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Bight, a loop in rope or line—a hitch or knot tied on the bight is one
tied in the middle of a rope, without access to the ends.

Scrimshire’s highly anticipated third opus, “Bight”, exemplifies progressions made both as a singer-songwriter and producer, pushing forward from his acclaimed second album, “The Hollow”. It’s an album replete with references to one man’s love for the deep blue sea, songs about being adrift and conversely “Beached”.

Once again Scrimshire has hooked up with two of his favourite vocalists, Resonators front woman Faye Houston and long-time collaborator Stac, but it’s on this album that his voice really comes into its own. Scrimshire himself takes centre stage on vocal duties on the current single, “Convergent”, the melancholic “Drift” and haunting “Siren”, as well as dueting with Stac on the captivating “Beached” and with Faye on the rousing “Blister”.

Acoustic Roots

It’s not only on the microphone that Scrimshire has raised the bar though – he single-handedly produced the whole album with a more electronic feel, touching on ambient and more dance floor sounds whilst still keeping in line with his soul , jazz and acoustic roots.

“Bight” will be launched live in London in early June, followed by a mini UK tour and a host of festivals, including Soundwave Croatia and the Southern Soul Festival, Montenegro.

All to come, but in the meantime, enjoy this lesson in synthesised soul from one of Wah Wah 45’s finest.


“Tasty!” Alice Russell (Tru Thoughts, UK)

“That is quite a beautiful song!” Huey Morgan (BBC 6Music, UK) on “Drift”

“A consistently enthralling album.”

“Beautiful work.” Nemone (BBC 6Music, UK) on “Kindle A Fire”

“The loveliest record I’ve heard this year!” Luca Santucci, Stubborn Heart (One Little Indian)

Album Review: Scrimshire / ‘Bight’ (Wah Wah 45s)

“Artist of the week!” Bandcamp (June 4th 2013)

“the London producer/vocalist utilizes an eclectic range of influences ranging from disco to fusion to more contemporary electronic styles.” xlr8r

“A record that’s unabashed in its ambition and somewhat unique in it’s tone and blend of influences.” Shout4music

“A true musician… finely executed sounds.” Art Jefferson,

“Impressive.. it’s not going to disappoint his many fans” Juno Download (UK)

“A very personal musical journey with a wholly honest and unique vibe banishing any hint of cliché. It’s a coming-of age story that I can only imagine Scrimshire never envisaged producing. And that’s what’s so captivating – it feels like music written from the heart without promise, predetermination or purpose. For someone experiencing tussles of the heart and mind having moved to the other side of the world, it connects.” Stop, Look, Listen Blog (Australia)

“A very good album. Especially “No More”, “Turn It Round” and “Blister”. Will support!” Toshio Matsuura (Tokyo Moon Radio, Japan)

“a smokey, and at times lonely, voyage through the brains of one of the most eclectically-minded producers currently operating. It’s no wonder then that Bight draws on such a varied pool of influences; at one moment, it’s trading in ambient, almost folkie, meanderings, the next it’s underpinned by static beats, drawing it into another realm altogether.”

“We’ve never come across modern electronic production wedded so thoroughly to the love and fear of the sea before..”

“Totally Brilliant!!!”  Each time I listen, I discover new things… so far “Drift” and “Beached” are my favourite tunes.” Quiroga (Really Swing, Italy)

“incredibly well made and highly accomplished”

“‘Turn It Round’ might well be in the Top 10 of the year for me!!” Diesler (UK)

“A very complex album where he really finds his voice. Its quite fitting that it centers around his love of the deep blue sea as it makes you want to head to the beach and listen to this until your hearts content.”

“He’s a clever man isn’t he? Lovely, lovely music. A big achievement. Well done!” DJ Gilla (First Word, UK)

“Lovely and beautiful new album! I’ve added it to the nominations for WJS Album of the Month June.” Phil Wicked Jazz Sounds (Holland)

“That’s music for the future! A step ahead….” Cesare Cera (Black Mighty Wax, Irma, Italy)

“Great vibe thanks . Will play in club for sure!” DJ Alex Attias (Switzerland)

“A lovely mix of chilled vibes and energy coming through, can’t wait to hear the full album!” DJ Oscar (Shock Radio, UK)

“Kindle A Fire hovers between Amon Tobin and HUVA Network, only to come back to do another musical pirouette.” My Creative Shelf (Switzerland)

“I’m loving it.. “Beached” is my fave track which is just stunning!” Simon Harrison

“This album is unlike anything I’ve heard. Production and Song writing is on some next-level-amazing-top-the-game steez. The collabs with the singers are certainly highlights for me, especially hearing the earthy tones of Faye Houston.” Pimpernel Jones, Herma Puma (First Word, UK)

“Really dope, amazing vocals! Cool vibes!” DJ Laurel (Sound Diving, Belarus)

“‘Beached’ would be my fave. Technically the album  is interesting – high level” Don Rogall (Berlin, Germany)

“Got excited when I saw this in my inbox and rightly so!! really liking all the tracks especially ‘Kindle A Fire’ and ‘Drift’, will give them a spin on Sunday morning” BigRed (Kane FM, UK)

“Great news from Scrimshire, sounds very interesting. A fantastic album, really fine music!” Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’ (Radio Z, Germany)

“Really liking what I hear so far. Looking forward to the full album!” DJ Shiv (UK)

“So so good !!! Tunes like “Beached”, “Siren” and of course “Convergent” really catch me !!!” Mark Milz (Further In Fusion, Germany)

“I’m sold. Thoroughly lovely listening! That ‘Kindle A Fire’, love how that transforms itself in the last minute or so… right up my street, serious music for grown ups. On my to buy list.” DJ Peter Moore (UK)

“I’m loving this album! It really is a beautiful piece of work and i will be repping it out this way for sure.” DJ Flic (Aus / Worldwide)

“The man has another winner!! Love the new album. I have rinsed Convergent for a while now but other highlights for me ‘Emperor’ and ‘Turn it round’. Whole album is a great listen. Wicked!” Mickey Duke (Code South FM, Brighton)

“GREAT MUSIC!!!!THANKS!!!!” Hector Pizarro (Chile con Mix, France)

“Great to hear the full album, feeling it.  Played ‘No More’ yesterday on the Radio, went down well.” Mike Shea (Kane FM, UK)

“Great variety on the album and ‘Drift (Part One)’ is a new favourite!” DJ Mark Reynolds (UK)

“I’m all over this… it’s so bloody good.. Thanks for the hookup. I shall make a purchase, it’s only right!” DJ Peter Moore (UK)

“Just had a chance for a proper listen but a brilliant album!” Skiv Kalaria (BSkyB)

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