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After four years hidden away in their brand new studio, hatching plots, and writing some of the more gorgeous songs it’s been our pleasure to hear at Wah Wah Towers, Ross and Toby AKA Part-Time Heroes are finally ready to reveal their hugely anticipated follow up to 2008’s “Meanwhile…”.

“Light Falls” has definitely been worth the wait. An emotionally charged album, it glides between string laiden instrumentals, hazy electronics and sublime vocals, courtesy of Sarah Scott and Colonel Red, to bring you the delicate and sensitive side of the Heroes in all their glory. Tracks like “Done”, and the debut single “Folded” tug the heart strings, while “Sinking”, with its fervent drums and melancholic strings, is full of regret and remorse, but in the end “Day” brings hope and positivity and proof that there’s light at the end of this sonorous journey, and light as well as darkness can indeed fall.



“One of the most underrated outfits in the UK.” Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1/6Music, January 2012)

“New fodder from PTH that elevates them to the next level in the production stakes.” Found Sounds, DJ Mag (UK)

“Love it, especially “Flight”” Danny Krivit, disco & house legend (NYC, USA)

“Nu jazz down-tempo and electronica duo Ross Wakefield and Toby Vane, aka Part-Time, Heroes are back. It’s been four years since they released their 2008 debut “Meanwhile.” Since then the duo have been in demand as remixers for numerous labels.

“Light Falls,” will surely be considered worth the wait. They wrap the tracks around just two vocalists; Sarah Scott and on just one track, Dutch-based artist Colonel Red. There’s a glorious and mesmerising instrumental, “Neverlast,” which has a chilled, almost lullaby quality to it. It is quite, quite beautiful, and no disrespect to the talented vocalists; the standout track for me. A superb sampler for music supervisors seeking fresh new talent to commission for film and TV soundtrack scores, surely?

The nine tracks all have single word titles for some reason, are pretty sparse at times, leave lots of space, create ambience and atmosphere. Using use lush strings one minute and understated horns the next. Sarah delivers a sultry soul vocal on the opener “Words.” “Folded” is the first single, one of her best vocals on the CD, and part of a six-track EP (released 6th Feb.)

…many will love this record and welcome the pair back with open arms.” Simon Redley, Blues & Soul Magazine (UK)

“What a beautiful release. Reminds me of finer moments of Cinematic Orchestra, totally up my alley. Been playing the free track “So” and will be a pleasure to feature these in upcoming shows.” Jason Pulaski, KCRW/Ubiquity (USA)

“”Nine heavenly sweet visions of soulful modern Jazz!” Renegades of Jazz, Wass Records (Germany)

“If winter would’ve started now this would be the soundtrack! What a beautiful album.” Phil, Wicked Jazz Sounds (Holland)

“I’m really grateful for this marvelous music! The out standings cuts are “Leaving”, “Folded” and “Done”. Excellent Nu-Soul music.” Cesare Cera, Irma Records (Italy)

“Part-Time Heroes is a fabulous musical massage,everyone should get – Merci!” DJ Andy Williams, The Goods (Canada)

“Thank you for the service! Will be playing this on my radio show on Jazz 91.9fm WCLK in Atlanta!” Jamal Ahmad, WCLK (USA)

“Congrats on new album, beautiful music! Just to let you know that today I´ve made a special radio review on “Lightfalls” album on radio Oxigenio 102.6fm/ which plays 3 times through the day and night radio emission.” Tiago Santos, Oxigenio FM (Portugal)

“Damn “Leaving” is good!!! Played it last night on my show.  Also played “Words” and “Sinking” previously.” Jon Oliver, East Village Radio, NYC (USA)

“Great album! This music is so pretty! I’ll play 4 tracks on 03.03.2012 at the “45 RPM” radio show.” Dobromir Marzov a.k.a Soulmate (Bulgaria)

“Thanks for the PTH album – another killer album and if all goes to plan I’m gonna drop yet another track on next week’s show.” Simon Harrison, (UK)

“Great album. Deep and emotional” DJ Laurel (Belarus)

“Beautiful stuff” DJ Josef Sedlon, Radio 1 (Czech)

“I like the quality of the instrumentation. Played on the radio.” DJ Rogall (Germany)

“Lovely album, all the tracks sound great and I struggle to pick ones to play on the show. So far I’ve supported  Sinking and Folded. I’ll support more on future shows.” DJ Nelito (Holland)

“Part-Time Heroes ..full time legends …love it .. very emotive” DJ Toon (Australia)

“”Leaving” stands out for us , nice driving vocals and music , comes out perfectly together ! “Sinking” is major too. Psy Drums are wicked and is Hypnotic !!!!!!” Blue Raccoon (Cyprus)

“Great album… support guaranteed !!! Markus, Further In Fusion (Germany)

“The Part-Time Heroes are not simply producing music – it is more like painting detailed pictures of impressive landscapes. 😉

– very nice! 10/10 points!” Sven Thomschke / Dr.Best (Germany)

“Excellent compositions, superb arrangements, just a plain and beautiful piece of music …” Dj Kwak (Fm Brussel)

“Beautiful album.” Josef Sedlon, Radio 1 (Czech)

“Wow, a true & steady listening pleasure from the beggining to the end! Georgios Paroglou, It’s Just Music! (Greece)

“Great album,full support!” Hector Pizarro (France)

“This is a very beautiful and sublime yet a very different expeirience from “Meanwhile”. “Lightfalls” is in our opinion there best yet thoroughly recommended by us ! Aja/Claire/Paul “Ketch A Vibe” (UK)

“Wonderful music as always.” Ana, Mellow Fusion

Radio play on BBC Radio 1 (UK), BBC6Music (Huey Morgan) (UK), KCRW (USA), WCLK (USA), Solar Radio (UK), Colourful Radio (UK), Radio Z 95.8 (Nuremberg, Germany), East Village Radio (USA), Oxigenio FM (Portugal), The Goods Radio Show, CKUT (Canada), Kuci 88.9FM (USA), The Boogaloo Radio Show (Austria) and many more.