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The first taster of Scrimshire’s highly anticipated third opus, “Bight”, exemplifies progressions made both as a singer-songwriter and producer, pushing forward from his acclaimed second album, “The Hollow”.

 “Convergent” is a tense, taut and hypnotic ode to a strained and suffocating relationship, that also questions blind faith, in all its senses. Scrimshire’s trademark guitars make way for doom-laden synths, snappy drums and the man himself with some mournful yet extremely hooky vocals. Shades of James Blake perhaps, but this is the first glimpse of an album that definitely has a sound all of his own.

A trio of sublime remixes come courtesy of Yosi Horikawa, Mazoulew and Blue Movies. “Bight” will be released in May, and Scrimshire will be performing a number of live shows and DJ sets across Europe this summer. All to come, but in the meantime, enjoy this early slice of synthesised soul from Wah Wah 45’s finest


“My boy!” Huey Morgan (BBC 6Music, UK)

“Loving this tune” Dandy Teru (Ubiquity, France)

Scrimshire – “Convergent”

“The exciting taster from Scrimshire’s highly anticipated third album Bight.” Beatnikonline

“The Yosi Horikawa Remix is mint!!! Will support it!” Diesler (UK)

“Unique new tune! Scrimshire steps forward with a post electronic jazz piece of art, but with a view to his songwriting talent.. Ace.” Chris Ex (Up’n’Loud Radio / / Soul Magazine, Germany)

“Thanks, I’m diggin Convergent (Blue Movies Remix). Pretty cool downtempo groove.” Jesse De La Pena (Vocalo 89.5fm & 90.7fm) Chicago (USA)

“The song says something to the mind, and also Mazoulew did a great rework!” Cesare Cera (Mighty Black Wax, Irma, Italy)

“Love it!” DJ Gilla (First Word, UK)

“Nice one. Strong song! I like…and love Yosi Horikawa (good choice) who surprised me the most!” Phil Wicked Jazz Sounds (Holland)

“Once again, a fantastic release from SCRIMSHIRE.” DJ Dr.Best (Germany)

“Great remixes and exceedingly strong original, love them!” Mark Reynolds, Fresh 927 FM (Australia)

“Very sublime and cooled out. The Blue Movies mix is the fave mix for me… Spring soon come!” Steve Johns (Solar Radio, UK)

“Yosi Horikawa remix is my fave one!!!” Markus Milz (Further In Fusion, Germany)

“We are spoiled. Will be getting airplay on our online community station” Willy Scruff (UK)

“WOW!” DJ Kappa (Brighton, UK)

“SKILLS!” Ross PTH (Part-Time Heroes, UK)

“Liking this one, really feeling the Yosi Horikawa and Blue Movies remix, will give it  a play on this Sundays show.” Big Red (Kane FM, UK)

“Lovely track, with strong vocals. The remixes are very good  Mazoulew Remix being my favourite of the package.” DJ Nelito (Ireland)

“Another stellar release from Scrimshire. Wicked new tune, your sound is great and gets better and better. Loving the remixes also.” Mickey Duke (Mile wide smile club, Brighton UK)

“Like it. Blue Movies mix is the one for me.” DJ John Cush (UK)

Radio play of the Blue Movies mix from Huey Morgan (BBC 6Music, UK) & Dave Bassin, Freefall Radio, San Fransisco (USA); the Mazoulew mix from Jason Pulaski, KUCI 88.9FM (USA); Josef Sedlon (Radio 1, 91.9FM, Czech Republic)