo-link! Good news from Paper Tiger – the original mix is my favourite.” Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’ (Radio Z, Germany)

“So god damn phat, its wicked!” Raj Selli (Solar Radio, UK)

“Another great release!” DJ Jimmy-Mac (The Loft / The Greenhouse, Perth, Australia)

“Yes! Love Paper tiger and love Homeboy Sandman. Great collaboration, giving both tracks plenty of play. Good stuff!” Mickey Duke (Code South FM, Brighton)

“Quality lyrics, always been a fan of Paper Tiger and Homeboy Sandman, wicked to have them both on the same track. Will be giving this a lot of play of the coming weeks, going to be starting a new radio show on Sunday 7-9, 2 hours, Sunday morning vibes, this is perfect. Big Up!” DJ Mike Shea (Kane FM, UK)

“B Side all day long for me. A Summer grower!” DJ John Cush (UK)

Radio play from Menno Jager (Weird Pigs Radio Show, Germany); Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’ (Radio Z, Germany); Higher Club (Spain); Andy Williams, The Goods Radio Show, 90.3fm (Montreal, Canada)