Quality Tea Time Mug

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We love a hot beverage at Wah Wah 45s, a fact that anyone starting out in the Wah Wah office can attest to. So it feels long overdue to finally have our daily intake delivered to our eager mouths in a Wah Wah logo-covered vessel (very “on brand” right?).

And, of course, now you too can feel like a part of our coffee/peppermint tea slurping family unit.

Designed by our superstar artist, Animisiewasz Startt (Artvaders), the man behind all our artwork, these quality mugs can help you show off your immaculate taste in independent labels and music, while enjoying your favourite warm drink, or hey, vodka, red wine, whisky – why not?

Plus, it arrives in a gorgeous presentation box. We’re not sure what you do with that once it’s out (maybe a pencil container, a desktop vessel to pop plectrums or a rubix cube in), but it’ll certainly be a treat when you get it…